Guardian takedown - not for me

Not for me.
Jumping puzzles, that when you miss you go back to the beginning, and you’re probably going to miss as you get the hang of where you should go to progress.
Guardian enemies, who are probably the weakest enemies in the Borderlands franchise, so not hard, just annoying.
Boss with constant immunity phases. And blasts that down you( but with the guardian minions so trivially easy to get up).
Standing in one place while something happens that you can’t directly affect while being attacked by, again, trivially easy enemies.
More jumping puzzles.
Thanks for the free content, of course, just not my thing so going back to BL1 until the “real” next DLC shows up.


yeah I’ll say that platforming is not something I enjoy and the stuff that requires it in BL is probably the things I hate most


All the mob enemies in the Guardian Takedown seem to have been given a buff. And the platforming - as far as I got - was pretty easy compared to some of the other stuff we’ve seen in BL games.

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While I don’t disagree with that I feel very strongly that areas with platforming need to be a bit more forgiving. The nature of platforming is you’re probably going to fall off a few times as you learn what the game wants you to do. The Takedown simply takes you all the way back to the beginning, and that’s just not fun for me.

And I really didn’t notice that the mobs were more difficult, too easy for me.


Try it on M10. Mobs aren’t easy at all. They are bullet sponges. Even more than the Maliwan takedown. It’s dumb.


You’re probably right, but I do not play M-10 (even with the reduction to 10,000% health) because it’s too tedious to just fire at one enemy for too long. M-8 is my comfort level.


And that’s understandable^^ But yep the takedown on M10 is stupid. Staying in M8 might be the best thing to try to have fun now.


It just felt like it was doing it’s best Destiny imitation and well, I don’t like Destiny, nor do I play Borderlands for Destiny-like experiences :confused: Raids just in general aren’t for me I guess. I’ve never liked them in any game I’ve ever played. They just seems tedious and never worth it with how horrendous the drops are (especially in BL3 right now)


This is the most annoying, boring and frustrating clunky mess I’ve ever played in BL. Def not for me. It’s about on par with the Transaction Packed quest on Nekrotafeyo. I was just waiting for someone to shout " THEYRE ATTACKING, STOP THEM HERO, PROTECT ME".

And, to be clear, I’m not complaining about the difficulty, instadeath, lack of respawn points, etc. I play a high speed Zane build and it just does not work with these mechanics and level design. Hence my “annoying, boring and frustrating clunky mess” comment. This is the worst Prince of Per…I mean Borderlands 3 content I’ve ever played.

Break the game and the cartel event with Mayhem 2.0 while, simultaneously, ruining the the loot drops on the only takedown we DID have and then release more broken content. Brilliant.

When you come out with something that resembles the game I paid for and it’s not a broken mess let me know.


Heyo! Im logging in… First thing to catchy thine eye “Boss with immune phases”

Please drop immune phases for the sole purpose of it being a mechanic we’ve all been saturated in.

My enthusiasm was cut down a notch there.


I of course agree, immunity phases are my least favorite thing in BL3.


They did it right in the first seasonal event. When Capt Haunt went immune, you could do something about it! Shoot the sheild generators (like the Bo’sun in TPS) and you can end the immunity! The player can take an action!

I can live with that. Immunity that I can’t do anything about is what I don’t like.


My instant thoughts were Darksouls 3 has a lot of Bosses, yes this comparison is like chalk&cheese but the question arises - why is it that I get into numerous varying “emergent” instances of gameplay when fighting the bigs in Lothric but when I play Borderlands the bosses have a one trick pony trait…

I can’t make my point in the right words… There is a certain variety and randomness in those dark baddles, you can’t be certain how it will go down. Fighting the Graveward, in my case, has become very robotic. I move the exact same way every fight.


Wotan was also fine with his immune phases. Maliwan Takedown was good. This is straight up garbo, maybe when Pitchford stops lactating over Destiny we can actually get stuff that made Borderlands what it is, and not discount Destiny stuff.


Update as for 27/06/2020:

I’ve had the time to play this takedown several times now, with both old weapons and new ones from DLC3, after the phase 2 patch.
I’ve grown a bit more fond of this takedown, and I am therefore giving it a second review (addressing my first concerns in no particular order):

The good:

-Having a viable action skill (IB) and more usable weapons (both old and new) definitely helps with managing the mobs, now. They feel sturdy, but almost never spongy; this means that you don’t need perfect rolls and super high tier weapons to clear them, thus opening to build and loadout variety. It feels so good to not have to use all monarchs (tho I still do, partially).

-Charging crystals: I still am not fond of having to stay confined in a tight space to defend them - and I am still extremely annoyed by the instant-game over should they explode - but as mobbing now is not a depressing chore, this mechanic is less of a lost cause and more of a challenging tidbit. Aggro-ing enemies with pets allows for faster mobbing, especially now that said pets can carry their weight.

The meh

-I said it the first time, I’ll say it again: add at least another checkpoint after the first miniboss, or make falling into the void somehow less punishing. Between low gravity and countless pits, I’ve lost track of the times I’ve quit the game mid-takedown because of a jumping puzzle or because I was pushed into the void by some ever-teleporting, in your face-charging enemy. Even in IB, a giant ■■■■■■■ mech that gets pushed several meters by a flying headbutting cyber ghost.

The bad:

-Jumping puzzles are bad, screw them hard forever and ever. I like the one before the first boss, as failing it forces you to clear more mobs before trying again. That is a cool mechanic, and I am all in favor for it.
As in now, I am writing this edit after a 40 min IB run in which I rage-quitted after failing the last platform puzzle before the final boss, missing a moving platform of an inch. Seriously, f**k you platforming.

Overall, my experience with this takedown improved significantly after phase 2. Now it’s not a long slog that offers no satisfaction, is just a long takedown that is doable but challenging, albeit it can still improve. If I were to give the Maliwan TD a 10, this is now a 7.5/8, from a 4 that previously was.
The only thing that keeps the Guardian TD from reaching the 10 is the lack of checkpoints and the sole existence of jumping puzzles. Because, well. ■■■■ them.

Original post:

This takedown has everything I hate in a game:
-Jump puzzles. ■■■■ them, if I wanted to play some platform game I’d be playing Mario.
-Having to stay still. The mechanic of charging the crystals is absolutely aggravating with the number of mobs this takedown vomits on you. The charging time is too slow and if you actually focus on the mobs instead of the crystals they discharge, explode, and instakill you.
-Enemies that teleport from the other side of the map in my damn face while I shoot.
-Not enough checkpoints. With the amount of stupid stuff that can go wrong - see above - to have a single checkpoint is extremely annoying.
-Bullet sponge enemies. I won’t even spend time discussing this, the amount of HP for the mobs is ridiculous.

I loved Maliwan TD. It was harsh, difficult but fair. It made me want to play more to finally beat it. This one makes me want to put the game back on the shelf, it is absolutely not an enjoyable experience.


Started out on M10 with FL4K running a deathless gamma burst build, which I knew would be a challenge but quickly realized I had to scale back so went to 5. After dying in the jumping puzzle scaled back to 1. Can get to the temple but WTF! Suddenly died twice there while still healthy. After looking my video I guess the crystals time out and explode even though there is no timer on the screen and it does not tell you they exploded or why you died.
Flash in upper right approaching
Snapshot 1 (6-11-2020 6-09 PM)

A split second later, I still have 1/2 shield when I died
Snapshot 2 (6-11-2020 6-11 PM)

Edit: I guess you have to activate the crystals and start charging them immediately upon entering the temple area. Before trying to clear the mobs.


This definitely killed the game for me. Maliwan Takedown was hard but so fun and satisfying to beat…Hell even with endless hordes of enemies the Cartel event was great! The boss fight was interesting. This isnt fun or satisfying at all…I have an extremely fast Zane build. If i wanna make a jump i have to wait for all my buffs to fade EVERY SINGLE JUMP. Otherwise its a restart. Platforming doesnt belong in Borderlands, let alone with such severe consequences…BL3 is all ive played for months, but now I lost all interest after beating this once on 5, after HOURS of deaths I couldnt avoid. Ill have to wait for a new event to play again it seems.


Tbh I don’t want to say this now, but I absolutely dislike the new TD for a few reasons.

  • Platformer elements: the semi-invisible platforms are horrible, even more so the countless enemies with knockback attacks that push you right to death. Combined with the low-gravity, this whole experience is annoying at best. Why the hell did the devs took low-gravity platforming from TPS, but somehow forgot to gave us OZ kits too? Low gravity without a means for maneuverability is absolutely atrocious.
  • The three crystal games. Not my kind of thing in a BL game. Defend the objective, but be careful since it got friendly fire.
  • Immunity phases. A way to artificially prolong a fight. Just like…
  • Being teleported to another area mid-fight. What’s that supposed to be? Interesting mechanics? Yeah, sure.
  • And you have to kill every single enemy in an area to progress to the next one. At Maliwan Takedown I could at least kill the minimum necessary enemies and not bother with the rest.

I came into this update expecting little to nothing, yet I still somehow wound up slightly disappointed. Bless them for shipping out free content (ignoring the largely repairable issues, the Takedown is neat), but it feels like they keep doubling down on the less enjoyable stuff in the game. Tremendous power creep (whether it is in the form of new items, excessive item buffs, or the ever-escalating power level and focus on anointments instead of builds), bloated enemy health values to compensate for said power creep instead of curbing the curve (I’ll genuinely be amazed if True Takedown M10 Guardian Takedown can be beaten solo in the current state), neglect in regards to certain aspects of the game, fixing one thing and then taking two steps back in other areas (Iron Bear buffs before 2.0 dropped and essentially nullified them, for example), and a sprinkle of irritating mechanics here and there (dozens of immunity phases in the Guardian Takedown along with some questionable-at-times platforming and crystal shenanigans, coupled with Mayhem modifiers you can’t turn off without lowering the difficulty of the game to zilch.)

I have thousands of hours in the series, and I want to love Borderlands 3 again, but they aren’t making it easy.


They clearly took input from destiny here. But there are two major differences which make them destiny raids fun and the guardian takedown tedious.

  1. Revives during jump phases
  2. Way way way more checkpoints, like after every little part.
    I mean I made and consumed a coffee and a cigarette once until everyone made the jump puzzle in D1, but at least I did not have to do the whole god damn thing again.

When I was tackling the first area on M10, I didn’t think the raid seemed that bad to begin with. But then when reaching the second area with the three crystals, the guardians can stop you from charging them just by standing on the same platforms as you. Trust Gearbox to make this a thing knowing full well that enemies are absurdly spongy in later Mayhem levels. If you can’t kill them fast enough within the time limit, you are guaranteed to die and restart from the beginning. Such poor design is really inexcusable.