Guardian takedown platforming needs nixing

I have to admit, I very much like the current state of borderlands 3. While there are still plenty of room for improvement on various things such as broken anointments or talent points (looking at you Rushen Offensive), with the action skills killing enemies, a wider variety of gun play, I really enjoy my time.

Except for one place: on the guardian takedown platforming.

I have played all manner of first-person shooters. I’ve played platformer games since I was 4 years old (in 1867, right after the civil war, yes that’s when Mario was invented by Ulysses s Grant as part of a contract for Reconstruction with the Japanese).

In all the time that I’ve played that, I have never enjoyed a first person game that used platforming other than the Portal series. The problem is compounded with inconsistencies in the game engine such as grabbing a ledge not always working, or moving objects not being consistent with your character’s personal physics (object in motion stays in motion doesn’t properly apply in the engine. I mean, sliding around like wet soap in the shower is really fun in the shower when you’re totally nude and your grandmother stepped in to ask a question and you’re trying to get her to lea–anyway it isn’t fun here either).

Because of this, platforming should be generally seen in the borderlands games as a additional feature for silly time or finding a secret chest. Unfortunately, in the guardian takedown platforming is a central component of the gameplay. If you’re in a larger group of, say, 4 people, and even one of them fails in the platforming “skill” test barrier to entry on the next area, Your entire team will either have to restart or go on without them. For a video game that, as the CEO once said, “doesn’t have fall damage because that’s just not fun”, I find it completely confusing to add barriers such as platforming that do nothing but disrupting gameplay entirely.

I do hope that in the future, this is eliminated In all future content as well as some repair done to the guardian take down such as teleporters after you’ve completed it once or something else.

Platforming using inconsistent game devices, like grabbing the edge, which often fails and causes teammates to slide off the side (wet soap!!!), should never ever be used. Period. I wish I could speak to the person who put that into the game and ask them why the heck They created such an unforgiving section of end-game content without any real justification.

Tldr: the platforming in this is bad, ledge grabs are inconsistent with players constantly sliding off, and making that a barrier to end game content is not only bad design, it’s an insult to players who spend time learning the other mechanics.


I somewhat agree. Part of the problem is that precise platforming is not a real part of the game at all. There are not really any mechanics in the game that help with platforming other than the ledge grabbing. It is odd to make platforming such an important part of the GTD considering the absence of this in the rest of the game (you also have to adjust for the reduced gravity, something that barely shows up elsewhere in game).

The main issue though is what most people complain about, the severe penalty for missing a jump. While I do not enjoy the platforming areas of the GTD, easing the penalty by either adding more checkpoints or having you fall in a room that requires you to kill enemies would make those sections much more bearable.


You are absolutely spot on. The game was never about this


Yeah i mean im fine with platforming getting somewhere maybe exploring but not a friggin takedown where dying means…

Supermario game over noise


I cannot agree with this more.

It is literally not possible.


I just tried it again today. I did fine with mobs and the first boss, but then fell off a platform after my Moze grab and climbed up onto the edge only to wiggle and fall off over and over. I don’t think the rewards are all that great from what I read, so I guess I’m done anyway.

Definitely a swing and a miss. Since it is free content, I doubt they will do anything about it. It would take a major rewrite to weed out the platforming.

I’d like to say they tried something new. In reality it’s like TPS without OZ kits. And the jump pads in TPS flew you to your destination. If, you didn’t fight them.

Could also do with having less immunity phases in the first boss fight.

If they introduced spawn points before the last 2 sets of jump platforms (just before you fall to the last boss) it would help. They could introduce a bonus objective for the takedown with extra cash/loot/eridium if completed without dying/respawning.


Trying to do platforming with the wonky jumping in this game is a failure from the start.


The first set of platforms has the right mechanic: fall down and you have to clear an extra set of enemies instead of dying outright.


Yeah. That’s how it should have been in every place. Punishing the entire team with restart is stupid


After all, as I always say, Borderlands is more about efficiency than difficulty. Punishing a player with taking more time to complete the takedown seems the right choice.


The platforming aspect is why I dont do the Guardian Takedown. Its not that I can’t clear it, I just don’t like it.


Running the takedown for me takes right around an hour with my siren on mh 10 im sure i could go a bit faster but my build is weak on point damage. In an effort to get the martyr to drop something i use buttstalion milk (still nothing yet. Even a fall on the second half eliminates any chance of meeting him with the buff.

And it could be the placebo effect but it seems to do a great job of dropping Guardian takedown legendaries on the first boss before anyone says milk isnt worth it.

You are totally right!

As Unkempt Harold said in Magnum Force “A man’s got to know his limitations”.

Mine is jumping around. I never played Assassin’s Creed or TitanFall or even the original Super Mario for more than an hour that reason, I know I stink at Platforming. I play Borderlands obsessively because, in part, it doesn’t rely on jumping around.

The Guardian Takedown feels like a test, see if platforming is somewhat acceptable to the base. And free, so no “damage” to the player base if it doesn’t work out.

Feels like, though it’s possible for many, the majority consensus is that this experiment isn’t in the spirit of the BL community. They tried, it’s not great, lets stick with the run-and-gun we all love.

Thanks for the attempt GB, but no thanks to jumping.


Completely agree with the OP … jumping puzzles are just not fun, and are literally the least enjoyable thing about any Guardian run. It adds zero fun.


Many games have a generous checkpoint system or even just put you back on the last ledge if you fall, maybe with some health penalty. Instant death chasms have their place, but I agree that it probably isn’t borderlands.


At least put a save point at each of the platform challenges. That way the penalty isn’t as steep. Ideally they’d remove it or do a Tiny Tina solution and skip it after you fail so many times. Falling off a cliff while trying to get a radio tower (Anvil) or a chest is fine. Guardian Takedown takes the platforming and penalties too far.

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I have tried to play the GTD and the Maliwan Blacksite, since they are challenging and fun, but in addition to what you just stated so clearly, I refuse to play anymore due to the fact that for me, it makes no sense having to restart the playthrough if you die, from the very beginning. It is absurd. If you are halfway through, seconds away from the final boss, or killed by the final boss, having to start all over again is preposterous. I just refuse to keep playing with that level of frustration as a reward. There should be at least a couple of checkpoints with save game through the run. For me at least it’s not fun anymore.