Guardian takedown release time

As the title says just wondering when the guardian takedown/patch is realising in the uk?

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Around 4-5pm on PS4.

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Its delayed

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Yup pretty much that it is delayed. So in that case their main focus right now is to fix the game then the takedown.

Not true. Whole thing is delayed due to world events. Also may have still been broken

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Well I knew that but still after all this happened. Gearbox will get through these situations one way or another.

They are using this as an excuse because their product isn’t finished yet…


If that truly is the case then I would respect them more if they were honest and admitted that they needed more time … I’m sure that a lot of players think the same way.


Yeah, but Gearbox using the 'ol “The Dog ate my homework” excuse 8 hours before the patch was scheduled to release is a lot funnier.


Delayed till when? anyone actually got solid info?

This is only official info right now. I’m guessing it will launch next week.

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Ty. Wish they’d just release the patch without the takedown for now,the game is in dire need


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there is not world events… usa not all world ffs


You clearly haven’t read much international media, have you. There are protests in dozens of cities around the world, not just the USA. The whole movement is a worldwide affair, although to my knowledge most locations outside of the USA have had almost exclusively peaceful demonstrations and protests so far, with very, very few outliers.


Well not in my country. Quite frankly nobody here gives a damn about the events in the USA. That’s just the way it is. America isn’t the center of the universe.


American game company

But seriously they aren’t finished yet. Just let them work, we all know this was an excuse to buy time. Dlc3 should be free tbh with all the ■■■■ ups and delays on both takedowns now but these patches better deliver or the game stays deleted


I wholeheartedly agree with that statement, but that also misses the point of those protests (the protests, not the looting ■■■■■■■■ and those that are trying to make money off this). One major point is that there is such an immense inequality, mostly to the disadvantage of black people (and that’s not just a problem in the USA) that the protests are justifiable and to an extent necessary.

Again, the looting and riot organizing ■■■■■■■■, the ones that try to increase the tension and encourage violence, those are absolute scumbags. If people protest for a cause and do it right, then no blood has to be shed. Just think about the article 13/17 demonstrations and protests against that piece of paper that threatens the freedom of speech of millions. Over 200.000 people on the streets and we had less than a handful injured, all from one place, provoked by one idiotic YouTuber that thought it was funny to let his followers harass those unaware.


I think they mentioned that as soon as all the injustices in the world were fixed