Guardian Takedown releases 1 week after gearbox says they are muting for.... 1 week


thank God.

I thought Gbox would break my heart for the 3rd straight week. I am more excited though on the phase 1 patch rather than the takedown, lol


I’d prefer they state which Thursday. I’m going to think positive that it’s this Thursday but I known how this usually plays out.

I’ll expect this Thursday but I’ll keep my expectations low if they pull out a bizarre excuse which I won’t feel disappointed

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you’re right it’ll probably be the third thursday of september 2021


Thursday is actually just a misspelling of Thirsty, they were mocking us!


wtf why release the patch so soon? delay it more to 2022 to stamp out the bugs geerbawks!!!

or Tasty,

“You’re Tasty Bro, You’re Tasty” - Vaughn


Lets just hope that they spent that extra week playtesting and ironing out all those potential bugs that could come fron this major patch.

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That’s still a full week many people were unable to play the game due to constant crashing caused by mayhem 2.0.

I just want my endgame skill damage mods already, puh-leaaaaaase…! Im dying to hop back into iron bear.

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Glad they only needed a week to finish it

Woot! Thanks for catching that and updating us.


Hate to say this, but anything discovered in the past 7 days would be extremely unlikely to be added to the patch due to the requirement for console certification. Unless it was something that could be addressed by a new hotfix, it would have to wait.


Hahaha ha

We playtest, we find the bugs


So is this a thing now, where other forum users post news about the game on the official forums instead of GB? I can’t be the only kind of peeved about that. What the heck is this forum for if news like this doesn’t get posted by official sources here? Is this place just a repository for patch notes and content releases?


Right! This forum should be updated first and foremost. I don’t care about their social media accounts.


Yeah I’m pretty salty about it actually. I’m very much so absent from social media. So I rely on this as the source for discussion and news about my favorite game franchise.

It worries me that there doesn’t seem to be much weight to the members on their own forum. If I were a dev I would appreciate the people that took the extra step to become involved directly with the company I work for.

But it seems like this site is on the Backburner, they will get to us eventually.


It’s just annoying. I don’t have a twitter, but I am subbed to thicc and hang around Reddit. That’s still 3 places I need to check for BL3 news. I don’t expect every little thing to show up here, but these are major announcements, and you’d think one of the last things GB would do before going dark is letting us on their Official forums know.



Why do they even have their own site for player feedback and news announcements if they aren’t even going to use it?


I guess a week was enough time to get the bugs down to where it can be released in such elegant, polished form as MM 2.0.