Guardian Takedown releases 1 week after gearbox says they are muting for.... 1 week

Just an aside, but both Sony and MS streamlined their certification processes a few years ago, so most patches can be certified within 24 hours.

As to the topic: it would have been nice to have communication here, but the world’s not going to end just because they used a different method. Gearbox generally does a pretty good job with communication, as opposed to some other major publishers who go radio silence for months, even while major events are ongoing in their game.


im not sure anymore, I think so.

Original video got pulled, it’s not a conspiracy theory saw the vid myself, i’m not even the biggest fan of Mak and don’t agree with everything he says or believes but when I hear the phone call with my own ears kinda hard to ignore

Nope… It scales back mayhem health and armor issues to make more weapons viable.

I don’t recall if anyone ever received an answer about retroactive scaling. I imagine tons of people have COMs and grenades on high mayhem levels, and it would really suck if they had to farm those again.

Sorry boom. Gonna have to wait for that pet build.

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Phase 1 focuses on the feedback we received about Mayhem Level stat scaling and gear changes. We’ll make these changes at the same time to complement each other.

With the upcoming Guardian-themed Takedown, we will lower the health, armor, and shield stat bonuses that enemies receive in the higher levels of Mayhem. We’ll also adjust over- and underperforming gear, so that more gear is viable and balanced with the new lowered stat bonuses found in Mayhem Levels 7 and above. Certain underperforming Anointments will also see a buff with this change.

This phase will also introduce a way to see which Mayhem Level your weapons and gear came from. In the item card, you’ll see a line that reads “Mayhem Level” and the corresponding number for the Mayhem Level where it dropped. You’ll see this text in the same area where Anointment descriptions are.

thats taken from Noelle post. Skills and grenades/coms is phase 2 (june 25th DLC)

Can I still call people poopy head if I disagree with them? It’s not really an insult, and it really soothes my soul.


@boombumr This patch is just the Phase 1 adjustments, which I think are enemy scaling and gear adjustments. But I didn’t interpret that to mean COM or grenades. Excerpt below.

Alrighty then, another 2 weeks to go then.


You can call me poopy head whenever you like. I’m sure I’ve deserved it at some point :smiley:

I feel proud for setting up that horrible joke for you lol.

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you poopy poop

We’re all poopy heads on the poop train. DLC3 is the Krieg DLC, is it not?

DLC4 will be Krieg and he is the conductor of that there poop train.

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I apologize to Thicc, as I stated in first post I due respect his content and he is one of the more honest creators, but I have some heated opinions on the game and the company both 2K and gear box. I got carried away no disrespect intened


Darn, I need google alerts for this ■■■■.

About MTX? I mean, GBX can certainly talk about doing that, but since we haven’t seen any of that in any BL game, I’d say they came to their senses. Why is it a conspiracy for a company to talk about ideas, both good and bad?

See, mature way of responding, all to your honnor man. You can disagree, I disagree on lots of subjects with a lot of people here but I see it as a discussion and not an argument.


None taken, thank you. I apologize as well for being a bit rude back.