Guardian Takedown releases 1 week after gearbox says they are muting for.... 1 week

Yes I know that, thanks. Thicc told me to “make a twitter”, hence my response. I have been to twitter, but do not have an account.

Hope so. I assumed it would be delayed because it messed with the release schedule somehow. Hopefully that isn’t the case.

I am hoping that @Noelle_GBX will see the frustration that some of the players have with news not being posted to these forums at the same time it is posted elsewhere on social media. I have always been led to believe that the official Gearbox Software forums were THE place to come to get news about and discuss the franchise, but it seems that maybe GBX itself doesn’t view them that way.


Really hope the M2.0 patch is good…

I allready have a foot out the door, kinda sceptic…

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Yeah, I haven’t played in 2 weeks. I’ve been replaying Witcher 3.

i would not have high hopes it won’t be a meticulous balance stuff just linear downscale of enemy health bars so more weapons can do the job

GBX made sure I’ll never have high hopes about anything ever again :joy::joy::joy:

Wanted increased difficulty, they broke the game instead :sweat_smile:

Haven’t touched this trash since mayhem 2.0… Just farmed the cartel weapons but those weapons will be ■■■■■■■ useless with the upcoming level increase :roll_eyes:

With how busted they are? LazyData has a video of an M0 Wedding Invitation clearing M10 scaled TD pretty comfortably. I think the cartel weapons will be fine for quite a while.

Actually alot of people don’t use Twitter.

In my mind, any Dev should put important news on their respective forums first and foremost. Sadly, pretty much every dev out there is lazy (yes, not posting on the dedicated forums to me is lazy), and it has become a norm in the industry.

Twitter and Reddit should be secondary sources, and the forums primary.
But it is not like that.
I will say GBX does more on their forums than other devs, but this past radio silence BS was a bit much IMHO.

They didn’t say it was for a week it would be delayed, they said’‘until further notice’’ unless they specifically emailed you and told you otherwise. I respect your content on youtube but stop kissing their ass unless they are secretly paying you too which according to MorningAfterKill is a legit thing, cough cough K6 Joltz. MAK is legit and from the olds school BL days and release a vid where a Gbx employee had a phonecall with him and basically confirmed Mtx were coming and he was other early info, he asked if he had to sign a NDA , they said no, but more or less if he could be more supportive of the game in his content. Vid got copyright striked,MAK quit the game, then months later made a vid as to why he stopped playing, and he also revealed that certain content creators do get paid as long as they kiss Gbx more or less. Hence I think Joltz went and a Bl 2 series of vids for the last few weeks and no BL 3 content. I’m guessing he’s not exactly thrilled about BL 3 current state but can’t bad mouth the game. Just a theory. But yeah as much as I love the game, I am not blind to Gbx b.s. They ‘‘listen’’ to the community sometimes. But to the major things people want we go unheard. Yep we really wanted a level increase of 3 levels right after a increased drop rate event ended or timed events period where if you couldn’t play during that period of time you were SOL till next year if you are even still playing after that time, as new consoles will be out and other games. Pretty sure the fans want the old nerfs to be undone. But that hasn’t happened Crossroads only times 3? Pretty sure an actual Crossroad is a 4 way street. Why is the Flakker only 1 shot when in previous games it never was, but the Anarchy is perfectly balanced? Lol. Why isn’t the Bekah farmable but the Lyuda and babymaker drop normally, infact lets do away with all the once per character items. How about a way to reroll items with all that useless eridium we have. Tannis could ‘’ develop’’ a device that takes 250 eridium to reroll any item, not just guns. Would have made that week of extra eridium awhile back worthwhile. I could go on and on but the point is Gbx really need to make this game better in every aspect and stop trying to put bandaids on their problems.


LazyData also min/maxes his builds and was running through TTD with the worst weapons in the game back in M4 quite comfortably.

Just because it’s feasible with otherwise nearly perfect gear, doesn’t mean it’s plausible for the general player base. But you are correct. The cartel weapons will be OP for a good while longer.

Whoopsie edited that haha

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Is a legitimate question

Why don’t you stop kissing MAK’s ass. Last time I checked I don’t see any MTX in the game. So he lied and slandered this company basically.

Also of course game developers pay content creators. That is nothing new. I don’t get paid by them. The fact you all want to create this conspiracy theory that gearbox just didnt finish the patch, but somehow in the past week they did is actually ridiculous. And when I say that I’m just an apologist who gets paid by them. Get a grip.


Dont waste energies on that. You will never win. Some people have opinions and cant see otherwise. Personally, I think GBX could have handled this better but I’m not the boss and dont know what happened. Also, yes GBX pays content creators and yes they will be favorable to GBX… I cant see how someone would see that otherwise. I like your content, keep up the good work and thanks for your transparency.


Yea, I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around how ridiculous this really is.

Apparently no one understands that these patches have to be certified by Microsoft and Sony in order for them to be released. That certification process can take up to two weeks and they cannot (or just will not) publicly announce that they have a patch ready until it is certified. Once it is certified they are not allowed to change it, otherwise they have to go through the entire process again.

So, them crunching last minute to fix a patch that has already been certified for release is completely absurd in every conceivable way.


Honestly it’s not a ridiculous thought to have. I’m just pointing out that all I did was tell people this was likely not what was happening. I don’t even have a problem with people thinking this, but the amount of people having it as a presupposition when there’s little evidence to support it, and basically calling me wrong for not believing it, and then calling me a shill. That’s where it gets ridiculous.


There are no mtx right now because of MAK exposing the the phone call, They were planned, got found out, backlash at potential mtx, post poned, even Randy Pitchford said there won’t be mtx, for now can’t guarantee they won’t be in the future. Plus Mak’s vid gets pulled for copyright claimed for a phone call? Audio conversation. Lol. Lets not forget this is the same company 2k specifically that sent two guys in black suits to a persons house and basically threatened him and forced his channel on youtube to be shutdown a month or so before launch because he had found some insider info about the game that anyone with eyes could have found because of Gbx’s goof up and posting a link, and he was sharing the info. Why not use lawyers and send emails, nope 2k was all like send hired goons to his house and silence him.

what are you doing here then? you seem to disagree with GBX and what they are as a company, why be here?

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I know a patch has to get certified, but what does all entail? Yes this patch will not break consoles or delete saves or things like that, still does not mean other issues wouldn’t arrise with the patch, like maybe it caused items not to drop like it supposed to, maybe they health values were lowered too much for Gbx. Maybe they didn’t have any new stuff for the takedown to drop and it was only world drops. I mean they didn’t spot light any new gear when they shoed the takedown, and for every major content teaser released they at least show 1 new item, halloween event they showed fearmonger off, Jackpot dlc, they showed new classmods and the moxxi weapons, tentacle dlc showed Anarchy, mayhem 2.0 showed Sandhawk, maliwan takedown showed shields and the new redistributor. This takedown nothing. So yeah patch could have passed certification but maybe they needed time to prep a hotfix to go with it