Guardian Takedown releases 1 week after gearbox says they are muting for.... 1 week

DLC4 will be Krieg and he is the conductor of that there poop train.

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I apologize to Thicc, as I stated in first post I due respect his content and he is one of the more honest creators, but I have some heated opinions on the game and the company both 2K and gear box. I got carried away no disrespect intened


Darn, I need google alerts for this ■■■■.

About MTX? I mean, GBX can certainly talk about doing that, but since we haven’t seen any of that in any BL game, I’d say they came to their senses. Why is it a conspiracy for a company to talk about ideas, both good and bad?

See, mature way of responding, all to your honnor man. You can disagree, I disagree on lots of subjects with a lot of people here but I see it as a discussion and not an argument.


None taken, thank you. I apologize as well for being a bit rude back.


My posts were called conspiracy theory I guess because not everyone saw the original vid with the phone conversation between MAK and the gbx employee and thought either I was full of it or MAK lied about the whole thing

I saw that video. And MAK was clearly just wrong.

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if i have known there is some heat going on this thread, i should have brought my popcorn.


On your recent video you mentioned you were curious about how the 300/90 anointment change would apply. It seems clear to me that it no longer works on shielded/armored enemies. I went against a few badass nogs and captain traunt and the OPQ with a 300/90 anointment did absolutely no damage whatsoever. So despite not scaling back the OPQ, it effectively took the gun out of the game if you have that anointment and are going against anything other than flesh enemies (and as flesh enemies barely exist, the anointment is effectively dead). Yesterday I could take them out in seconds. Today I ran out of ammo.

Yah the 300% anointment got seriously nerfed, I’ll be testing it and posting a video. Honestly hopefully gearbox reverts this and nerfs it a different way. I would love if it worked the same as it did previously and just took a straight up damage nerf rather than what they did to it right now. I’m not 100% sure how it works currently, but it is not the same as yesterday at all.

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I was expecting it to get nerfed, but I wasnt expecting this approach. I would much rather have seen it just reduced to 200%. It would still somewhat situational when dealing with the final health bar. The 150/50 radiation annoint can be maintained permanently with the sacrifice of healthgate. Why not just reduce the potency of this annoint to work against all but the final bar of an enemies health/armor/shield?

I haven’t tested to see how this works now, but if it is 90% of each bar, this is a massive nerf.

Currently it seems like it stops at 10% of the top bar. Not 100% sure so take this with a grain of salt, but I am not very happy about this D:

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Ouch, talk about the ol switcheroo.

I’m sure there will be some further analysis, but if it only works for the first bar. This will render this annoint virtually useless outside of one shotting pup skags.

So now it only counts the damage needed to get a target to 90%, any above this is just cancelled?

Read again where I said I have not fully tested lol. All I know is it feels very bad in general now and is not as useful as it was yesterday.

I think what you are seeing is correct, been running a YC with that anointment through Athenas and although it can still wreck under overkill, shooting a minor mob will sometimes not kill.

More tweaking needed.

Yah lol, I just don’t want to claim something as true that I haven’t fully tested myself yet.

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I live in an entire town of tweakers. Maybe GBX should start handing out applications lmao

The “op” weapons that got nerfed are still top tier for their level.

Shows how dumb this is, Nerf weapons (at least) 30% and lower enemy hp 20%.