Guardian Takedown speedy skips - avoid the platforms

Here are a 3 speed skips in the new Guardian Takedown to avoid some of the nasty platforming sections. I am sure that the last platform can also be jumped using this method. I have not yet tried that but wanted to share what I have found. Props to ki11er6 for the concept.


The first set of platforms only take a moment, but that second gap will be a huge time saver if I’m in a hurry. The platforms aren’t locked behind the mob in the third gap? I can’t remember (not that this isn’t a time saver anyway).

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Not sure about the platforms in the third skip. Can’t see them when I jump so maybe they are locked to killing all the enemies. On the platform you land on with the hole in the middle it may be possible to jump the last platforms. I have not tried this yet.

I also feel that Zane would be able to do this with his speediest build and the speed demon modifier.

In testing I found that the driver I had and speed demon weren’t enough for the big gap on their own, but maybe a driver with 3 in mindfulness would negate the need for the speed on the artifact.

That’s some expensive (in terms of time) research… finding out that you don’t have enough speed for any given run/control group means starting over from the beginning.

We need a way to measure speed, where one could say, “however you build it, you need at least 88 MPH to clear that gap”.

Have you (or anyone) tried that trick with the Snowdrift relic and a tiny drop in elevation right before a big gap (as is used to bypass that large section in the Maliwan Takedown)? That might throw us too far though. :thinking:


It would probably be possible using the snowdrift drop method (a lá maliwan takedown big jump). I personally am not familiar with that mechanis as being on console I find sliding more difficult. Also, bear in mind that the biggest jump is just after the mid point save so it is not really a hassle to repeat/test it. I’m also testing on M1 with M10 gear…

I actually tried this: The platforms that lead to the second crystal defense are not there if you don’t kill all the enemies leading to them… :roll_eyes:

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You can even do the first jump without jumping on the first platform, with zane that was. A crader EM-P5 a movement speed artifact and a featherweight rough rider probably could enable everyone else doing it with speed demon.

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I even tried to hop on the little peak platform behind the statue, but it appears to be surrounded by invisible wall.

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Just spent the last 3 hours trying to do the jump that would be after the last one in my video, just before you drop down to the boss portal. It ‘may’ be possible with pixel perfect jumping but I have been unable. There is just not quite enough height to make it comfortably.

All skips from the video can be done with Spiritual Driver only, no need to have Speed Demon modifier.
The first skip you can skip all platforms, just by jumping from the top directly to the hole (no need to wait for first platform).
Second skip (before the second section with triple crystals) I don’t think it’s possible from the point where you jumped, but you can do this other way with Amara and Zane (will post video later). This section requires you to kill all enemies to spawn the platforms. If some enemy will bugged or something, it’s good way to move forward.
Third skip can be done the same way with Spiritual Driver only.

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However, using driver only would require putting points into mindfulness, whereas I like to keep my build. Having speed demon on also means non amara/zane players in co-op can also do this.

Yes, but playing on M10 it’s not that easy to kill three enemies and keep the bonus speed. Without specting into Mindfulness you can still do most of the skips but not the full jumps I guess.
I think the safiest method will be having a Vagabound shield or something as a backup for other characters than Amara/Zane.

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or maybe a em-p5?

Anything what gives extra boost, Vagabound, Fleet, EM-P5, movement speed on artifact, Victory Rush and of course individual skills.

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The second skip (before 2nd set of crystals) is not doable by the same method as in the video with Driver only, even with 6/3 Mindfulness.

Pretty sure you also can’t jump onto the tall pillar in the middle (invisible wall).

There is a small ledge up and to the left of the “ramp” that might allow this skip with Driver only.

I’m going to try this skip tomorrow with EMP5 and see if that + Driver is enough to make it without Speed Demon.

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I don’t run a mindfulness build as I prefer the phasezerker com. I just put the driver on for the jumps so I am only getting 2/3 in mindfulness. That is why I use an artifact with speed.

Tbh Speed Demon is, imho, the best easy modifier to use as the extra speed is very useful for the crystal puzzle and for escaping the first boss’ radiation bubble attack.

For sure speed demon also works.

Also update on 2nd skip: 6/3 Mindfulness (max stacks) and EM-P5 is sufficient to make the jump directly without Speed Demon. You land on a ledge below the platform but can climb up to the jump pad without much difficulty.

This is with no other move buffs.

Skips a huge mobbing portion and is a massive time-saver.

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Are you getting sufficient damage at m10 with a build that goes that deep in the green tree?

Yes. Driver, Transformer, EP Safeguard (no VR!), Hex. Red/green tree build with about 8 points in blue for faster reload and better critical damage.

I’m using a Cryo Recursion w/ ASE N2M Rad as primary weapon. It wrecks everything. Monarch secondary and only for when there’s only one target on the field.

Shock Lob with CH anoint for bosses’ shield bars. Hex helps build CH stacks.

EM-P5 purely for skips.

During boss armor-bar phases I swap between recursion and corrosive Monarch, Recursion requires kiting adds but when it works one shot can do huge damage to the boss. When no adds are present the Monarch does work even though EP isn’t doing much.

I imagine a corrosive Backburner might be even better but don’t have one on this character.

With the skips I don’t have ammo concerns, so don’t need a Cutpurse.

Buddy System modifier actually makes Recursion more powerful because the drones are extra targets for projectiles to ricochet.

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