Guardian Takedown Sucks

I know this probably won’t reach any of the developers, why would it anyway? It’s only their support website. Anyway, Guardian Takedown has been nothing but a waste of time and energy, this new raid has given me nothing but trash gear, world drops, and random deaths. There’s this floating rock that you have to fly over using a launch pad after you charge the first three crystals, that’s fine and all except for the fact that if you hit it wrong, IT KILLS YOU. Has happened MULTIPLE times to me, and I get having to kill enemies to clear a room, but literally throwing hordes of enemies that are designed to dodge any projectile bullet with admittedly low success rate, doesn’t make it a good raid, especially if you’re throwing tanky a** Seras at the player like candy. Has no one in that office heard of that no duplication system? It works like this: kill enemy, it drop item, it can drop many different item, but not all at once. Since farming the same boss that takes a good few fat minutes to get to and kill since everything in this raid takes time (which i kind of don’t mind), it would really suck to get nothing but the same item over and over that you DONT want because it has no actual use other than to be there to say “here’s a new shield” so people will think its a good raid.

TL;DR: Guardian takedown isnt really worth the time and effort.

I think their support website is

Closed as this isn’t really a tech support but a gameplay issue, and there is already an existing thread in the main BL3 section discussing (in some detail) issues folks have with that in GTD.