Guardian Takedown - the platforms Scourge teleports you to

So, after you deplete Scourge’s second armor bar, it teleports you on a floating platform. If you’re in multiplayer, each player will be placed on a different one and, after a few enemies are eliminated, a portal opens up to take you back to the boss arena.

My question is, what is the platform you end up on determined by? I would like to explore all 4 of them (because OCD), but I don’t know how to get to them. I thought it depended on what player you are in the session (if you’re the host, or player #2/3/4), but I ended up on two different platforms while being the host in multiplayer vs while playing alone.


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It’s random.

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Yea, it seems to be completely random. I’ve ended up on all of them playing solo

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Oh okay, I thought it was somewhat pre-determined since, while playing in co-op with only another player, we both ended up on the same platforms both times. I’ll try again to explore the last one I need by myself then, thanks a lot for the tip!

I also believe it’s random. I too would like to uncover all areas of all maps, with all characters.

With each toon, I’ve tried the Takedown as follows:
NVHM - No Mayhem - No True Takedown (this was me testing the difficulty of the Takedown)
TVHM - Mayhem 2 - No True Takedown
TVHM - No Mayhem - True Takedown active

If we call the platforms 1, 2, 3, and 4, here’s what I’ve uncovered so far:

Moze - 3 and 4
Fl4k - 1, 3 and 4
Amara - 1, 2 and 4
Zane - 2, 3 and 4

As you can see, even though I’ve tried the same difficulty and challenge mode, with one character I’ve still only uncovered 2 of the platforms, and with the three others I’ve randomly uncovered 3 of the other platforms but missing another one in common with the others.

I’ll try NVHM with Mayhem and True Takedown enabled next. Then I’ll go to TVHM with Mayhem and True Takedown enabled. But I doubt any of that changes the outcome. Just my observation. Maybe if I end up on the wrong platform, I’ll kill myself, and then restart half way through and see if the boss drops me off on another one with the same toon. If it does, then that strategy could help me shave off time from having to get all the way to, and past Anathema until I end up on my platform of choice.

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Decided to try another approach. This time I wanted to end up on platform 1. If I didn’t end up there, I’d fall to my death, and continue the Takedown from half way through.

First time around, ended up on platform 2.
Then on 3.
Back to 2.
Back to 3.
And now I was teleported to platform 4.

Still haven’t ended up on platform 1, but I guess eventually I will. Takes less than 10 minutes to get here although I do lose game currency…

I set this to NVHM, no Mayhem and no True Takedown in case anyone was wondering.

*Update 2

Went shopping, came back. Ended up on platform 2. Fell down, started again, and this time I ended up on platform 1!

So it does seem entirely random. This way is likely quickest, but not cheapest.

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Some of the platforms also seem to be more difficult to clear than others as well. Anyone else noticed this?

EDIT: to clarify that I mean that some of the enemy spawns on certain platforms seem to be more difficult than others.

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It feels kinda random to me, sometimes I’ve been fighting on the same platform with, or without flying enemies, or with or without the ones with the pink bomb above their head.

Anyway, took another 1.5 hours of trying with Amara, but finally got on the final platform after close to ten tries. Just need to get the final one with Moze that I already started, but after 6 or so attempts and taking an hour, had to stop due to playing with friends.

All in all, I’d say the percentage change to get an elusive final platform requires 90 minutes of gaming and close to 8 attempts. So something to the tune of a 15% chance… But RNG is what it is.

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I’ve noticed a few odd things which occur after many, many, M10 runs on multi.

  1. Ammo is reloaded to full at odd times. We thought it was a cutpurse/slam/phasegrasp but after further play, we ruled that out. The ammo drops are around, but not enough to refill 1000 pistol rounds from 150 in seconds of walking around.
  2. First boss explosions at marked bar depletion sometimes explodes twice. Once a few seconds after immune, then the expected explosion. Not sure if this is normal, but no way to 2nd-W without Zane/Clone and speed or Stubborn to Die and wait for spawn.
  3. Scourge “Sentence” phase (after 2nd bar depletion) does not spawn portal after defeating all enemies on your platform. I noticed our final run it spawned on the “unmaned” platform (party of 3). You can’t jump as it was immediate death… and disappointing.
  4. Crystal charging tasks, on both stages, crystal stage would end randomly, forcing defeat, no enemies near the platform (glowing blue). We thought it was a time function, but after several timed runs, it appears this is completely random and has no methodology of what causes defeat (time nor enemy engagement both had random results).

The jumping puzzles are “annoying” but manageable. The mere fact of measuring your success on a few jumps is weird, but gives a funny twist of reward.

Most of the mechanics (number of enemies, health, mobs, etc) seems balanced. We had challenges in some areas, such as tight quarters island between 2nd stage jumping platforms with enemy ability to knock you off, but again, manageable.

GB should revisit some of the mechanics above. Minor tweeks should make it enjoyable. As of now, our parties are steering clear until the bugs shake out.