Guardian Takedown, too hard for almost none reward?

I just did the guardian takedown 3 times on m10, and all i got was 1 unique drop shield from the middle boss and none uniques from scourge.

It takes nearly 1 hour to complete the raid on m10 to get lillte not to say none reward.

It took me so much time to make a build to face the new raid on m10, and it feels like it was a complete waste of time.

Why couldnt the drops be like maliwan takedown, like at least 1 guaranteed unique drop, or at least have better drop rates??


This is a consistent problem in BL3. Time/effort investment is not matched to the rewards given.


The invincibles in BL2 had great gear and were a challenge for the players to overcome. The globetrottr and smog and webslinger are not the meta weapon in their category. They also do not drop often. Gearbox needs to match a player’s effort to the game’s reward. This is a pretty basic concept in video games.

I can get General “18 seconds to kill” Traunt not dropping the good stuff all the time. The takedown bosses that take, other than some speed runners, 20-60 minutes to kill need a much, much higher payout.

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IMHO the final boss in the Guardian Takedown should always drop at least one piece of Takedown gear. Pretty silly it does not and is actually very very stingy.

i view it this way, completing the guardian takedown is a reward in itself.


you are very optimistic ! though not a bad thing…

But there is no incentive to run it a 2nd time now is there ? lol

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one for each build, then top your run the next time. lol.

i actually wish we can go directly to the bosses (wotan, scourge, valkyries, anathema).

decent powerful weapons / loot is the only incentive for me to continue playing the content. I am sure it is this way for the mass and the reason most people play this type of game.

Gating powerful reward behind tough enemy is the correct mindset but at the same time said reward needs to be obtainable by the mass as well. Gambling and RNG can be extremely addicting only if applied correctly. In current state of game, it is executed very poorly therefore, people are not as addicted

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That is true me and a friend did Guardian takedown with mayhem turned off in TVHM. We did complete it. I love it, it’s fun just hate bullet sponge enemies that make it almost impossible to pass. Hopefully the patch tomorrow makes it doable in Mayhem mode for us.

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