Guardian token player skin

Okay. Maybe I’m missing it somewhere… But how do we get the Guardian Rank legendary player skins. I am rank 40 now and it is still gray. I don’t have it in my bags or mail. It’s not in the customization station. Am I missing this somehow?

Do you have enough tokens spent on the category you want the skin from?

Yes. I am at 40 in Enforcer. Should have the Urban Blammo but I don’t

Do they mail it to you? I should of unlocked a skin but i havent even checked to be honest

Not in the mail no. I don’t get it.

It should end up directly in the quickchange.

Nevermind… Now it suddenly is there…

So do you have to unlock them? As in spend tokens on them?

nah, you don’t have to unlock perks & skins, that happens if you reach the threshold