Guardian tokens seem to be glitched every time i redeem it

It seems every time i try to redeem my guardian token it seems to be reset and I end up have to reselect a different perk then the original perk that i’ve selected. Example:-

now i have 27 tokens.

I redeemed one token and after that see i’ve still 27 token as below.

My gf doesn’t have any issue with this and able to redeem like normal and doesn’t seem to reset for her.

Is there a fix to this?

Right after i posted, i just walked forward for a bit only to find out that token wasn’t redeemed and i’m back to 28 tokens.

Please help me fix this. I rather not sit down hours just redeem tokens over and over again

I’m having the same issue. Have you found a fix or have you just been sitting on 28 tokens?

Nope. I’ve found a fix yet. I’m just getting more and more tokens that i can’t redeem at all

Well I made mine worse by allocating my Guardian points and exiting to main menu. Now my XP just keeps resetting RIP.

So I unlinked my Shift account from my Steam and that seemed to do the trick. Though use this at your own risk since I haven’t tried re-linking it yet. I’m consistently getting XP again and able to allocate Guardian points no problem.

Holy crap. It works for me too! Thank you so much man. I linked it back and the tokens are actually redeemed. Thanks a lot man for your help!