Guarding different in HW:R and not the same as HW:C

Ok, here is one thing they need to change back. In Homeworld Classic when you set ships to guard another ship they would follow that ship around wherever it went. If it went into battle they followed or if it was just sightseeing they followed. It didn’t matter if the guarding ships were set to passive, defensive or aggressive.

Unfortunately in HW:R they changed that. All ships are set to Defensive and when you tell a group of ships to guard another they will follow up to the point the ship you are guarding gets into a fight. Then they all stop where they are and wait for the fight to finish if they are outside that ships sphere of influence.

Example, I have a BC 1/4 of the way across the map and I send 2 destroyers to guard it. The destroyers head right towards the BC BUT as soon as the enemy shows up and attacks the BC the destroyers STOP MOVING and wait for the battle to end. The only way to fix this is to change the destroyers from defensive to Aggressive status. THEN they will keep moving to help the BC that is under fire.

This was pissing me off until I found that out because if other ships fell too far out of the BC’s sphere of influence they would stop following and not even help defend it if it got into battle. I would have to change any guarding ships to aggressive status if I wanted them to actually guard another ship. I never had to do this in classic. If they were set to guard a ship they would follow it no matter what their status and defend it.

It’s an annoying extra step that shouldn’t be there and it should follow how HW:C uses guarding.


Well, then if they’re in aggressive stance, they don’t “guard” really, what they’ll do is they’ll attack anything that is attacking their charge… and then anything that is attacking them. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had a wing of strike craft wiped out wholesale because instead of “guarding” my capital ships they charge off to attack anything that moves and get themselves into situations they can’t handle.

Yeah, I don’t like using aggressive on anything except for the mothership and carrier. When they are aggressive they don’t go moving to follow enemy ships. They just sit there and fire first if an enemy gets close.

It’s just annoying that they would have it so ships would basically avoid battle if they were too far away and in defensive mode when guarding another ship. Guarding another ship should basically override any status setting. Especially if the ship they are guarding is being attacked.

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It’s also pretty aggravating when you send a group of ships off on a long journey, then check on their progress 5 minutes later only to see they gave up half way because they spotted an enemy ship and then forgot their orders.

HW2’s pilot logic was always this poor, though.


there is another similar related bug:

when units are set to defensive, and you give them a move order, they reply ‘moving while engaging’.

but as soon as they kill their currently selected target, they all stop moving, select another target, and attack it as if they were in defensive mode, ignoring the previous move order.

this means that in order to give units a move order, you must set them to passive.

and what that means is that you can’t move while firing.

making the ‘defensive’ option utterly useless… and tactics worthless…

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