Guerillas in the mist - build idea

My first build that i played through borderlands 3 was a fade away build with Guerillas in the mist.
Due to certain skills not be changed, i was able to kill many enemies during fade away and just slay through enemies. Therefore, i used mostly mashers or Jacobs shotguns with multiple pellets. i gained ammo back for hitting crits.

All around it felt amazing, using fl4k’s Action skill and melt everything. Outside of fade away, i felt weaker and getting back to fade away was the way to survive.

With shield an grenade annoints beeing introduced, and Guerillas in the mist Duration reduced, the playstyle changed. Now i use my fade away to activate my annoints, dealing more Damage outside of fade away then beeing in fade away.

So what’s the Point?
My idea is, that i want to have a Mobbing Guerillas in the mist build, that focusses on Synergy and reward a Pplayer for using the right weapons for fl4k. It also focusses around fl4k’s Action skill rather then using it to activate annointments.

new classmod: Hide n slay
Legendary affix: extend duration of guerillas in the mist by 3-5 seconds. During fade away, your reloadspeed is increased by 50 - 75%.

buffed skills:

  • eager to impress ( rework the skill so it increases Action skill Duration while Action skill is active for every kill. 0,25 secs per kill per Point, so you will get with 10 Points 2,5 seconds per kill)
  • leave no trace ( get ammo back for hitting crits)

idea behind the classmod:
while in fade away, kills increase it’s Duration. works with Guerillas in the mist due to unlimitted shots. while in fade away, increase reloadspeed drasticly (more Shooting, less reloading).

weapons: while fade away is active, gain increased handling, accuracy and gun Damage ( this annoint makes sure your main Damage is dealt while your Action skill is active.)
shields/ grenade annoint: while spect into fade away, gain increased crit (25%) /Health and shield regeneration 5-10% of max capacity, Bonus elemental Damage 25-50%. Change the way those annoints work so they Benefit speccing certain skills.

The Shield and grenade annoints should helpt to get back to fade away, dealing more Damage then without annoints, increase surviability while outside of fade away. But the main Damage should be dealt while Action skill is active.

Eager to impress is a skill that i feel isn’t used in builds as effective, so this is a rework that benefits new playstyles. I would also add deminishing returns after the 3rd kill to 0,2 seconds per point per kill, after 5th kill 0,13 seconds per kill per point and after 7th kill gain 0,05 seconds per kill per point.
That means that i would base it around Basic Duration: 8 seconds + 45% from persistant hunter (only from base Augment, 8* 0,45 = 3,6) + 3 seconds from classmod = 14,6 seconds. The Duration will be further increased for kills you gain in fade away.

First two kills will increase the Duration by 0,25 seconds per point for eager to impress, the next 3 kills will increase it by 0,2 seconds per kill,…

To be fair, i think 0,25 seconds per point per kill might be to high, but numbers can always be changed, right? :wink:

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