Guess dat pop culture

One person pretends to be a character off a tv show, (anime, animated, drama, scifi, fantasy, horror etc.) and you have to guess who they are.


You MUST reply to the person above you, to keep the game orderly.

No googling or using the internet to answer questions.

Everyone has 3 guesses each to guess who the person above them is, no more no less. If you can’t figure out who the pretender is, they can give you the answer to move the game along.

In order to be the pretender, you must include the phrase “I am the pretender”, in your post.

Only one pretender at a time, when the first person is figured out then someone else can be the pretender.[/color]

I’ll go first- I am the pretender: Colorfully propellant, rainbow farts.


I am the pretender: Has engine, has wheels but it isn’t a car.

No, but good guess. I am Giant Realistic Flying Tiger, from Uncle Grandpa.

And you are… A Transformer?

Not a very good game

/real talk

I guess. Thought about saying I’m a Boeing 747, but meh.

I’m the pretender: what happens when the railways are lose and all that stuff…? :v xD

Trains crash?

But for real, this game is not as fun as I thought it would be, so u can stop posting if you want to. (I will not hold it against you.)

Good guess. Actualli, it was derailment xDDDD

I’m logging off, goodnight.