Guess I don't need to reload lol

Eeesh this thing might be fun lol


Why is Amara the only VH who gets +300% damage ASE guns? What am I missing?

It looks like gearbox tried to come up with anointments that revolve around their action skills, whereas all of Amara’s are just beefed up universal ASE anointments.

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Thats insane! Give Moze 300%. Injustice!

I use a relic that gives back ammo when I do melee damage alongside my facepuncher with melee build Amara. Never had to reload and my tree can make my facepuncher change element damage. Not as strong as most builds but still fun.

I’m glad to see a usable infinity though. I loved them in 2 and found them a bit sad in 3 but with that perk? Definitely sweetens the deal ^^

What is ASE

Action skill end

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