Guess I'm going to give Fl4k a try now

Would you guys consider this “god rolls”? Is there anything better I should keep in mind or look out for?



Get yourself some jakobs snipers

The skills on it could be much better, but those passives are so good I’d use it anyways.

what should I look for in skills?

Ones in here should help with that MOD:

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Personally for a bounty-hunter mod I like to see high points in Big Game/The Most Dangerous Game. Boosting LNT is pretty nice as well.

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I’m pretty sure the Bounty Hunter COM only buffs TMDG, Hunter’s Eye and Frenzy. The Thrillbot buffs TMDG and Big Game, but I’m fairly certain there’s no COM which buffs LNT together with those 2 skills.

Yeah you are right I haven’t used bounty in awhile since the buff to BY. I was thinking of a purple com I was using a bit back.

I think Big Game Hunter provides the best damage boost?
…correct me if i’m wrong, your com is pretty amazing already
ps. i still want your star helix :smiling_imp:

I actually have that exact same mod, minus the awesome buffs.
You might check out my build if you are interested:

The 3% chance to activate a hunter kill skill actually goes off pretty regularly and can keep Most Dangerous game active at all times