Guess the Intro Song! Win a copy of Borderlands 3! (Details within)

One of the comments I hear most often about Borderlands is that the music certainly sets the tone. I mean, who could forget;

I have always been a firm believer that the music of a series will often set the tone for that installment and future ones. So, it is with that thought in mind that I offer one lucky forum user the following;

I will buy a copy of Borderlands 3 for you, on the platform of your choice, to be delivered expeditiously upon release. BUT, you’ll have to guess the song for the opening credit sequence.


  1. Every user can offer a single guess. (Guesses will be linked to your IP address to avoid sockpuppet accounts).
  2. You may not edit your guess once it is given, so be very careful which song you predict.
  3. Every user can only offer a single song, this is to avoid people dropping the entirety of their spotify song list.
  4. If another user has already chosen a song, it is locked to their name, so don’t linger too long. Only the first user to guess a song will be registered as the winner. (If you’re wondering whether a song has already been chosen by another user, use the search thread function or Ctrl+F)
  5. You must choose both the artist and the name of the song. I.E. Trent Reznor - Hurt and Jonny Cash - Hurt would be considered as 2 different songs.
  6. If the song happens to be a remix (unlikely) you must guess that as well. Unless no one else had guessed the original, in which case the proximity gives you a win. (I.E. If you guess Seven Nation Army, and some one gueses Seven Nation Army glitch remix, the remix winner wins, but if the remix wasn’t guessed, the original version wins given that the artist is the same.)
  7. If no one should guess the song, I will simply post a video mocking your lack of musical knowledge where I spend the next 5 minutes enjoying a cigar in silence.

The prize.

I plan on shipping the prize to you. If you’re in a nation that deals with Amazon or a similiar service, you will be receiving the prize directly. If not I will purchase and ship you a physical copy regardless of where you are in the world. Note that the second option obviously takes longer.

I have absolutely no affiliation with Gearbox and I am nothing more than a glorified referee on these forums. This is not backed or supported by GBX in any manner or way, so any issues that arise should be brought up to me directly.

This is coming out of my pocket and therefore has nothing to do with GBX, 2k, or any of their affiliates.

This is for funsies.

The winner will also receive a video of me expressing in detail why they are the greatest forum user ever, to be published on this forum at their choosing. I will wear a funny hat of their liking, from a list of available funny hats I have.


Complete shot in the dark, becuase i want to win the video

Radioactive by imagine dragons


The one of me in a hat, or the videogame?


You in a hat, but bl3 will be a nice addition


Genuinely rooting for you now.

I am looking through my collection. I have a sleeping cap, a cowboy hat, a giant straw samurai hat, a santa hat, a viking helmet, an aviators cap… the list literally goes on…


I honestly just want The Heavy back. Short Change Hero and the intro to BL2 were the things that really made me notice and fall in love with Borderlands almost instantly. And hey, look at that… The band has a new album coming out May 2019. So my guess will be:

The Heavy - Burn Bright


Hey guys please do put the name and the song in your title to make it easier to find. So;

The Heavy - Burn Bright

etc etc.

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Isn’t it obvious?

Papa Roach - Born for Greatness


Muse - Supermassive Black whole

Is my guess. Would fit BL3 perfectly.


Fall Out Boy – Know What You Did in the Dark

how do i make the video appear

Cage the Elephant - Ready to Let Go


I saw this:

-and thought “what a nice guy, and cool idea!”

I saw this:

-and actually put some thought into it, haha. I must have you explain my greatness in that eloquent way of writing that I so often see of you while you are performing your moderation duties. In a Penguin hat. :smirk:

So here is my entry:

David Bowie’s “Heroes”:

Sure, it’s probably older than any other entry that we’ll see on this list, but I think the lyrics would do what we know of Borderlands 3 so far justice. The starting line in particular- “I. I will be king. You. You will be queen.” -would also work quite well with the new antagonists, seeing as one is male and one is female. Finally, David Bowie passed since Borderlands 2 was released, and i’d say that there’s a decent chance of someone in Gearbox wanting to pay him tribute.


Should be automatic, just paste the URL in the text box of your post.

Disturbed - Down with the Sickness

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cheers yh that worked

It must be a hat I already own, or can at least easily access. I own no penguin hats as of yet.

But who knows, if the winner thinks of a good enough hat, I might just buy a new one.

Also. I will release my address in a full suit and tie, with a pipe, and a smoking jacket. If the winner so chooses.

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I mean, in the event that I actually guess correctly, you’re being nice enough to buy me a game. The least I can do in return is expand your hat collection.

Ooh, forget the hat; that’s way better!

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The Black Keys - Lo/Hi


Badass Remix by Raison Varner featuring the vocal talent of Ashly Burch as Tiny Tina, Sir Reginald and Princess Fluffybutt.


Hmm. I’m thinking something modern but not hugely popular, with something like a religious theme or metaphor. This song was already in a video game (Need for Speed Payback), but I think it’s as good a guess as any.

Jacob Banks - Unholy War

Thanks for the cool contest!