Guess the next com for Moze

Com name: Bloodsucker

Everytime she hits an enemy, she gains 25% chance lifesteal for 10% hp and 10% shield.

1% chance for full hp and shield.

Edit: Why 25% chance? It seems that’s the common percentage given on most coms. Why hp and shield because that’s what she really needs to be at the top. Why everytime she hits? Coz of her ammo regen which is a good synergy.

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I’m pretty sure that Moze will get some sort of healing com in the upcoming DLC, but I don’t know if it will be a chance based one. I would love a com that grants her just a flat percentage of HP per kill or lifesteal and if she has full HP (or her HP can’t be increased) then she’d regenerate that much shield instead. That would stabilize her so incredibly much. I love the splash playstyle, but damn, that’s almost all she has.

honestly, my guess, Moze regenerates HP while firing. The longer she fires, the greater the %. With skill points in red and green trees.


Otto Idols return HP per kill


Yeah, the health restore of the Otto Idol is great, but not quite enough to sustain Moze during a heated battle. How about lifesteal while Iron Bear is on Cooldown? That way you basically circle between the protective nature of IB and the lifesteal of the new COM. But how much would it need to be to make Moze self-sustaining? 10% at level 53?

Also @N8d0ggz I like the idea, but we already had a COM just with that kind of building bonus. Maybe we could get a COM that speeds up our shields the lower they are and grants a restoration of 10-20% of your total shield capacity on kill. I think that the Shields of Retribution tree needs more love.

Oooo shield of ret is a bit OP as it is. With a deathless setup we are talking 100k plus shields right now. I would like to see a health Regen skill in the bottomless mags tree. That would give a massive option to Moze builds, instead of being pigeon holed in demo tree just for vampire. It’s unsustainable to run shield of ret and vampyre, you run out of ammo. As for a new comp, gimmie a melee tree.

That’s my only real problem with Moze’s skillset right now. Phalanx Doctrine can double up as shield restoration at least and we have Vampyr. But “Turret Moze” has nothing to keep herself alive. I would have loved to have a skill that Regens health proportional to the current ammo regen. Would synergize well with her skills and some Anointments. Alternatively, make it Vladof-style and let it be a skill that regens health based on the fire rate of your currently equipped weapon. Let’s say that the fire rate translates 1:1 into health regen. 13% health regen and more per second would be really, really good, but absolutely not too much (think about Fl4ks Burst Aid with it’s 20% health regen and that still isn’t enough to keep them alive).

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I came up with one earlier today I thought might be fun.

Name: The Fire Hose
Type: Moze class mod
Manufacturer: N/A
Red text: Run towards the fire.
Elements: N/A
Effects: Moze’s incendiary damage now heals her and has boosted effects against armour and shields. Points in Fire in the Skag Den, Stoke the Embers and Experimental Munitions
Description: The go-to for builds wanting to set everything on fire. The points all boost incendiary damage for her and Iron Bear and she is now unshackled from Vampyr while tackling the main disadvantage of focusing on one element.
In appearance, the mod would be bright red with a flickering effect like crackling flames.


Dang this one sounds OP but not that much.
Would love to have that one for my 125% fire annoint Moze build :smiley:

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I’d like another com that adds and/or switches your elemental damage. We have a lot of survivability strategies already, what we really need is more damage options.

Also a patch that lets you summon Auto Bear without getting in it.


definitely this. this is why i don’t play my rocketeer moze.

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I think it would be pretty fun. To me, legendary mods should be exactly that - legendary - and encourage new ways to play the given character.

In general I find the time to get in and out of IB (especially getting out) too long. Just make it like this:

  • Single klick on Action Skill Button: Enter IB
  • Double klick Action Skill Button (needs the Auto-Bear skill): Auto-Bear gets thrown into the battlefield (this automatically eats a bit of IB’s fuel)
  • Double klick Action Skill (while in IB): Exit IB

Or at least cut the time we have to press the action skill button to exit IB in half.


Or even just have that be a feature of the Rocketeer com…

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Bit of a theorycraft here, but I like doing these, so…

Dealing incendiary damage gives Moze (x)% health regen per second, to a maximum of (y)%. Moze’s elemental damage increases by a percentage equal to (z) times her health regen.
+Stoke the Embers
+Fire in the Skag Den
+Experimental Munitions

(I went all the way back to Roland and his Cauterize skill but thought that healing others with shooting wasn’t good enough. I noticed that Moze has a Firewalker COM so this would work as a legendary variant of that. The regen stack gaining would likely be capped at every .3 or .5 seconds since Moze can dump some serious rounds downrange, and the stacks would decay every 5 or 10 seconds or so, whichever seems reasonable. In my head I see x=1, y=25, and z=3, 4 or 5)

My guess is her next com is going to let us activate her kill skills without needing to get kills

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I don’t think they could do that without adjusting Phalanx Doctrine, which has no stack limit.

I’d like to see a com that doubles the chance to proc short fuse, that boosts SRPMs, SSB and Armoured Infantry.

A com that boosted Phalanx Doctrine, Stoke the Embers and Vampyr could be cool too.

I don’t know about a name but here goes a stab at a new meta class mod to end all others, whether it’s for Moze, Iron Bear or both -

Dealing Gun Damage has a 5% chance to activate all kill skills (including Grizzled.) Dealing Splash Damage has an extra 10% chance to activate all chance-based skills (including Short Fuse, so it would be 25% instead of 15%.)

Iron Bear can activate Short Fuse.

  • Grizzled
  • Means of Destruction
  • Drowning in Brass

Rather than an obvious meta mod such as the one above, I’d like to see something that gives Moze an alternative option -

Dealing Gun Damage gives you 5% life steal. Your shield is restored by 5% of all Critical Damage you inflict. All forms of Splash Damage have a 10% chance to count as a Critical Hit.

Moze and Iron Bear are immune to self-inflicted Splash Damage.

  • Torgue-Cross Promotion
  • Pull the Holy Pin
  • Experimental Munitions

Legendary Fallout Com

Cloud of Lead
Stoke the Embers
Experimental Munitions

Flavor Text: I don’t want to set the world on fire…

Whenever Moze deals fire damage, she deals an equal amount of radiation damage to the target. Critical hits increase both fire and radiation damage by X% for X seconds or add some sort of healing.

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