Guess this is the new way?

I been farming GW since before the last nerf to legendary drop rates. Even after that reduction it has still been a steady source of items and legendaries though not as many. My average would be around 2 per kill.

Went Back today to continue to try for the elusive to me lasersploder i cant find anywhere. But to my surprise after about forty kills the average legendary drops were one in every three kills… Seriously…

Has he been changed yet again? Have other bosses been altered as well? This is seriously disheartening to me as I cannot seem to wrap my head around changes like this that seem to do nothing but aggravate players. Why have billions of guns in the game and then continue to make it harder to get any of them…


Do you honestly think a legendary, supposed to be the rarest items in the game, every 3 kills of a boss is a bad thing? Seriously?


Yes I do considering the drops are so amazingly redundant it’s insane. The Lyuda was rare as hell and never dropped until they nerfed it into oblivion. Now it drops regularly… I absolutely think the way they keep smashing ways to attain anything worth attaining is not going to keep people playing… it’s gonna make people give up in frustration…

When GW was dropping six or more every kill it was too much and I was fine with the nerf… then a couple each kill seemed right. Now one out of every three kills… yes it’s wrong… leaves me as a player saying well ■■■■ if I didn’t see anything I was looking for when I had a small chance at it when things were dropping, now I have no chance…

40 kills = 2 flakkers, 4 skins, 1 Lyuda, 2 terrible shields, 2 red queens,…

To answer your question Absolutely feel it’s reficulous.


I think the current drop rate is fine until they actually assign loot. I don’t like them dropping like candy either but that’s the only way (currently, they’re looking at designating loot) to even get an item you might want to try out. And it seems to be set up in tiers as well, with some legendaries dropping way more commonly than other items, like the Malak’s Bane for instance.

Looks like everyone who responded has reading comprehension problems. I don’t think he was complaining about the drop rate as much as he was asking if they have been nerfed AGAIN.

Personally I haven’t noticed the drops rates decrease in the last few days so it must be a bad run of rng. Maybe reset the game and go at it again. I’ve read a lot of tin foil hat theories it will help with drop rates.


You mean BL2 where you can farm a particular boss for them you’re looking for? That’s not Implemented here… so saturation drops are currently the only way to attain anything…


Thanks for the input! Will try a reset.

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AH… the good ole days of farming terra (the hardest boss at launch) 20 plus times and to never get the pitchfork or the breath of terramorphous shotgun. Only the dumb slayer class mod

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It’s interesting you say that. I usually judge an item based on how many times I can get it to drop. I have yet to see a Rowan’s Call. I’m not sure if it even exists. And I just got a deathless relic today (6-7 days played). So by my logic, it must be pretty good lol. Meanwhile I’m constantly selling a surplus of Woodblockers.


The wood blocker is exactly what the name says. You see that great glowing legendary drop and run over in excitement even tho you’re taking shots from all over, only to find out it’s the woodblocker :upside_down_face: The boner killer of legendaries


I farmed Terra forever… my wife actually was upset and asking why don’t I do anything else when playing the game… lol . but I did finally get that football helmet skin for my zero… never took it off after that…


They did say they are going to start assigning world drops, but to what degree I do not know. Problem is, it’s just going to make getting weapons such as the kings call or smart gun harder to acquire as the number of bosses in game is pale in comparison to the number of guns.

There seems to be an entire class of players whose only concern is getting every legendary as fast as possible. They’re the ones you see complaining about not getting a legendary every boss fight, that there aren’t hundreds of vault spaces, and that they can’t just look at a boss to kill it.

And then there’s the other side, typically series veterans, who are having to endure Gearbox pampering to them.


Sorry to hear that. A day or two ago when I rounded the 4 vault bosses once, they seemed quite generous (online mode). Wandered if the loot drop nerf had been scaled back.

“I want all the good guns handed to me” :frowning:

Pretty much sums it all up.

(Yes, the person who started this thread said they wouldn’t want ridiculous amounts of legendaries to drop after each boss fight, but any casual fan remembers having to truly work for legendaries. Not just a few fights where you aim and they’re already raining legendaries.)

Would be funny if they added a secret stat to drop the legendary rate after multiple kills.

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Are all legendaries potentially world drops or are some only from certain bosses with zero chance of world drop? I’ve never played offline once and the amount of legendaries I can get from a SS M3 run is quite high. If I enter Konrads hold and take the route killing everyone and opening the white chests I can average between 2-6 just on the way there. Very possible for me to get 13-23 legendaries completing all 5 waves. Then I pop back out and open all those close white chests again and have a good chance of a few more.

I do have some points in the luck stat which is maybe at 7% or so. I don’t think legendaries are even remotely uncommon in this game. That said a lot of legendaries exist so if one is looking for a specific gun with an annointment that is the main action skill you use or something of course that’s going to be rare.

Which will still be way better than tubbies and gen 2 pearls. Until people spend the huge amount of hours trying to get gen 2 pearls they’ll never be grateful for how generous bl3 is


I don’t understand people who say that droprates are in a good spot at the moment. Graveward hardly drops anything anymore and we have not only 200 legendary guns, but also a ton of different anoints and gun parts to take into account. If you’re looking for a specific item for your build, it could take you YEARS to find it. How is that reasonable? Try getting a decent headsplosion with a certain anoint. I’ve been looking for a specific one since launch and I try at least a couple of hours every day without any luck whatsoever. And that’s without the random stat rolls of the artifacts and classmods taken into account. Try finding one with the boost to the skill you want with decent other stats. It’s virtually impossible.

There needs to be a way to somehow get a different anoint on your gun or the drop rates need to be very high to compensate for the extreme amount of variance in guns and gear. I mean, how much fun is it if you want to try a specific gun with a specific anoint, but you have to spend at least 3 months to find one? There are SO many builds I want to try, but all I do is kill Graveward, because I have no way of getting the guns and gear I want for those builds.