Guest Passes - on the horizon? Should be

I know there’s a lot of concern with the player base. What would be nice is to have players (or maybe just the DD players) get a guest pass (or a few) for like 10 hours of play.

I know I wouldn’t have even looked at this game (esp at the full retail price), had I not tried the beta. Not a MOBA player at all, and just wasn’t sure what I’d get from it. But the beta allowed me to see how much of a blast it is.

Not saying a free trial is necessary, but getting more to try it - and a guest pass would inherently promote a group for new players with their friend.

Good way to increase the player base hopefully and get more to try it out.

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It’s a shame that DEMOS aren’t really a thing anymore, very few games have them. It felt like almost all games had a demo back in the day :sweat_smile:

Yeah, I’m sure there’s a lot of reasons for that.

But I see a lot of benefits for temporary guest passes for potentially increasing the player base early on.

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Yeah, since the marketing for this game has been a little lackluster (the only reason I ever heard of it was because of Youtubers who made videos on it, and those weren’t even sponsored content) guest passes could really help - nothing tells you more about a game than actually trying it. I was immediately interested in the game based on how it looked but I hear many people have found it looked boring but after trying they realized they couldn’t have been more wrong!

Just mentioned this in another topic about some people saying that this game doesn’t need a large player base…

They need a new marketing campaign a competitive scene or something to make new people to try out the game because the way this is going I can only foresee the f2p option.

Best thing to do would be a referral system.
We get limited keys, like 3 each month, for 1day trials (realtime, not playtime).
If one of them buys the game after/during the trial we get some bonusses like free lootpacks, titles and skins depending on how many bought the game.

The Limit is important to not infest the game with cheaters and to not overload the servers.