[Guide] A Brief Guide on Passive Gear Bonuses

That is what I meant with “I spawned in over 1500 Amara COMs”. The problem is that you have to check them all manually, and after 1500 I kinda accepted that it just doesn’t happen. It’s not definite proof, but it’s good enough for me.

Edit: I must’ve misread your message, my bad. I will try to do the same with Zane COMs. Assuming that every stat can roll twice, the chance should be 70/4900, which is 1/70. I think it would be unreasonable to assume that a double roll wouldn’t happen in 1000 rolls at least once, so I will make do with that amount. I will post an update in a reply lateron.

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splash damage and area-of-effect damage offer the same % increase or are they different values?

I only see splash damage on the chart, not sure if its all inclusive or if there should be a separate column for aoe damage.

They’re the same stat.

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Splash passive is just damage and aoe passive is damage and radius?

Not 100% certain myself. Could just be the same thing with different names. Wouldn’t be the first time Gearbox was odd like that.

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That’s right


I personally found out about it around 5th March, how long it was globally known about I have absolutely no idea.

Thanks Duk, that’s awesome. And aoe can spawn on both class mods and artifacts?

Just artifacts. Class mods have splash damage and radius separate (plus grenade radius)

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If only aoe could spawn on the pearl );

I have tested by spawning 1050 Zane COMs (I used Seein’ Dead), and not one of them had a double roll. Option one is that I am ridiculously unlucky, and Option two is that double rolls on COMs are straight up impossible.

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Amara’s one are possible.

No. They simply have a chance to NOT roll any primary passive. Read my large post above as to where that confusion comes from.

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Ok, didn’t know that bonus is applied once (never bothered to pick them up and test).
So the conclusion would be, that Amara’s com can spawn with only two bonuses and for rest of VH are always with three? Is that right?

Yeah, basically. No idea why Amara’s COMs have that option, but they do.


I’m gonna need some explanation on why manufacturer damage is bad, is it because it’s not actually coming from a separate category, so with other gun damage it is actually greatly reduced in effective value. What abut going for pistol damage instead of say jacobs damage is it the same or would I get more benefit from the type?

If you want the full damage formula you can find it here [Guide] Borderlands 3 Damage Formulas however for your question there are only 2 relevant categories.

Gun damage and V2.

Gun damage includes both “+x% Weapon Damage” and “+y% manufacturer weapon damage.” Weapon Type damage (like +smg damage) is v2. Hence depending on your exact build and gear either Weapon Type or General Weapon damage can offer more. Though in all cases because “+x% Weapon Damage” and “+y% manufacturer weapon damage” are added the general Weapon damage will offer more damage.


I see that helps a lot, thanks.
guess I’ll be looking for pistol damage then.

I’m guessing anoints that add damage on ase or on kill are also just gun damage?

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Its very much a case by case basis. Something like 100% weapon damage ASE or Amara’s 250% damage anoints are gun damage. However the bonus 125% damage to badass and bosses for instance is actually calculated as bonus kinetic damage.

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i see what about 5% damage on kill?