[Guide] A Brief Guide on Passive Gear Bonuses

I see that helps a lot, thanks.
guess I’ll be looking for pistol damage then.

I’m guessing anoints that add damage on ase or on kill are also just gun damage?

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Its very much a case by case basis. Something like 100% weapon damage ASE or Amara’s 250% damage anoints are gun damage. However the bonus 125% damage to badass and bosses for instance is actually calculated as bonus kinetic damage.

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i see what about 5% damage on kill?

I’m not entirely sure on that one. I believe its Gun Damage, though thats one of the anoints I’ve never cared enough to test.

It’s just gun damage


Thanks. @Duk

Alright so I’m trying to figure how to maximize my damage here.

is it best to go with a mod that has splash damage or grenade damage for mindsweeper
I’m assuming all the damage from grenade explosion is splash. But does one have a higher effect on the damage of the explosion itself?

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its a good one, from what I hear it goes pretty high.
but that’s all on how fast you can kill with it i guess.

You’re best off with splash. The grenades get both splash and grenade damage, so both have tthe same effect on the grenade. However your gun can also benefit from splash so you can benefit twice from the splash boost, whereas the grenade boost would only apply to the nade.

You can find the full Mind Sweeper damage formula here Prismatic's Gearology and Math.

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Thanks a lot I’ll check that out.
my last question is if that grenade damage would apply to artillery shots, since it seems those get treated like weapon shots at times.

I’m not entirely sure. Grenade testing is something I’ve done very little of. My understanding of how they work is that the bullets are treated as gun damage for the purposes of things like Short Fuse however it won’t get gun damage buffs. I believe only the explosion at the end gets the grenade damage boost.

I see, I’ll do my own tests on that then to find out.
Actually I think i already tested that a while back, with my fl4k, I think grenade damage did increase the damage of the artillery shots. But i’ll check it again and report back later.

If it does work then I’m seriously wondering why artillery grenades can’t work with vampyre that’s a weirdly arbitrary choice.

but that 's all dependent on artillery shots actually being counted as grenade damage, so that’ll wait till the test.

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Do we know if Fortify Charges can stack just like Power Charges can, I recently found an unanointed Triple Adaptive Old God, and it increased my survivability pretty significantly on Mayhem 10, much better than any other shield I’ve used to be honest, so I’m wondering if Fortify Charges can stack because if so that would make it amazing.

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Can’t say i know myself, but I imagine it wouldn’t be too difficult to test. Find an area with an enemy and a source of Damage-over-Time, and compare your damage received before and after collecting charges.

It appears that the effects don’t stack sadly, Adaptive seems to be the better choice by far since it increased capacity, health, and damage reduction from a single damage type for 5 seconds after taking damage.

Has their been any testing since the April 23 patch? “Addressed a reported concern that artifact drops were missing a stat attribute when viewing artifact with a certain combination of primary and secondary stats” sounds like it may have even been in response to this thread saying only certain stats could be doubled up, like all other stats may have been intended to be able to be doubled. I’ve come across doubles before, only 2 boosts but they were regular boosts, it’s possible those should’ve had doubled stats but didn’t and that’s what this patch note addressed.

It addressed that. If you got two 10% movement boosts on an artifact now it’d be 20%.


Updated the charts with level 60 values and added “Action Skill Damage” to the artifact/class mod chart.


When a bonus spawns twice on an artifact, is there a rule regarding the primary/secondary split, i.e. is it always 1 x primary and 1 x secondary, or always 2 x secondary, or can it be either?

One primary and one secondary. Melee for example would have the “Brawler” primary part and the secondary Melee part.

Updated the main post with new relevant information. Adjusted the values for Level 65, added a note about Area-of-Effect bonuses increasing explosion radius, and added a note about Mayhem level increasing shield damage.