[Guide]A comprehensive guide for Amara on MH3 modifiers and adapting in multiplayer

This is a guide based on current modifiers and what to bring in parties instead of reseting and/or having a bad time.
Question : Why not reset with all your friends,it takes a second? -Don’t read this.

So apart from the usual self challenge,bringing up gear and negating all modifiers has been a tough task in multiplayer.4-man parties usually hurt a lot when incorrect gear is used or people are lacking,especially given MH3.So prepare your backpack because,I personally found myself very comfortable with the setups and how good they actually respond to the modifiers.

This is the build,I found to be super synergetic with almost every gun during MP runs in Proving Grounds and Circle of Slaughter.Feel free to modify it as it is slighly changed elemental build variation its just what I use.

There are 2 main types of modifiers one should focus on before switching gear:
Weapon type modifier: They are paired ARs+Snipers and Pistols+SMG+Shotguns
Damage type modifier: Normal vs. Elemental

There are a lot of secondary type modifiers that are situational and even if you have a penalty they can be bypassed
Less Damage From “X” element
Gun Damage
Normal bullet Damage

PS.Side note some combinations will decrease your damage by a lot but bringing the right guns still doesn’t hurt that much

That said we are gonna devide our gear into 2 different categories with 2 sub categories.

Elemental Gear:

AAA - for the extreme shield strip and utility.
Rainbow Crossroads - fire,shock,corrosive - Extreme dps
Night Hawkin - Burst fire always - Super synergy with Cryo Hex for Aurelia 2.0 effect,Amazing Fire Rate.Can sometimes even substitute fire Crossroad.
Rainbow Cutsman - OP.
Rainbow Trevonator - Quick Burst damage,Eats ammo but overall worth it.
Rainbow Butcher - Decent damage,regardless of legendary power still eats ammo fast.

Rainbow DP Laser Sploader - Constant dps,ammo efficient,strips everything even your bones.
Rainbow Rowan’s Call - Just a very good AR.
Rainbow Lyuda - High dps,ammo hungry,destroyer of worlds.

Normal Damage Gear:

Unforgiven - High damage per shot,very low dps,every hit counts so you better be accurate.
Flood - Opposite of unforgiven.It may seem like an ammo hungry pistol but it really isn’t.
Bitch - Accurate,not ammo hungry,decent dps.She is all yours.
One Pump Chump - Description isn’t needed.Beastslayer.
Flakker - Decent shotgun.

Gatling Gun - Meh.
Bekah - Very Meh.
Lead Sprinkler - Turbo Meh.Most Normal ARs Lack accuracy and overall will feel meh.
Lyuda - Yes.
Don’t bother with a monocle.People are trying to use that gun but its terribad in 4-man groups.

So to finish things off this build up we would want:
-Phasezerker Mod - build requirement

-Snowdrift Victory Rush - Best utility in the game.
-Elemental Projector - Situational Boss shreder.

-Stop-Gap - Be the tank your team wants you to be.Priceless.insert old mastercard ad
-Re-Router - Serious issues with tougher situations.Overrated Shield for 4-man parties.Leave them at home.
-Updated Transformer- Work in progress , seems like its useful in some places.

-Cryo Hex - Utility over damage,always go for this first.Don’t be that guy
-Storm Front - Shield Strip
-Rad Hex - Just damage.But thats it.

Switch this gear accordingly in 95% of the times you will complete your Trials/CoSs 100% of the time.

Here is a meme video for you guys.Thanks for reading.

PS.Hardcore players most probably know these setups but are either lazy or slacking to post them up.Decided to go on and hit em up before someone blows with a youtube video with a clickbait “HOW TO COMPLETE MH3 100% OF THE TIME SUPER OP BUILD”.
No,just play the game accordingly.Have fun.


Build link is busted. I would just use official website that other site causes a lot of issues

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Thanks will switch the link in a matter of seconds.
Bump.Should be fine now.

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Close to what I do but have to entirely disagree on Transformer. I’ve pretty much soloed 4-man round 5 of slaughter shaft with Transformer + Last Stand. A Shock Devil’s Foursom will return your shields in two shots, and heal about 30% health from sustainment. Full shield means faster cooldowns, more action skills means more control and massive damage spikes. In a few close call situations, running up to enemy and shooting the ground has done some damage and kept me standing long enough for grasp to cycle.

Rowan’s Call gets mentioned but I don’t think it’s widely realised just how synergistic with Ties That Bind it is. If you have a few linked targets, and are critting your grasp target (which is pretty reliable in most cases) that’s two more projectiles. They should target linked enemies, the ties that bind damage does much more to main target than initial shot. It’s a really consistent and easy to use damage dealer. Projectile Recursion can do some massive damage spikes to groups of chained enemies as well.

I use transformer myself but have never abused this mechanic, does it still work if your using a non Shock infusion? @anon-a-mouse

Is this still working? Even if it is I can’t recommend an exploit … cool to know.

It’s not really an exploit. The point of the transformer to turn shock damage into shields, dealing shock damage to yourself is a pretty obvious way to make use of that trait. If the healing from Sustainment was removed, it would still be extremely useful as it’s a small fraction of the effective healing.

I don’t use infusion so I don’t know. But I wouldn’t think so, or at least it wouldn’t be effective because the converted damage you take would count against the healing your receiving.

Thanks for the heads up,will try it out.And will add it if its good.From what I’m reading should be very useful and a couple of things come into mind.

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