[Guide] A List of Moze Class Mods

A one stop link to for all Moze class mods and their skills.

Table of Contents

Common Class Mods


Skills: Redistribution, Torgue Cross-Promotion and Means of Destruction.


Skills: Some for the Road, Deadlines and Vampyr.


Skills: Stoke the Embers, Fire in the Skag Den and Drowning in Brass.


Skills: Torgue Cross-Promotion, Vampyr and Why Can’t I Carry All These Grenades?.


Skills: Click, Click…, Matched Set and The Iron Bank.

Low Life

Skills: Click, Click…, Desperate Measures and Thin Red Line.


Skills: Redistribution, Scorching RPM’s and Experimental Munitions.

Shield Maiden

Skills: Armored Infantry, Vladof Ingenuity and Phalanx Doctrine.


Skills: Scrappy, Selfless Vengeance and Phalanx Doctrine.

Tank Gal

Skills: Some for the Road, Deadlines and Stainless Steel Bear.

Legendary Class Mods:

Bear Trooper

Rocket till the wheels fall off
Red Text Effect: Lowers Iron Bear’s Fuel Use and increases Iron Bear’s Duration by 50%.
Passives: reduces Fuel Use by 50% and increases Iron Bear Duration.
Skills: Grizzled, Stainless Steel Bear and Explosive Punctuation.
Drops from: Anointed X-4 (The Anvil)

Blast master

Slow and steady wins the arms race
Red Text Effect: The longer Moze goes without reloading, the more Splash Damage she deals.
Passives: Up to 100% extra splash damage.
Skills: Redistribution, Pull the Holy Pin and Vampyr.
Drops from: King Gnasher (Ambermire)


Ideas are bulletproof
Red Text Effect: If Moze would be healed, she gains shields instead. If she would regenerate health, she also gains shield regeneration.
Passives: increases Shield Recharge Delay by 150% and decreases Shield Recharge Rate by 50%.
Skills: Thin Red Line, Desperate Measures and Phalanx Doctrine.
Drops from: Skag of Survival (Gradient of Dawn)

Eternal Flame

In measures being kindled and in measures going out
Red Text Effect: Whenever Moze ignites an enemy she has a 15% chance to reset her action skill.
Skills: Nitrotrinadium Engines, Really Big Guns and Running on Fumes.
Drop Location: Stormblind Complex
Requires DLC 5, Arms Race


That’s what the flair’s about. Its about fun.
Red Text Effect: Gain upto 100% damage while Iron Bear is active, decreasing as Iron Bear spends fuel.
Skills: Stainless Steel Bear, Means of Destruction and Cloud of Lead.
Requires DLC 3, Krieg’s Fantastic Fustercluck

Green Monster

We often smilin’ at sights of violence.
Red Text Effect: After firing her weapon for a few seconds, Moze’s weapons gain Bonus Corrosive Damage. The longer she continually fires her weapon, the greater the bonus.
Passives: Up to 100% bonus corrosive damage.
Skills: Iron Bank, Scorching RPM’s and Click, Click….
Good to Knows: Click, Click… can have a max of 1 point from this com.
Drops from: DLC 1 World Drop and Jackbot (VIP Tower)
Requires DLC 1, Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot.

Mind Sweeper

Brain Blast!
Red Text Effect: Landing a Critical hit has a 25% chance to drop a Micro Grenade that Explodes after a short time.
Skills: Redistribution, Fire in the Skag Den and Torgue Cross-Promotion.
Good to Knows: Grenade critical hits through Pull the Holy Pin can drop Micro Grenades. Micro grenades are capable of proccing Vampyr.
Drops from: Archer Rowe (Meridian Metroplex)

Raging Bear

You won’t just be strong. You’ll be unbeatable.
Red Text Effect: Whenever Iron Bear kills an enemy, it gains decreased Fuel Usage. Whenever Iron Bear takes damage, it gains increased Damage.
Skills: Stoke the Embers, Deadlines and Stainless Steel Bear.
Drops from: Billy the Annointed (Jakobs Estate), Maliwan Takedown Bosses and Guardian Takedown Bosses.
Requires Maliwan Takedown.


Chew 'em up!
Red Text Effect: Auto Bear now lasts the rest of the duration that Iron Bear had left if Moze gets out early. Removes any refunded cooldown for exiting early.
Skills: Cloud of Lead, Fire in the Skag Den and Torgue Cross-Promotion.
Drops from: Tumorhead (Lectra City)


To each according to their needs
Red Text Effect: Moze gains upto 12% Life Steal, the longer she holds down the fire button, the greater the bonus.
Skills: Matched Set, Iron Bank and Means of Destruction.
Drops from: DLC2 World Drop
Requires DLC 2, Gun’s, Love and Tentacles.

Class Mod Mechanics

Class Mods consist of 3 separate components: Skills, Stat Modifiers and possibly Red Text Effects.


Borderlands 3 class mods boost a skill regardless of if you have invested in it. This is different to previous games which required you to have at least 1 point in a skill to get the class mods effect.

The total number of skill points a class mod will boost by is determined by rarity:

White: 1 point
Green: 2 points
Blue: 3 points
Purple 5 points
Legendary: 5 points

Each skill can at best be doubled. So for example a 1 point skill such as Experimental Munitions can only receive a 1 point boost from a class mod. Whereas a 3 point skill like Stoke the Embers can receive up to a 3 point boost, or a 5 pointer like Vampyr could use a class mods entire boost of 5 points.

Within the above restrictions class mods will randomly distribute points to any of their possible skills. Hence 2 coms of the same type are not guaranteed to boost the same skill by the same amounts. Class mods are also not guaranteed to provide a boost to all skills that they can boost.

A Marksman com for instance can provide +4 Scorching RPM’s and +1 Redistribution.

Stat Modifiers

The number of stat modifiers a class mod gets is determined by rarity.

White: can have 1 bonus modifier but it’s rare.
Green: can have 1 bonus modifier.
Blue: can have upto 2 bonus modifiers.
Purple 2 bonus modifiers
Legendary: usually get 3 bonus modifiers but can receive only 2.

The strength of the modifiers is dependent on the level of the class mod. Eg a level 9 class mod will give less weapon damage than a level 50 class mod.

For a list of possible stat rolls and their max level strength you can refer to this spreadsheet - Courtesy of A Bird and A Duck

Red Text Effects

Red text effects are currently limited to only legendary class mods. The effect is fixed and will be the same regardless of what level the com is.


AWESOME Resource!

Quick question: Why does it seem like all these Legendary mods only help the demolition tree? Am I confused

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Nope, Moze just has a deficiency of Bottomless mags Leg Coms. Marksman is about as good as it gets for Bottomless mags.

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Cool stuff man, thanks a lot.

Mind Sweeper seems like half/half imo for Demolition Woman and Bottomless Mags.

Do grenade critical hits proc the extra grenades from the mind sweeper class mod ?

I haven’t tested.

@WxndaBread have you tested this?


They do.

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Blast Master appears to always be 100%. Just picked up a low level one while leveling up Moze.

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I suspect Bloodletter will be the same as the numbers seem a bit too round to be generated by a formula. Nut if anyone can confirm this it would be great.

I think the “Red Text” abilities on legendaries are always the same. I got low level ones when I was leveling Fl4k too that had the same red text values (ie De4deye is always 35% damage). It does make low level ones useful until you have a chance to get a max level one with decent secondary stats

Awesome in that case I’ll update all the coms to reflect the values and replace the footnote with a note that it’s unconfirmed but until a counter example is provided will be assumed true.

Those are the only real examples I have. My other toon is Zane, and none of his coms list any values what so ever. Drives me bonkers

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I feel ya, I leveled Zane first and got driven mad by how number shy some of his stuff is. :laughing:

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I’ve updated the OP with the passive values of the Leg Coms

I’m considering adding a Notes section to each class mod. This section would include good to know hidden information such as how grenade crits can proc mindsweeper grenades.

Thoughts on whether this would be useful or should I stick to the very minimalistic stats based format ?

My other question is whether I should include a section on how class mods scale with level and rarity. This has changed from Borderlands 2 and I’m not sure everyone is fully aware of how they work this time round.

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A note on the Mindsweeper crits is probably okay. I’ve seen people asking about it and I had no idea it could happen despite running the mod through TVHM with Storm Front.

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Considering I don’t know the answer yes man put it in and tell me here :grinning:

Great stuff btw.

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Okay I’ve added an explanation for class mods.

I’m not overly happy with my explanations, so if anyone has recommendations for how to make it more concise I would welcome the feedback.

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Thank you. Very informative

Thanks I’m a blast master with 3 on pull the pin. Edit. There is one in Redistribution and Vampire…lol

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I really appreciate people like you, breaking things down for the noobs.
P.S. that includes myself, if that wasn’t clear. Ha