[Guide] A List of Moze Class Mods

You could maybe put what builds they’re good for…like my class mod with 3 in pull the pin, 1 in redistribution, 1 in vampr. I have 1 skill in the red section…i like to explode and crit explosives and I don’t care about being healed or making my shield bigger…all I care about it splash dmg, area of effect, radius…so maybe what artifacts go with the class mods…you can create powerful synergies with the two

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Thanks for the idea, however I think talk of synergy is better left to an analysis piece on class mods and even build guides.

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Idk synergy is what makes or breaks a class mod…:man_shrugging:t3: But I guess the people that need a list of what the items do aren’t ready to solo SS TVHM M3…:rofl:

It’s more a case of trying to cover synergies is a tricky business. I either aim to cover all synergies and end up with really long paragraphs or I only cover a few choice synergies and the debates start about which synergies should be covered.

My intention for this guide is to be a minimal reference point that someone can use to check if there’s a class mod that fits a skill distribution they plan, or even to look at the class mods and then build round one.

Synergy discussion and what skill benefit from I believe is more relevant to the Moze Skill guide.

I imagine your idea lines up more with a rating of class mods similar to the Maya Coms Guide

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So a recent change allows Mind Sweeper grenades to heal with Vampyr. If Mind Sweeper also can produce a grenade from grenade crits, then there is a build I need to test this weekend with the Quasar.


Has this been tested in isolation? If so I’ll add the information to the OP.

Also any idea if it can proc MoD?

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I think mind sweeper would work with tediore chuck crits also. Could be decent, chuck a tediore and get a free grenade on top of it

I’m not sure as I didn’t test it, @sammantixbb did. I’m going to be doing some testing myself this weekend.

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I can not guarantee that MS Mini Nades proc MoD, because I have Short Fuse enabled as well.

But what I can say is that one laser Sploder and a constant stream of Crits on Kevin Samantha Claptrap did refill my grenades. As did my Hellfire. Obviously. I only know for sure about Vampyr because I saw it by mistake then replicated it. I have a link in a thread on YouTube. Maybe it has proof of MoD, lemme check it in a bit.

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People are sleeping on the FireWalker.
+3 Stoke the Embers, +2 Drowning in Brass.

This is a lot of additive and multiplicative damage boost to the Jakobs fire guns.

Im only going to say it.


I wanted a fire walker as I was leveling, but never got one til I already had a mindsweeper. Skag Den ammo Regen and bonus bombs? My a Duc is happy

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i have a ton of moze mods and I’ve only seen a FireWalker once : (. I think it’s the only com that gives bonuses to all 3 skill tress

I wish there was a legendary version for the Marksman class mods.

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Does anyone know how long it actually takes for the Blastmaster to reach the full 100%?

I’ve heard multiple people say 60-70 seconds.

Interesting, thanks.

Another thing, what happens if you boost Cloud of Lead up 3 more points with the Rocketeer? I haven’t found one so I can’t test it but if it follows the same scaling as the skill then that would mean every shot doesn’t consume ammo…? Or am I misunderstanding something here?

I’m not 100% sure on this, but I believe it stops at every 4th bullet and only the bonus fire scales further.

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Thats too bad but it makes sense, because then you could just have infinite bottomless mags by only going 1 tier into tree. I’m still on the lookout for one to test it out myself

I can confirm, that the skill stays at “Every 4th bullet is free”. Only the additional fire damage will scale up higher.

With one point in the skill the 4th is free. This never changes.