[Guide] Amara's Bugs

This is probably outdated and some of the skills mentioned below might work as intended now. So, take everything with a grain of salt, or even better, test it yourself.

Here I want to list all the passive and active skills/perks that either aren’t working as stated in their descriptions or don’t work at all. Feel free to contribute to this topic so we can get as much information as possible for reference. Maybe GBX can make use of it. At least we can do.


The same effect described in the Fist Over Matter section seems to apply to Phaseslam as well. Only the targets you can see when the AS damage is applied will actually suffer from that damage and in consequence grant a stack of Samsara. The other ones outside of your field of view don’t.


Fist Over Matter


Helping Hand(s)

When this skill is already active and you cast your action skill another time it doesn’t reset its duration. Instead, it has to run out before you can activate it again with your AS.

Find Your Center



Phasezerker class mod allows for 99 Do Harm stacks

With the Phasezerker class mod equipped one can target the sky or ground (anything that isn’t an enemy) while activating Phasegrasp (or a variant of it). The cooldown will immediately be reset but you’ll still get stacks for it. Due to the cooldown reset this procedure can be repeated until one has 99 stacks.

Snapshotting skills and their bonuses

Anointed perks

Did I miss any? Comment below, preferably link a thread describing this issue.


I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing the Alacrity one. No difference between 0 and 25 rush stacks for me, before and after AS use.

Yeah I saw some people mentioned it on YouTube under a build in comments so I tried it and confirmed doesn’t work.

Idk what to think anymore. If it was one or two problems then I’d understand mistakes happen but it feels like her entire skill trees don’t work they did not testing or anything I don’t understand how this is even possible.

I hope this gets to them ASAP


A question regarding “Arms Deal”: Does it increase your Action Skill Damage or is “Do Harm” the only skill that increases her Action Skill Damage (I heard that her Slams all were splash damage)?

And if only the initial part of an action skill counts as it’s damage for “Laid Bare”, is it working on enemies that were damaged by “Fracture”, “Tandavas” blast or “Downfall” and its beam? How many stacks of “Samsara” could I expect with those skills? And what happens if I have “Glamour” as an augment?

And on the topic of “Glamour”: Does it work with “The eternal Fist” or does it only proc on the initially grasped enemy and not on enemy 2-5?

Edit: Phasegrasp is also terribly sluggish when it comes to aim. You can have a crosshair over an enemy and the grasp takes the enemy 5 meters behind it instead. And “The eternal Fist” is horrible in its target destination, it takes any enemy and it feels completely random. It should just grasp the enemy closest to the player instead.

You can remove this. I don’t know what’s going on, but I was testing for 30 minutes and could not get Samsara to proc properly before, but I retested it again today and now it’s working fine.

So you can remove this from the thread.

EDIT: Or don’t. After further testing I can confirm that it’s actually bugged and is very inconsistent.

I think Phasezerker allowing 99 stacks is working as intended…rather, the Weapon Damage and % Cooldown provided by it may not be. Re: Awakening not affecting Rush stacks/consumption–is this confirmed? Ability damage doesn’t go up with Do Harm + Awakening vs Do Harm without Awakening?

No Samsara is bugged alright, Fist Over Matter produces 5 stacks on a target, but the stacks will not work as 5.

It’s still relevant. I tested it myself several times. Sometimes it procs as it should up to 5 times, other times I only get 1 stack with one AS activation. It’s inconsistent as so many other of her skills. And even if it procs all 5 stacks the healing is still way less than stated in the description.

I don’t think it is. By standard means, you can only get up to 25 stacks and both Do Harm and Violent Tapestry state there’s a max amount of 10/20/25. Allowing for more than that isn’t mentioned anywhere and doesn’t make any sense. Maybe it is intended but I’ll leave it there until we can get official confirmation.

In this statement, I combined two issues:

  1. Phasezerker not being affected by Awakening. Phasezerker’s bonuses are based on Rush stacks and therefore it should obviously buff them. This problem could be a consequence of the following.
  2. Awakening not affecting any kind of Rush stack at all. When I ran some tests with just a white non-elemental gun, Do Harm and TTB there was no difference in numbers with and without Awakening. A few days later I ran another test where Awakening wasn’t the subject but there was an odd difference in numbers that didn’t make any sense until I removed Awakening. I wasn’t able to reproduce those test results. So, I thought even if it is working in some cases it is quite wonky.

Phasegrasp damage not procing on Tyreen. Is this working as intended?

I think phazerker 99 stacks is working as intended with regards to phasecast and using it as burst damage. Even
At 99 stacks it’s still not that strong. Being able
to phasegrasp the air over and over to get 99 stacks of do harm and cheese ties that bind however? Yeah there’s no way that’s intended.

Yes, I did some further testing today, and I would repeatedly only get one stack of Samsara with Fist Over Matter. It appears that the Phasegrasp sometimes lifts the target up too high for the fist to hit its target, because the Phasegrasped target sometimes won’t take damage from the fist, and thus Samsara won’t proc. I believe this might be the reason to its inconsistency.

I’ve also tried using Fracture and it appears to not always proc Samsara on multiple hits either, but I haven’t tested this as extensively.

if you have the cooldown, using actionskill before a buff runs out unlike Avatar wont reset their uptimers lol them codeskills. Transcend will grant x2 buffs if you reuse it and stacks individual decays, but Helping Hand(s) and many other does neither.
Also not so sure Helping hand(s) actualy reduces damage, same with Arms Deal.
At times it feels like the only thing that works on her is Mindfulness.

Here’s another one to add to the list:

Yeah, I have gotten 5 stacks, and no where near 25% of my health comes back per second. 25% is a ton, and I have been below 10% health and gotten behind cover, and it was a good 7 to 8 seconds before I was full again.

Thanks, I’ve added it to the list.

In Borderlands 3 Update 9/26/2019 - Patch Notes, @Noelle_GBX mentions that we should report all bugs to http://support.2k.com:

Has anybody already done this for the bugs collected here?

Yeah, I opened a ticket. I’ll let you know in case I get a response.

I have nailed down the Fist Over Matter bug.

I don’t know if this is related only to Fist Over Matter or if anything damage related in the game doesn’t take damage unless you’re looking at it.


Great analysis. I’ll add it to the OP.

Edit: I reformatted the whole OP to outline the issues better.

I friggin knew it!

I had the exact same theory about it but never tested it since I use neither Fist Over Matter nor Samsara anyway, but I always got the impression that it doesn’t give stacks if you don’t see the enemy while leveling.

Maybe the game only actually renders/calculate the part you look at or something along those lines… Maybe it would give stacks if you have a teammate looking at the target, forcing it to calculate?

Really weird interaction regardless.