[Guide] Amara's Bugs

Did you have the guardian rank skill that reduces AS CD when shields are full at the time of testing?

I did, yes. I completely disregarded guardian rank stuff… because i forgot about it lol. Is that the cause? Cuz 35 seconds all the way down to 7 seconds? Thats some extreme CD rate.

What about the splash damage skill not working with some guns - like the duc or torgue stickies.

Happens every time you respec, if you leave the game and come back your cooldown should be back to normal (worked every time for me).

About Fist Over Matter, I noticed that sometimes in online multiplayer it won’t deal any damage at all, preventing you from getting any stacks of samsara. Only fix I found for this is also leaving the game and joining a new one…

I hope Gearbox sees these issues as they’re pretty impactful on some builds.

I played an online game with some friends and wanted to test the storm. No animation appeared.

Also at times it was so laggy I couldn’t switch guns or reload.

I think I’ve found what causes remant to stop working. One source at least. For me pretty reliably killing an anointed causes it to break.

Thanks, I’ve added your post to the OP.

I think I found the reason why converted damage by Infusion doesn’t provide healing with Sustainment. Infusion subtracts the percentage specified on Infusion’s card from a gun’s base elemental damage. That base elemental gun damage is the only possible source for healing from Sustainment. But Infusion doesn’t convert into elemental gun damage of another type but elemental splash damage. And splash damage isn’t tracked by Sustainment.
So, I’m not sure anymore that this is strictly a bug.

The consequence of this is also that Infusion can be buffed by elemental, gun and splash damage modifiers. When running the same AS element as the gun you’re using this might enable you to deal even more damage. You’ll probably lose some DOT damage because the weaker DOT from splash can override the stronger base one from the gun. But stacking flat elemental damage modifiers might outweight that, especially on multi-pellet guns. But that requires some additional tests.

Please fix Remnant

Not sure if this is amara specific or possibly a bug w/ the recharger since i recently swapped to that…but it seems that more often than not damage just completely bypasses my shields? (since I’m playing on MM3 it could be that the damage is so large it’s breaking my shield and most of my health bar but the recharger is immediately refilling?)…I’m just not sure with it at all


I only play amara, so I haven’t tested it with anyone else

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Yeah, that’s what happens. The overall damage is calculated first on a per attack/shot basis (badasses with heavy weapons are brutal). If it exceeds the shield’s current capacity you take health damage first. Afterwards, it calculates whether the Re-Charger was broken with that attack and needs to be reset back to full.

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Now we know what was wrong and hopefully i can now opt-out of Restless :slight_smile:

From my understanding it is not supposed to be live for another 8(?) hrs, so dont waste your time on it yet.

Find you centre needs a fix,it does not work online aswell as the damage from FYC, blitz , brawlers ward and the phaseslam anointment are not stackingas intented.

Hot fix today.

the alacrity reload bug is driving me nuts its essential to how i want to play and the gun i use i really hope there looking into these because borderlands two had all those splash dmg bugs that only got fixed with the community patch

What splash damage bugs, I don’t recall any being fixed with only the community patch.

the ones that didnt cause skills of axton for instance to buff dmg on guns like the ogre and bearcat

I only recall the initial bullet from the Kerblaster not being buffed, the dropped grenade would still be buffed. I play on PS4 and the ogre was getting buffed from splash.

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Done. I currently don’t have access to my PC so I can’t do any testing. Let me know in case the rating is out of place.