[Guide] Amara's Bugs

In regards of that bug it should be noted that our buff bar is capped at 8 buffs. Any buff applied after it doesnt show on the bar but does work. Also the buff wont show up even if you fall below 8 buff icons. Given so much after AS use buffs we have on the MA tree this might be an issue.

Helping Hand(s) doesn’t refresh itself.
Gotta wait until the buff icon disappears to be able to activate it again.

Yeah, I’ve noticed that as well. I’m not sure if it behaves like that all the time but it’s worth mentioning. Thanks.

I’ve noticed this as well when I miss a grasp. The buffs appear and when I actually phasegrasp someone the icon timers don’t reset.

What ive found out with samsara is 2 things:

  1. “casted Skills” (All mystical assault skills and fracture) many times miss if your reticle is not over the target making them do no damage and not activating samsara or laid bare.
  2. When you set up a skill samsara starts to work consistently for a bit, then if you die and second wind it stops working.
  3. Deliverance homing proyectiles never grant a stack of samsara

BTW Do harm and Violent Tapestry stacks have no cap. Rush stacks do. so i believe the 99stack do harm isnt working as intended, it should keep growing over 99 stacks, they decay so quick your time between casts is what would balance it.

Its so sad Amara is so full of bugs, it makes what should be great builds into really bad ones.

That’s probably working as intended. The additional projectiles don’t deal direct action skill damage but just apply a generic elemental DOT. Samsara requires action skill damage.

If there would be no cap Phasezerker + Phasegrasp would be even more broken than it currently is. Gaining hundreds of Do Harm stacks in a matter of a few seconds and one-shotting basically anything on highest difficulties isn’t something I want to see in this game.

yeah but enemies that you would want to do this to dont take dmg from fist over mater and the moment you use fist over mater to do damage the stacks will decay so fast is not a reliable way to do damage.

It doesn’t have to be reliable when you just farm bosses. Stack, activate AS, boss dies, repeat. And I’m mostly talking about Ties That Bind and Phasecast (with double-activation due to Avatar) when paired with Phasezerker. Those are very reliable ways to deal absurd amounts of damage to either multiple enemies or a single one.
Besides that, when stacking it with the Phasegrasp abuse you can easily have 100+ stacks before the first one decays. The easiest way of fixing all those glitches and abuses would be to just lower the Do Harm cap. That way all those action skills and the Phasezerker mod wouldn’t need to be reworked.

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I actually think that going up to 99 stacks is intended with Phasecast. With Phasecast, this is strong, but not overpowered in my opinion. The interaction with a Phasegrasp missing an enemy is broken however. If you get the cooldown refunded, you also probably should not gain any stacks. Also note that the Ties That Bind + Do Harm build is still strong, even if you do not abuse aiming Phasegrasp to the ground. You can still easily reach ~60 stacks. So I think only the interaction with aiming Phasegrasp to the ground should be adjusted (it is a weird mechanic after all).

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That’s another good idea. But I’d prefer it if they’d just cap the skills to the same amount of max Rush stacks you have while buffing some AS damage numbers to compensate - you no longer would have to stack stacks while having stacks for stacks that stack with other stackable skills (I hate it). This should result in more consistent gameplay. And it would also make more sense, especially for new players. All of those Rush skills mention a cap of 10/20/25 but Do Harm and the other skill I always gorget about oddly go up to 99. Why is that a thing? Why isn’t it mentioned anywhere? How does that work? Do you get any additional benefits from that? How could I abuse it. Oh, I have an idea, while in coop I just try to gain as many stacks without doing anything else and let the rest of the party do the dirty work while I chase those juicy stacksstackstacks. :crazy_face:
On the other hand, gaining skill benefits even when failing to grasp an enemy is quite irritating and sometimes even annoying or detrimental.

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On ps4 pro I’m seeing the remnant and samsara bug consistently. However samsara always procs as intended when I don’t have a shield equipped. Also has anyone seen annoited gear for the phasecast ability? 90hrs in and I haven’t.

There are Anointments for Phasecast. One is 250% Weapon Damage on Phasecast and the other 25% Crit Damage.

Aden you sure about the crit damage? I’ve never seen that one as an annointed siren only a general annointed. There is one that increases status effect chances by 50% after using phasecast as well

I noticed another bug in a laggy multiplayer lobby as client (from 2 grenade build Mozes). In this lobby phaseslam wouldn’t work at all. Like the ult would happen but then no damage or stacks of samsara.

I’m playing regularly with an infinite grenade Moze as well. The Samsara bug occurs even when I’m watching my target, but not sure if that is related to the Moze grenade build at all. I’ve noticed that when I am the host, it works more often, so I believe unless the host looks at the Fist Over Matter, it’s not going to work sometimes.

Sometimes it just won’t work no matter what I do. Yesterday we were doing one of the arenas, and I would only get stacks of Samsara from my Fist Over Matter like 1/3 times even when I was hosting and looking at the fist. Completely useless. The skill is bugged like hell.

If they cap do harm at rush stacks cap then the entire build would be just bad. Avatar + phasezerker would be meaningless, the reason phasezerker is so good in phasecast builds is because you can doublecast and get 25 + 25 stacks on second cast, if you cap it at 25 phasezerker would not be the good mod it it. it allows you to overcap on doharm making all avatar builds viable. do the math, 25 do harm stacks are nothing when playing mayhem 3, on my current CD reduction im able to cast 2, wait for CD then cast again at 75 stacks.

Yes the phasegrasp abuse is a bit mutch but the mystycal assault tree is made around this mechanic, reduce your CD to a point where you are able to ramp up damage, creating this MMOesc style, you would be looking at CD breakpoints to get your next real power increase on AS, and this is just beautiful buildmaking.

The phasegrasp abuse needs to be fixed because yes you could get crazy stuff done on bosses but if we cap Do harm at 25 mystical assault tree will just not exist.

Capping do harm at rush stack cap is the easy and cheap way to fix it.

Can we rediscuss/retest this issue? i just did some testing on a cyclone in sanctuary and Awakening did buff my Phasecast as it is supposed to be. Test was done without Phasezerker and tested 0 and 10 Rush/Do Harm stacks with shock vanilla Phasecast.

My dmg went from 4449 to 6451 on 10 do harm stacks and fits the 4449*(1+10 * 4.5%). With Awakening though i do 7051 dmg. This does fit 4449*(1+10* 4.5* 1.3)= 7051.665
With Avatar and 20 Rush stacks i hit 9654. 4449*(1+20* 4.5* 1.3)= 9654.33

So in fact Awakening seems to do what it is supposed to do. At least paired with Phasecast.

Awesome, either they fixed it in the meantime or I did something wrong while testing it. Either way, I can remove it from the list. Thanks.

Also I feel like Alacrity works now after the recent client patch.
Just testing 1/5 points in Alacrity in Sanctuary, using phasecast twice (25 stacks), I can definitely feel the difference in reload times.
Would love some backup on this.

I just compared the number of frames and it’s still the same with and without Alacrity. What “client patch” are you referring to?