[Guide] Amara's Bugs

Find you centre needs a fix,it does not work online aswell as the damage from FYC, blitz , brawlers ward and the phaseslam anointment are not stackingas intented.

Hot fix today.

the alacrity reload bug is driving me nuts its essential to how i want to play and the gun i use i really hope there looking into these because borderlands two had all those splash dmg bugs that only got fixed with the community patch

What splash damage bugs, I don’t recall any being fixed with only the community patch.

the ones that didnt cause skills of axton for instance to buff dmg on guns like the ogre and bearcat

I only recall the initial bullet from the Kerblaster not being buffed, the dropped grenade would still be buffed. I play on PS4 and the ogre was getting buffed from splash.

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Done. I currently don’t have access to my PC so I can’t do any testing. Let me know in case the rating is out of place.

Pitty you don’t play on console. Every hospital I’ve worked at has allowed people to have a console for extended stays.

Unless you actively watch the fist, Fist Over Matter isn’t going to do anything. I’ve made a short video about that here:

From what I can tell, when you play multiplayer, the HOST must watch the fist for it to work. I haven’t tested this to be 100% sure yet, but that’s what it seemed like the last time I played, which was about a week ago because the promised awesome endgame of BL3 has already bored me unfortunately. Anyway, when we switched to me being the host, it would start working again (if I were watching the fist).

Sometimes Fist Over Matter isn’t going to work no matter what you do though, so there appear to be two bugs with it.

At least on splitscreen , when there are a lot of enemies and effects going around phasecast will pass through enemies without doing any damage. The reason I’m sure it is not working is the fact that the augment effects like stillness of mind don’t proc. Once the amount of enemies is reduced it goes back to normal. This bug is really the only reason I’m not using my caster build anymore.

Can you verify they aren’t getting splash damage to knock them out? What about trying allure? In all the craziness if it does damage it should still create a rift.

I’m not sure what you mean here.

Regardless I played through the maliwan slaughter and also a couple rounds of the cov one which gave me many opportunities to ‘test’ this.
Whenever a large group of enemies spawned in the frame rate started to drop for me and my brother and my phasecast started to pass through enemies without dealing damage. I tried different augments and different distances but nothing helped.

You said Stillness of Mind would not pick anyone up when you cast phasegrasp. You say this issue only occurs when there is a large density of enemies in split screen. With a situation like that it is understandable not to see any damage numbers from one particular skill because of the craziness. Stillness of Mind doesn’t work therefore you conclude phasecast isn’t working.

My suggestion is to isolate the problem. It is possible that when a target is getting hit with phasecast that they take damage from another source so fast they instantly get dropped. If you switch to allure as the augment then you should look for the singularity rift that is created.

By recreating the situation (High density/split screen) and changing the augment you can single out the issue. If you see allure create a singularity then either you didn’t notice Stillness of Mind, because of the choas, or the combination of Phasecast and stillness of mind is broken. If there is no rift from allure then phasecast is broken and you should test the other versions of Phasecast.

Doing this will help you single out the bug or bugs.

I havn’t noticed too many bugs minus eternal fist just not triggering sometimes

I believe the issue with phaseslam (and downfall) not working on enemies outside of your FOV is fixed, it works clearly for me even triggering samsara.

The revelation augment still seems broken on phaseslam varients, which strangely is not listed here.

You know what, Revelation does seem to actually work.
I think I doubted it because it doesn’t trigger on the Jack Dummy, and it either doesn’t trigger or simply won’t show the number if the slam kills the target, it’s a very small nova.

Does Fracture work with Phaseslam annoinment yet?

Does Samsara work properly with augments and for off-screen enemies yet?

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About Samsara not proc when not looking…

Well i tested this again today it seems to proc samsara now when u not looking at it. but still…sometimes it doesn’t procs(no buff icon show after using skill) and this happens a lot. Does anyone have this problem??? . i still don’t know why . Can someone investigate this?