[Guide] Aurelia the Baroness Resource Guide

In this thread you’ll find links to guides, tools and other sorts of topics related to Aurelia the Baroness.



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You may want to change “Ressource” to Resource. Otherwise, I appreciate you getting this set up, @DankRafft.

Could a moderator stick this thread to the top of the forum?

Thanks @Afro_Samurai.

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Where’s the guide for Aurelia’s head and skins?

Nowhere, unless you create one.

@DankRafft you may want to add this guide as well.

Here Dank, Here’s some blut for this thread. you’re welcome.

Not a bad idea,It can be helpful to other as well

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Heyo, the link to the skill guide is broken, just as a heads up.

Thanks, it’s fixed.