[Guide] Aurelia's Class Mods - With pictures and max stats

(but friends call me Daft) #1

You can find the max possible stats for each class mod in the brackets behind each bonus or on the item card shown on the pictures.

Celestial Baroness

  • Ammo Regen (+1.1)
  • Critical Damage (+44%)
  • Freeze Chance (+39%)
  • Markswoman
  • Only the Best
  • Avalanche
  • Bitter Riposte
  • Duchess
  • Quality Not Quantity

Eridian Vanquisher

  • Shield Recharge Rate (+234%)
  • Air Control (+203%)
  • Max Health (+4494)
  • Markswoman
  • Only the Best
  • Avalanche
  • Bitter Riposte
  • Quality not Quantity

Chronicler Of Elpis

  • Freeze Chance (+44%)
  • Cryo Damage (+44%)
  • Shield Capacity (+5743)
  • Large Caliber
  • I Never Miss
  • Cold Advance
  • Frostbite
  • Quality not Quantity

Big Game Hunter

  • Sniper Rifle Gun Damage (+39%)
  • Sniper Rifle Max Ammo (+33)
  • (Resourceful) Culling the Herd
  • (Cunning) Markswoman
  • (Foxy) I Never Miss

Blue Blood

  • Shield Capacity (+6242)
  • Fire Rate (+19%)
  • (Posh) Bitter Riposte
  • (Vogue) Keep Your Chin Up
  • (Chic) Podsnappery

Crème de la Crème

  • Shield Capacity (-6242)
  • Shield Recharge Rate (+44%)
  • Shield Recharge Delay (-31%)
  • (Social) Bitter Riposte
  • (Choice) Winter’s Veil
  • (Elite) Frostbite


  • Cooldown Rate (+27%)
  • (High-and-Mighty) Cold Advance
  • (Reserved) Short Summer
  • Frostbite

High Definition

  • Slam Damage (+44%)
  • Gun Damage (+39%)
  • Critical Damage (+39%)
  • (High Quality) Only the Best
  • (Ultra) Large Caliber
  • (Crystal Clear) Quality not Quantity


  • Gun Damage (+39%)
  • Fire Rate (+18%)
  • (Refined) Only The Best
  • (Dignified) Quality Not Quantity
  • (of the House) Protect Your Assets


  • Reload Speed (+29%)
  • (Watchful) Save the Queen
  • (Fair) Keep Your Chin Up
  • (The) Next to Cleanliness


  • Team Health Regeneration (+159.9)
  • (Cold) Duchess
  • (Harsh) Valet
  • (Cruel) Next to Cleanliness


  • Fire Rate (+22%)
  • Reload Speed (+39%)
  • (Upper Class) Culling the Herd
  • (Class) Frigid Touch
  • (One Percent) Bitter Riposte


  • Cryo Damage (+44%)
  • (of Winter) Whiteout
  • (Ice) Avalanche
  • (Frost) Short Summer

Sport Hunter

  • Critical Damage (+39%)
  • Sniper Rifle Ammo Generation (+1.1)
  • (Uninterested) Warning Shot
  • (Remiss) Only the Best
  • (Uncaring) Wait for it…


Ermagerd I love Bitter Riposte!
How do you get these class mods?
(Dr. Gaige) #2

I believe there’s a Gentry class mod, but I don’t know what it does

(Boring Ol' Album Cover) #3

Social Creme de la Creme
+6 Bitter Riposte
+5 Frost Bite

Posh Blue Blood
+6 Bitter Riposte
+5 Keep Your Chin Up

Cooldown Rate: +23%

Cunning Big Game Hunter
+5 Markswoman

Resourceful Big Game Hunter
+5 Culling the Herd

(Zhabalabada) #4

I’m sure you’ve seen the thread on the other forums, but just in case.

Feel free to copy the info over here.

[Guide] Aurelia the Baroness Resource Guide
(but friends call me Daft) #5

Thank you. I’ve added all that stuff. :thumbsup:

(David A.) #6

Eridian Vanquisher:

(David A.) #7


(but friends call me Daft) #8

This guide is now complete. Thanks for the help.

(David A.) #9

How exactly does ammo regen work when compared to a raw magazine boost? (Namely, Celestial Baroness vs Big Game Hunter)

I wanna know which one is better for playing with four sniper rifles.

(but friends call me Daft) #10

Big Game Hunter class mod is the better one for boss fights. For general gameplay I prefer Celestial Baroness because it adds a lot of utility and you won’t need the higher damage output.

([7-28 | Celestial Harmonia]) #11

I’m kinda surprised that she has COMs that regenerates ammo.
Anyway, thank you for this guide.

(Likwidstylez) #12

Disappointed with the Vanquisher. The Celestial COM is just a plain and straight upgrade from it.

(Zhabalabada) #13

I’m not convinced that the Vanquisher one isn’t glitched.

I’m withholding judgement on it until I see multiple different screenshots for it.

Edit: Just got one myself in-game, and it is the same.
Hmm, weird. I wonder if that is intentional or not.

(Impala) #14

The Sport Hunter appears to be useless. Celestial Baroness does the same things but better, along with more things to begin with.

(but friends call me Daft) #15

There seem to be glitchy versions of the Chronicler COM. I’ve seen a purple one on imgur yesterday. It had a 5/4/4/4/4 skill distribution. Maybe they can spawn with different materials like the Supernova shield.

(Likwidstylez) #16

How so? They have 1 skill in common - “Only the Best”.

(but friends call me Daft) #17

Wait For It is a fairly useless or situational skill which hardly does anything. And Warning Shot is neat but doesn’t outweight all the other bonuses you’d get with a Celestial class mod.

(Likwidstylez) #18

Yea I can see what you’re saying. I think a Blue Uncaring might have some value for a gun build, but yea - definitely niche.

(Cr8zy Sappa) #19

I’ve been rolling around with a lady mod for awhile now. I’m working on hoping to grind a celestial one, but I wish i could get my hands on a high definition mod… I have yet to lay my eyes on one at level 21.