[Guide] Aurelia's Class Mods - With pictures and max stats

You can find the max possible stats for each class mod in the brackets behind each bonus or on the item card shown on the pictures.

Celestial Baroness

  • Ammo Regen (+1.1)
  • Critical Damage (+44%)
  • Freeze Chance (+39%)
  • Markswoman
  • Only the Best
  • Avalanche
  • Bitter Riposte
  • Duchess
  • Quality Not Quantity

Eridian Vanquisher

  • Shield Recharge Rate (+234%)
  • Air Control (+203%)
  • Max Health (+4494)
  • Markswoman
  • Only the Best
  • Avalanche
  • Bitter Riposte
  • Quality not Quantity

Chronicler Of Elpis

  • Freeze Chance (+44%)
  • Cryo Damage (+44%)
  • Shield Capacity (+5743)
  • Large Caliber
  • I Never Miss
  • Cold Advance
  • Frostbite
  • Quality not Quantity

Big Game Hunter

  • Sniper Rifle Gun Damage (+39%)
  • Sniper Rifle Max Ammo (+33)
  • (Resourceful) Culling the Herd
  • (Cunning) Markswoman
  • (Foxy) I Never Miss

Blue Blood

  • Shield Capacity (+6242)
  • Fire Rate (+19%)
  • (Posh) Bitter Riposte
  • (Vogue) Keep Your Chin Up
  • (Chic) Podsnappery

Crème de la Crème

  • Shield Capacity (-6242)
  • Shield Recharge Rate (+44%)
  • Shield Recharge Delay (-31%)
  • (Social) Bitter Riposte
  • (Choice) Winter’s Veil
  • (Elite) Frostbite


  • Cooldown Rate (+27%)
  • (High-and-Mighty) Cold Advance
  • (Reserved) Short Summer
  • Frostbite

High Definition

  • Slam Damage (+44%)
  • Gun Damage (+39%)
  • Critical Damage (+39%)
  • (High Quality) Only the Best
  • (Ultra) Large Caliber
  • (Crystal Clear) Quality not Quantity


  • Gun Damage (+39%)
  • Fire Rate (+18%)
  • (Refined) Only The Best
  • (Dignified) Quality Not Quantity
  • (of the House) Protect Your Assets


  • Reload Speed (+29%)
  • (Watchful) Save the Queen
  • (Fair) Keep Your Chin Up
  • (The) Next to Cleanliness


  • Team Health Regeneration (+159.9)
  • (Cold) Duchess
  • (Harsh) Valet
  • (Cruel) Next to Cleanliness


  • Fire Rate (+22%)
  • Reload Speed (+39%)
  • (Upper Class) Culling the Herd
  • (Class) Frigid Touch
  • (One Percent) Bitter Riposte


  • Cryo Damage (+44%)
  • (of Winter) Whiteout
  • (Ice) Avalanche
  • (Frost) Short Summer

Sport Hunter

  • Critical Damage (+39%)
  • Sniper Rifle Ammo Generation (+1.1)
  • (Uninterested) Warning Shot
  • (Remiss) Only the Best
  • (Uncaring) Wait for it…



I believe there’s a Gentry class mod, but I don’t know what it does

Social Creme de la Creme
+6 Bitter Riposte
+5 Frost Bite

Posh Blue Blood
+6 Bitter Riposte
+5 Keep Your Chin Up

Cooldown Rate: +23%

Cunning Big Game Hunter
+5 Markswoman

Resourceful Big Game Hunter
+5 Culling the Herd

I’m sure you’ve seen the thread on the other forums, but just in case.

Feel free to copy the info over here.

Thank you. I’ve added all that stuff. :thumbsup:

Eridian Vanquisher:


This guide is now complete. Thanks for the help.

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How exactly does ammo regen work when compared to a raw magazine boost? (Namely, Celestial Baroness vs Big Game Hunter)

I wanna know which one is better for playing with four sniper rifles.

Big Game Hunter class mod is the better one for boss fights. For general gameplay I prefer Celestial Baroness because it adds a lot of utility and you won’t need the higher damage output.

I’m kinda surprised that she has COMs that regenerates ammo.
Anyway, thank you for this guide.

Disappointed with the Vanquisher. The Celestial COM is just a plain and straight upgrade from it.

I’m not convinced that the Vanquisher one isn’t glitched.

I’m withholding judgement on it until I see multiple different screenshots for it.

Edit: Just got one myself in-game, and it is the same.
Hmm, weird. I wonder if that is intentional or not.

The Sport Hunter appears to be useless. Celestial Baroness does the same things but better, along with more things to begin with.

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There seem to be glitchy versions of the Chronicler COM. I’ve seen a purple one on imgur yesterday. It had a 5/4/4/4/4 skill distribution. Maybe they can spawn with different materials like the Supernova shield.

How so? They have 1 skill in common - “Only the Best”.

Wait For It is a fairly useless or situational skill which hardly does anything. And Warning Shot is neat but doesn’t outweight all the other bonuses you’d get with a Celestial class mod.

Yea I can see what you’re saying. I think a Blue Uncaring might have some value for a gun build, but yea - definitely niche.

I’ve been rolling around with a lady mod for awhile now. I’m working on hoping to grind a celestial one, but I wish i could get my hands on a high definition mod… I have yet to lay my eyes on one at level 21.