[Guide] Axton Skill Guide

Some important notes:

Gun damage on Axton isn’t multiplicative so stacking it as much as you can isn’t the greatest thing to do, missing 6% really isn’t much damage depending on the gun.

The closest thing he has to multiplicative is grenade damage as that affects splash.

:star: These skill sucks, only spec in it to get further down the tree, and only if there are no better options for you.

:star: :star:Very specific and it can be good but requires effort and the outcome tends to be lack luster.

:star: :star: :star: Can help, not bad choices for going down trees.

:star: :star: :star: :star: skills are worth specing into, they will help without necessarily being the focus of your playstyle. Definitively worth taking.

:star: :star: :star: :star: :star: Skills of this rating will be gamechangers and should be taken by almost all Axton players.
Because the number thing confuses the masses it seems because math is hard or something.


Sentry: :star::star::star::star:
Keeping your turret up longer and it firing more bullets? Amazing. Having an agro-sink last longer? Even better.

Ready: :star::star::star::star::star:
How can you pass up 40% reload speed at tier 1? It’s a big passive DPS increase. 1 single gun in the game doesn’t benefit from this.

Willing: :star::star::star::star:
Single handedly this makes a lot of shields useable, with a combination of this QC and pressure you can just about facetank with a bee. It’s one of the best skills in the game.

Laser Sight: :star:
Contrary to popular belief this skill does exactly what it says and nothing else. Still a bad skill, because the turret is accurate without it.

Able: :star::star::star::star:
Very close to static health regen, having 2% regen in combat is a lot better than people think and saves your ass a lot.

Scorched Earth: :star::star::star::star:
If 22 rockets that explode aren’t enough to sway you, this skill has amazing scaling and does work on every mode even on OP8.
It’s well worth spending a point in here even if it’s just to make your turrets look badass, and the DPS is very good to boot.

Onslaught: :star::star::star:
Yes the boosts are good, but it is a kill skill. Movement speed and gun damage are always nice.

Grenadier: :star::star::star:
Extra grenades, with the addition of grenades like magic missile this skill isn’t as good as it used to be. Still a great skill for grenade focused builds

Crisis management: :star:
This is a little counter intuitive to have on Axton with all of his shield skills and the bonuses are a little strange. Not worth using a rough rider for

Double up: :star::star::star::star:
For raids this becomes your dedicated slagger, it’s slag on a stick with a high slag chance. It’s his best endcap skill.


Impact: :star::star::star::star:
It’s one of the best tier one skills in the game, no reason to not make this 5/5 if you are using guns. Does not work for launchers.

Expertise: :star::star::star:
The weapon swap speed is great, the ADS speed is mediocry, movement isn’t god awful either. Not a bad skill by any means but does get over looked a lot. Well worth throwing a single point in if you are using a leg. soldier com.

Overload: :star:
It’s not that it’s bad it’s just not the greatest skill in here, it’s a skill that works decently on very few ARs and on others it’s lackluster.

Metal Storm: :star::star::star::star:
This skill is nearly always a great DPS increase. The recoil reduction makes it useful on most jakobs weapons.
In short more fire rate=more bullets=more dead enemies. Some caveats do apply on older consoles. See posts ~50-70 below

Battlefront: :star::star::star::star:
Without a lot of points in sentry this skill is very mediocre at times as this only works when your turret is out. Is this skill considered a staple? Yes because it does have very good boosts. With sentry at high levels this skill is very good.

Longbow: :star::star::star::star::star:
The ability to put a longbow system on the turret? great. Doubling it’s health making it an even better agro draw? Amazing.

Steady: :star::star::star::star:
This is a really good skill if you are using weapons with splash, using it as a way to reduce recoil not so much.
The grenade damage is the closest thing he gets to multiplicitive damage and the launcher damage is ok.

Do or Die: :star::star::star::star::star:
The 10% buff to grenade damage is great and so is the launcher, but the ability to throw grenades in FFYL? It’s a priceless ability that helps majorly if you are an explosive axton.

Duty calls: :star:.5
Not elemental axton can work very well, but this skill is one of those “all of your gear has to work this this” type things.
Elemental will do more when matching element, but when it’s off it suffers. The only time non-elemental suffers is on armor. This is additive.

Ranger: :star::star::star:, but my personal opinion is :star::star:
It’s a good skill for what it is, but doesn’t really shine unless you are using a ranger com.

Nuke: :star::star:
For what ever reason the nuke deals fire damage and has a lower elemental multiplier than normal. The damage isn’t terrible but it really doesn’t get good until the OP levels because of how it scales and how the turret is the level of the OP so it never gets damage reduction. It is a very good stun and it’s an OK converge skill.


Healthy: :star:.5
It’s decent for end game mobbing and early game but it’s usefulness is up for debate, but it doesn’t negatively effect you because all of Axton’s healing is percentage based

Preparation: :star::star::star::star::star:
As a tier one ability that lets you have a static health regen is amazing. When leveling it’s reccomended to put a single point into this skill if you aren’t going down the survival tree just to take advantage of the regen when you are out of combat as health vials are expensive.

Last Ditch Effort: :star::star:, but my personal opinion is :star:
It’s a good skill for IF you go down but we really don’t want to go down very much.
This is damage not gun damage so it does work on launchers, and the movement helps if you’re using shotgun type weapons and the like.

Pressure: :star::star::star::star:
Very underrated skill, the lower your health is the shorter your delay and reload speed are. The only shields that don’t benefit are the rough rider or roid shields, neither are recommended for Axton anyways

Forbearance: :star:, but my personal opinion is :star::star:
This skill is OK at best, it’s really only useful on the dragons as quick charge is at the same tier. If this was lower or QC was higher this would be a lot better. Lowering the length of DoTs is never a bad thing.

Phalanx Shield: :star::star::star:
It’s a situational skill, has a bit more use than mag-lock does on raids as most have some type of attack that kill bounce off the shield. This also protects you from raids novas. It’s not very strong at higher levels, but it’s not useless

Quick Charge: :star::star::star::star:
This is very similar to inertia for the siren but you trade the reload speed for extra shields. It’s a fantastic survivability skill and at 2/5 will beat out fire and acid dots 4/5 will beat out shock dots on most shields.

Resourceful: :star::star::star:
Reduces cooldown rates, enough said. It is subject to diminishing returns though.

Mag-lock: :star::star::star:
Depends on what you want the turret to do. As a battlefront and/or slag applicator it can help for it to survive longer. If you’re using it for agro relief on the ground don’t take it

Grit: :star::star::star::star: :star:
An amazing survival skill. Known to proc multiple times in a row and very effective against DoTs. Can be boosted by COMS and a big part of Axton’s biggest tank build.
If you health stack with healthy, adaptive shields, and other gear then it’s not quite as good

Gemini: :star::star::star::star::star:
Its a second turret, this literally doubles it’s DPS.
Tip: if the second turret you throw gets destroyed you can redeploy it.


Not that it makes the skill outstanding, but it should be noted that Crisis Management also activates in Fight For Your Life, in addition to Last Ditch. Speccing into both can add up to 75% gun damage in FFYL, which can be helpful to players who find themselves going down a lot.

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This just the copy and paste from the other thread I’ll be editing it in a few days.

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Let we know if you need some input.

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Yeah I might have to redo some of the descriptions and rankings

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Has anybody tested laser turret to see if it actually reduces accuracy?

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i did…very unscientifically…but it was pretty clear to me.

At 0/5 points I was getting the same amount of hits as I was with 5/5 in any given time frame.


The ONLY visual difference…or ANY difference that I can see is the added green targeting laser. Which does nothing more than pinpoint a target.

I have written the skill off entirely…total waste of points.

Perhaps Joe could get a GB Dev to tell us just exactly what we should be seeing because I just don’t see ANY use for the skill.


Thanks John. I don’t sink any points in there either, but I was wondering if Blut’s original testing was accurate or not.


Seems to be lost to the mists of archive, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t just Blut who tested and came to the conclusion it didn’t work - plenty of other hardcore regulars on the old forums said the same thing at different times.


I should proabley update this. I’m just burnt out on borderlands atm.

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And done. All rankings except an extra .5 on healthy and removed the star from laser sight were left the samel. i did add my personal opinion on a few skills. Also a general spelling, grammar, detail, and rewording of somethings update


Just so you know: you have no skills with a 5 star rating, so you might as well remove that description from the intro.


Thank you for pointing that out. Apparently mediocre and average got merged together in my redo.

Edit: fixed, but I’ll need to review it after work


Just some minor quibbles I have with the ratings.

Ready: Its a great quality of life skill, but 5 stars does seems abit much.
Laser Sight: Don’t disagree with the rating but Demonite did recently do a video disproving this.
Scorched Earth: Even on a dual turret set-up, Scorched Earth doesn’t scale the best into OP levels. I mean it can eventually kill stuff, but I wouldn’t rely on it. Certainly worth 1 point though.

Impact: Fairly sure that flat gun damage DOES boost Rocket Launcher damage. Its just that skills like Steady and Do or Die add further additive Gun Damage.
Metal Storm: This Fire Rate caps are only really relevant on the old-gen consoles. Even with that in consideration, MS is Axton’s only FIre Rate buff (barring Ranger), meaning its multiplicative to everything else in the DPS calculations. From my experience, it adds a very substantial amount to DPS - far more than any other damage skill. Its certainly better than even Steady for splash damage weapons.
Nuke: Nuke deals Explosive Damage that deals Burn damage on enemies. Also, I think 3 stars is sort of generous to a skill that does literally nothing at OP8 other than stunning enemies for a brief moment (it deals about 12 million damage with slag - not enough to kill even a basic marauder).

Healthy: Healthy is one of the bigger health buffs out there and is great for any Health Stacking builds, which are highly viable at OP8. Axton’s health regeneration is percentage based, meaning this skill increases their strength.1.5 stars seems a little harsh.
Preparation: Its a good skill, but certainly not amazing. Able is far more relevant during actual combat unless you are sniping or something.
Mag-lock: Fairly sure sticking your turrets onto walls and ceilings is one of the best ways to relief aggro. Just throw a turret onto the ceiling in an indoor map and there is a good chance you can draw aggro for most of the turret duration.
Grit: When buffed to 11/5 (44%) Grit can be pretty decent. However at 5/5, a 20% chance to avoid FFYL means there is still an 80% chance of NOT avoiding FFYL, which means you will still go down more often than not. I would personally give it 2 stars, but regardless 5 stars does seem a little gratitious for a skill that has a 1/5 chance of proccing and only should the player enter a situation where they enter FFYL.


It’s percentage based meaning it recovers at the same rate regardless of how much HP you have, not makes it stronger.

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No, this is a common misconception. Just put on an adaptive shield and try it out yourself! With a Leg Soldier, you will always take 25 seconds to regenerate to full health regardless of your Max Health (10/5 Preparation). This means that you are regenerating more health per second.

EDIT: Not sure if that is what you meant, but it certainly makes the health regeneration stronger, as opposed to damage based healing skills where the healing is independent of your max health.


I agree with darreltan, health stacking makes percentage based healing far more effective. The same principle applies to using a Rough Rider and Hard to Kill with Sal : a percent of a larger number is a larger number of health points that are regenerating. This doesn’t necessarily get you to full health faster, but it helps to maintain minimum health against constant damage and DoTs.


The skill alone i agree with @Kuolemanlaakso, but if you factor inother skills and gear health regen stacking its another story.

Exactly. a rudimentary example: 70 feet vs 35 feet. 25% of 70ft vs 25% of 35ft. Which is more? Not sure if this makes it easier to understand.

25% of 70 feet is a much larger size than 25% of 35 Feet. both are at 25% but one of them is covering more ground in the same amount of time. :blush:


Lets take your example 70 x .25 = 17.5 ( you regenerate 17.5 per second if you have lets say 1 health you will heal in full in 4 secs. 35 x.25 is 8.75 per secs, and you will also regenerate max health in 4 secs. Butif you add in health regen stacking, i agree the benefit increases.

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