[Guide] Axton Skill Guide


Looking at it another way, if you double your health ( which is almost possible with 10/5 and a Neo ) and get hit with “x” damage, percentage based healing will recover that “x” in half the time.

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That’s a good way of looking at it. You take the same damage “x” whether you have 1/5 or 10/5, but the time taken to recover the specific amount “x” is going to vary between the two conditions. So you’ll get back above 50% health after being dropped below it faster.

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I’ll chime in on the other stuff(nuke, ready, etc.) after work, but as for healthy

It’s only good if you have his other healing skills, preparation and able. Those skills heal percentages pf health, so having more health causes them to heal more. And more health makes DoTs less scary at lvl72+. Health regen on top of amazing shield skills is great. Healthy isn’t bad, but it’s not that good. That’s why i added the .5

It still takes the same amount of time to get above health gate, but it also means it’s harder to get below health gate.

Another thing, Axton doesn’t need moxxie guns to survive. Health stacking generally hurts moxxie users. I will add stars if the majority agrees

Edit: preparation and ready are both skills you never pass up, which means they’re outstanding. Neither skill has any downsides

Nuke, i agree it sucks, I’ll remove a star if the majority agree

Grit is fantastic that 20% at 5/5 happens a lot due to all the damage you take. Can save you from DoTs. Easily a 5 star

Impact is another skill that never gets passed up. It’s a good skill

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I’ve never spec’d into Nuke. Because REASONS!

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I have a Nuke Axton because REASONS! End-game is very different to TVHM (unless you’re on PC and have the UCP to play with). Still, it’s fun.

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agreed. I don’t use moxxi with Axton.

I am not so sure on this. I would tend to disagree depending on the situation. I get the whole health gate and low health means its easier to get back to health gate status/levels. But dishing out damage while having a moxxi weapon can come in handy when your health is in the 2 to 3 million category. My Dep Sal uses the RR shield cause that Grog keeps it full. :wink:

I have a little experience with this particular aspect. Different character, but the mechanics and health stacking are the same. my Dep Sal with level 72 gear or lower and taking on OP8 play through allowed me to test this theory. my using a low level RR shield I kept my health “stacking” low. not much stacking at all really. theoretically it sounded feasible. but in the field it didn’t hold true at all. I was in FFYL all the time with that low level RR. I changed it to a level 72 RR and started performing much better. So, there’s that. :wink:

edit: @Jefe and @Sun_Tsunami were around for that test. Actually, Sun is the one who mentioned trying the low level RR out on my dep sal. It was a cool thought, It just didn’t hold true for me.

edit2: Upon further contemplation, I’ll retract my above statement as it was very situational and I had “literally” the best gear for Dep. Sal. So, holding a Grog(highest percentage of healing per damage dealt) and the ROM(one of the highest DPS Weapons in the game) in Sal’s offhand is ideal. :wink: so this scenario is very situational. If I had a lesser percentage based healing moxxi weapons and a lesser DPS offhand weapon I may have struggled a lot.

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Are you referring to the tracking speed? If so, do you have a link? Although TBH I’ve never really noticed the tracking speed at all, and I’d not heard any claims on that before (maybe it depends on the frame rate your game is running at?). The accuracy comment still stands - 1 point if you’re using a COM that boosts laser sight is all you need, but I often forgo it entirely because I use one turret up close for distraction and another at mid-range for slagging. (See also @Adabiviak’s video on accuracy at range)

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You caught yourself :wink: sal does so much damage a grog would still be good on him if he had 1 billion health

I was never around blut, so i can’t say yes or no to how accurate his tests are

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yes i did. lol

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Not very helpful for me because all I get are “This video is not available”. At a guess, either Blut got his channel canned, or one of the music publishers’ auto-bots matched the soundtrack and issued an auto-takedown, which never got contested.

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Anyone willing to make a simple video testing laser sight? @Kurtdawg13 @khimerakiller @johnrr6

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I more than likely won’t be making one, but what test are you needing?

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I just tried. Heavy emphasis on ‘tried’. Its really hard to know if its working.

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Found the Demonite vid :

Starts at 7:30

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Nice Jefe! :acmaffirmative:
Well explained per usual for Demonite

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Thanks for posting that. I’d honestly never heard claims that the turret moved slower in the first place, so that had me scratching my head a bit. Nice to know I wasn’t wrong! And his comment about laser sight is the same as Adabiviak’s conclusion, so that’s two highly reliable people on that front.

What would be interesting to know is if any of Axton’s other skills affect the turret (Metal Storm comes to mind). Not something I’ve ever really paid attention to, but if Axton’s movement speed buff applied to the turret’s tracking speed, it might explain the confusion.


Same video : Point #3 at 2:10.

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I watched the video and Demonite is definitely an expert, so I’ll take his video as fact. He does say it’s still a bad skill, so the ranking stays the same. Any objections? Either way the description was fixed

Vote on nuke? Stay the same or remove a star?

Also i know the fire rate boosts from the gunner com helps the turret, never saw mention of anything else, so i can’t say yes or no

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There’s another indicator. I’m still optimistic that someone will suddenly discover a benefit to its stock behavior. I have a single point in it to keep track of what the unit is shooting at so I can track it through the nuclear fallout from deployment. :atom_symbol:

It appears to count as a summon, so team-based buffs hit it. I don’t think Metal Storm would, but the Gunner COM does. Four of us went after the Ancient Dragons as Axtons with Gunner COMs to see the turrets do their thing, but I think two of them had to leave (that’s @johnrr6 and me scrambling for our lives :laughing:) . Here’s the original post.


Even though I’m a scrub with Axton, I love the Nuke / Gemini build ; but it’s true that Nuke on its own is pretty pathetic damage-wise.

It’s utility is limited , it’s damage is limited. It’s fun is limitless!

Two stars is fine.