[Guide] Axton Skill Guide

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It depends on what one’s expectations are, and how one uses it. If the expectation is that it’ll one-shot whatever enemies are in the blast, there’ll be disappointment (unless you’re playing in Normal, maybe True mode). I don’t fault anyone for this; it is a capstone skill, called Nuke after all. That said, I was killing softened enemies with it in UVHM before the UCP, so go figure.

Tactically, dual Nukes is awesome. It’s the only legit way in the game that I know of for a single player to get two knockbacks in a row. When I was dragging one of my Commandos through Digistruct Peak for the first time, for example, I used Nuke constantly to knock Rabid Skags and the like off cliff sides where available. If you’ve got a large, overpowered enemy in your grill, you can pin them hard into a corner with a pair of Nukes, and regroup/retreat/lay into them as you see fit.

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The whole thing about a low level rough rider being better than a high level one for Sal/Maya has been long debunked anyway and ONLY holds true for raid fights - where of course you won’t spec into Healthy anyway. In mobbing, there are rarely any attacks that can healthgate you in a single hit - especially if you healthstack.

preparation and ready are both skills you never pass up, which means they’re outstanding. Neither skill has any downsides

Just my personal opinion, but just because a skill has no downsides doesn’t mean it is worth 5 stars. All Axton players would spec into Ready, Preparation, Impact and Sentry because they are highly accessible Tier 1 skills that give you important, but basic stats that your character can build from (reload speed, healing, passive damage, cooldown) but they certainly aren’t amazing gamechanging skills. They are very restrained in magnitude compared to other reload speed and health regeneration skills in the game. In fact. if I were to give a Tier 1 skill 5 stars, it would probably be Sentry as its equally important to Longbow to making the Turret a viable action skill.

Grit is fantastic that 20% at 5/5 happens a lot due to all the damage you take. Can save you from DoTs. Easily a 5 star

I’m pretty sure Grit only activates when the damage you take would force you into FFYL - which really shouldn’t happen too often. And unless there is something I am missing, it should perform as advertised and save you ONLY 20% of the time. Of course, its pretty cool when it chains - but the reason why Grit tends to occur in chains is because it works like inconceivable - so you can’t rely on it. It’s like relying on inconceivable to never consume ammo or always proc money shot chains - you just can’t. I had sooner rely on Quick Charge and a good shield, or even Healthy to fight dots (wear an Evolution and 10/5 Healthy and dots will almost never kill you).

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At OP8 I believe you can triple your max health with the Evo and 10/5 Healthy :slight_smile:

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Ready is a big DPS boost at tier 1. It’s going to take some serious convincing to make me believe it’s not amazing.

Preparation and grit I’ll take a vote on, but they won’t drop more than 1 star.

For grit to be less than amazing you have to health stack with an adaptive shield. With his more common shield choices grit is amazing, but this is a community guide so the community has to pretty much all agree

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Some of the other skill guides have an “if … otherwise …” entry for similar situations. Doesn’t need to be a lengthy thing, but a little more nuance wouldn’t hurt.

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Nuke bumped down to 2 stars
Side note about health stacking making grit a 4 star skill.

Still want more opinions on ready and preparation

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I wonder how many people would actually know what you were referring to? Also, advice on this is going to be a bit different from 360/PS3 to XB1/PS4 to PC. Hopefully there’s something you can link to that will provide the necessary break down.

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That’s leftover from blut’s version. I know that the break points exist. Let me do some digging to see if anyone has the numbers

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I found this

It’s from a TPS post, but I’m fairly sure that’s irrelevant. If i find anything else that’s not on this forum I’ll show y’all

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Not sure how reliable reddit is, but the above quote and this link agree

Edit: What is being suggested to change about metal storm? The rating or description

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I was just about to post the same thing. Note that it references an old forums post by sljm who’s very reliable for technical information.

The description needs some re-working for clarity. Something like:

I don’t know how much detail you want there - not a whole lot. When I get home, I’ll see if I can’t find Sljm’s post on archive.org (assuming no-one else has done so already!)


Can you clarify the fire rate cap? Using the Reddit post ( quoting Sljm ), you should still be able to take an Anarchist at 11.4 and crank it up by 120% with 10/5 in Metal Storm and get a fire rate of 25 - below a cap of 30.

Am I completely misreading this?

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I tend to trust the forums over other sources, so judging by hoyel4’s quote. 25 would get bumped down to 20. I’m bad at math, but @DeputyChuck
May know


Right. That makes sense. So hitting the next cap (30) is practically impossible. This makes choosing how many points to put into MS very relevant , based on your various guns’ average fire rate.

I suppose mag size and reload time should be taken into account too.

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Found it:


I’m going to abstract from that thread, since the discussion was specifically related to Axton, fire rate buffs, and Metal Storm. Slight modifications for modern clarity in bold type. @Sljm’s responses with other posters’ questions in italics:

Note that you would certainly count Blut amongst the min/max brigade, which is probably why he brought up the whole thing of breakpoints in the first place. I think in reality it’s only going to affect those still playing on PS3/360 who are trying to min/max and only using the highest base fire rate weapons. With 60 fps on PS4/XB1 it’s not going to be an issue unless you’re going with something like the Vladof Anarchist example worked through by @Sljm in his original post.

Personally, I would raise MS to four stars, with a footnote that full gains won’t be obtained on very high fire rate weapons such as a Vladof Anarchist.

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Borderlands will soft cap fire rate at fractions of the frame rate the game is running at.

On older consoles, the last caps are 30, 15, 10, 7.5… and so on (basically 30/1, 30/2, 30/3, 30/4… you get the idea)

On PC, there is no real limit in the sense that it entirely depends on your CURRENT frame rate.
As long as your frame rate is higher than the max fire rate you can get in the game, there is no real cap.

Edit: Ninja’d

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So in theory 30 is the max fire rate without a “modded” BAR? Because 60/1 is 60, which according to what i read is impossible and 60/2 is 30, which is possible? This isn’t considering pc, because idk anything about them.

I concur that metal storm deserves 4 stars after reading these. Thank you @VaultHunter101 and @DeputyChuck

Side note

100% agree with this

Will make the “final” edits shortly. I say final, because as long as we have discussion things are subject to change

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Not quite

if your frame rate was 120, you would have soft caps at 120, 60, 40, 30… if you could manage to get to 40, it would work… If your frame rate was 70, you would have a soft cap at 35…

The thing is… in what scenario would you get significantly over 30 if there was no soft cap ?
Salvador with all his buffs active can push an Anarchist to over 30… I guess

The benefit of higher frame rate is that you don’t hit those walls as often.

Oh… then yes, you’re right :stuck_out_tongue:

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Chuck appears to keep changing his mind about replying!

I guess the issue becomes, how many points do you put in MS? If you have a class mod that boosts it, you can get away with fewer points in the skill and still have more or less the same benefit - especially if you also have a decent sized fire rate buff from BAR. I don’t know how much detail you want to include in the OP for the guide though.

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I think it does (if your scale is out of 5 of course)

The thing with fire rate in this game is that unless you have very low frame rate, you can pretty much ignore the soft caps thing… and if you do have crappy frame rate, it only really matters in figuring out if you can make the jump from 15 to 30… which means…rarely