[Guide] Axton Skill Guide

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As many as you can spare ?

It’s a fire rate buff… it’s one of the most basic stats in the game.

My description would be something like "Fire rate good, more fire rate = gooder!"
Don’t overthink this

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Yeah, count me out of the pool of min/maxers. Shooting things and having them die before you do is always good. Plus, a high FR boost from MS means that you have more viable gear options available to you, which is also good.

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I fixed that issue the other day :stuck_out_tongue: all 5 rankings are used now

What Chuck said. Unless you put more than 5 points in tier 1 or you use overload for some reason, metal storm nearly always gets 5/5

Also i don’t min/max, hybrid builds are way more fun imo

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Even if you min max, you would be hard pressed to find THE EXACT setup where it’s worth it to spend one less point in that skill just because your main weapon doesn’t benefit from the increase… Most probably your other guns do and you still get the reduced recoil part anyway.

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Metal Storm: :star::star::star::star:
This skill is nearly always a great DPS increase. It can be wasted on PS3/Xbox360 due to the 30FPS cap, but even then it only matters with fire rates over 15. On PS4/Xbox1/PC this will never be a wasted
skill. In short more fire rate=more bullets=more dead enemies. The recoil reduction makes it useful on most jakobs weapons.

This work for everybody?

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I would not even mention the soft caps thing at all… this is way too in-dept info to matter to someone who is looking at this list for guidance.

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I’d just put “some caveats apply on older consoles (see discussion below)”

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It’s definitely not impossible in TPS, but I know that means less in this context. Just 11/5 Unrelenting and 9/4 Storm Weaving get you 726.84% FR.

… just felt like saying it.

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Nisha can probably get higher than that too (though, not even close to Athena)

Edit: with the Right COM, she gets 361% in showdown :slight_smile: Not too bad

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So in theory 30 is the max fire rate without a “modded” BAR? Because 60/1 is 60, which according to what i read is impossible and 60/2 is 30, which is possible? This isn’t considering pc, because idk anything about them.

Highly unlikely, but not impossible :slight_smile:

A Hoarder Salvador holding an Anarchist/Stalker (with FR prefix), equipping a Sheriff’s Badge and teamed with 3 Gunner Axtons can break 60 I believe:

13.8 * (1 + 0.88 (KF) + 0.5 (L&L) + 0.8 (LW) + 0.35 (OoBG) + 0.56 (SB) + (0.35 x 3)) = 70.9

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I thought the 60 cap was because that’s how often the game checks to see if your weapon is able to fire again (as in, that’s the rate of the game clock)? If you go back up to some of the linked discussion that seems to be implied as having been uncovered in the PC version, anyway.

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Also it’s possible there are no breakpoints on ps4/xbone/pc at all depending on how the hardware handles it. Or, whether there were engine adjustments made to the Handsome Collection.

What I said about 30fps is consistent with 360 and Ps3, but should not be taken with anything less than a cubic meter of salt for PC and current gen consoles, for both hardware and software reasons.

It might be worth totally ignoring, actually, since it was only useful for calculating sustained DPS which is pretty much always a niche metric. File under academia, and reference only when you’re choosing between specific skills when buildcrafting.

EDIT: A bit more explanation. When you’re dealing with something like PC or current gen that can get 60 FPS or better, it’s possible for them to do what you might think of as rounding odd frames up or down, so you could have fire rates where n in 60/n isn’t a whole integer, you could “dither” so to speak.

Actually that might have been possible for 360 and ps3 too but since we could observe Fire Rate “snapping” from 7.5 to 10 (for example) on those consoles, I guess they didn’t bother to make it work. Keep in mind, I’m not a software engineer, just a couch potato.

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I edited the skill description a few days ago. Didn’t include anything about the break points, just mentioned this section of the comments

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My favourite kind of potato.

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Not sure if anybody mentioned this but grit also activates on hits that would healthgate you, works extremely well with healthgate setups and makes them not just viable for mobbing but extremely powerful

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Don’t worry it was covered


Ahh good, couldn’t read all the posts as I was in work at the time lol

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Can anyone confirm the below. This is from wiki.

Commandos have a slight advantage against Master Gee, because the Sabre Turret can damage his health directly, without his shield being depleted. When Master Gee absorbs an acid pool and is damaged by the turret, the acid DoT will damage both his shield and his health (when the shield is up). However, it is not known what causes this to happen, sometimes the turret will not damage his health.