[guide] Battleborn: A Beginner's Guide

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UPDATE: Added buildable XP gain, Shard prevalence, PvE PUG Code of Conduct and accreditation to those who contributed to the guide.

(vutherac) #22

I personally would consider adding a focus on not dying to the PvP section. While I’m of course sure most won’t take the suggestion to focus on objectives to win the game as “Attack minions on Meltdown only and ignore whatever the enemy team is doing to you”, it’s more or less inevitable a team dying every moment will eventually lose to another killing them, the latter of which will inevitably outlevel them and easily wipe them from the field whenever they see them to get the objectives they could be behind on at their leisure. Understanding this should also help players develop a good sense for prediction that experienced players inevitably have.

I understand disagreeing with this though considering the average PvP player’s predilection to K/D scores. I know it still bothers myself to win with the most deaths on the team…

(Jacksfields) #23

It’s actually a good idea. I’ll add that in as well.

UPDATE: Added not dieing/surviving

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(Rogahar) #25

Major pointer a lot of people don’t know about (I know I didn’t) when they start; you can teleport back to spawn in PVP at any time and get a full heal/shield regen out of it.

On any console (PC, XBOX, whatever) you need to be out of harm’s way for about 3 seconds. The button on PC is defaulted to “B”. Press and hold it and your character will do a brief nifty animation which at the end, sends you back to your spawn, still alive and with a full health and shield bar.
For melee/short-range characters like El Dragon, Rath and Orendi this can be the difference between finishing the game 5/0/5 or finishing it 5/10/5.
Remember that every time you die, the other team is that much more likely to win if it comes down to the timer and an Average Score win. :smiley:

(Rogahar) #26

I would also personally recommend newbies play some Versus Private matches. It can literally just be you and 4 AI bots versus a team of 5 other AI bots - and it gives you a chance to explore the maps without the fear of letting your team down, figure out how things work, play against some (kinda poor but still better than PvE minions) Battleborn characters and get to grips not only with the mechanics of the maps and modes, but your character’s helixes, skills and best practices.

I do it whenever I fancy playing a new character - I’ll take them into Versus Private and knock AIs around for a match or two until I feel I’m comfortable enough with how to play them to get srs and go for Versus Public. :3

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Really good points! Integrated them both! Thanks

(Maskerader) #28

Never heard of it. Did you get it from any source or tested it yourself?

(Rogahar) #29

THink it’s slightly innacurate; https://battleborn.com/en/news/view/en-story-mode-scoring/ states that the number of extra lives you have left affects how much golden bonus score drops are… well, dropped by enemies. So more lives = more score but not quite in the way @jacksfields mentioned.

(Jacksfields) #30

I can understand the confusion here :slight_smile: For ease’s sake I stated it very simply (you’ll hardly notice the difference while playing), but I’ll admit that in my generality of that statement I am a little inaccurate. I’ll change it if you guys think it’s confusing or not.

(Maskerader) #31

Scoring system in BB is very unnatural and counter-intuitive, I believe for a beginner’s guide it’s better to either describe how it actually works or avoid mentioning it at all rather than give inaccurate advices that might never work.

(Jacksfields) #32

@maskerader and @mzealley clarified the description. Thanks for the feedback!

(Maskerader) #33

Yellow balls drop not at the end of the mission. They drop from big crates (6-slot ones) and from every boss (not only the last one) when they die and even during fights with them at certain moments. All these drops are affected by number of your spare lives.

As I said, I’m sure this system really needs to be explained as it is or left unmentioned to avoid confusion. Or you can just give a link to the explanation.

(Jacksfields) #34

Yes, you said that before, and that was clear the first time you mentioned it.

‘Typos’ happen sometimes, especially when you edit your sentences halfway through. Now it’s accurate without being a dissertation.

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Just got the humble bundle, will be reading this once I get home. Any suggestions (in terms of hardware) ? Asking for suggestion cause I own a AMD machine and I had issues playing a certain new game (hint: its DOOM :expressionless: )

(Jacksfields) #37

I have an AMD as well and struggled a bit with framerate drops at the start. What worked for me was setting both the particle effects and view distance to low. It’s also recommended to set damage representation to numbers only to make the screen a tiny bit less cluster-fucky :wink:

(Maskerader) #38

In game settings set “Particles” to minimum. View distance is the second important option to turn down if your frame rate is low.

(Creator of the Battleborn Discord) #39

I hear some people having success running the game in Borderless Windowed. Not sure why this would help with their framerate issues, but it does. I’m not sure it will work for everyone though.

(Jacksfields) #40

Added a link to lowlines’ visual guide to gear/skill interaction