[Guide] Beginners Guide to Axton

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Click [here][1] for The Top Gear for Axton[1 [Guide] Top Gear for Axton

Click [here][1] for the Guide to Axtons Skills[1 [Guide] Axton Skill Guide

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Oh I put 1 for them both lol.
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What could help some folks prepare for UVHM is resetting TVHM after completing it. Then grind through it once more until you are level 50 and then grab some level 50 gear like a level 50 dpuh, swordsplosion, favourite shield, etc…

As a general rule, inside of level 40-50, players might feel a bit underprepared for UVHM if they begin it immediately after TVHM. Resetting and grinding for good on-level gear before heading into UVHM can make things much cushier.

Yeah that’s a good idea I always save the lady fist and heartbreaker for after I kill the warrior in tvhm so I have them for the start of uvhm. Also I never start uvhm at a level other than 50.

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We could list a group of items to save because their mission rewards are great for end-game

Plan on doing that.
I have some level 31 builds up already I’m gonna add some of the lvl 50 builds I use and than a few 61. By that point they should be pretty familiar with Axton. Than add some gear that’s good for leveling and quest rewards worth picking up.

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Well, in my opinion going down to the capstone first isnt optimal. You just lose too much.
Axton Capstones are both outstanding for the early UVHM/End game, where you have the points to get all skills that synergyzes. Gemini without Longbow/Scorched Earth isnt going to help you this much, same goes for Double Up without Longbow.

In my opinion and experience, it is much better to get the amazing skills Axton has acess early on across the trees. The Impact/Metal Storm/Ready trio is amazing as soon as you can get them. Same for Sentry/Scorched Earth/Longbow or Preparation/Pressure/Willing.
After, just go down the tree you like most.
The only tree that is worth going down from the start is the Gunpowder for its all around and grenade boosts, but you wont have his best capstones early anyway.

And talking about commom gear, I forgot about Tediore pistols/SMG. I have chucked down bosses with them and a white Veteran COM when running through the game more than once.

And it is a good idea to list the good quest rewards to save for level 50, but there is a thread about it already so it is better to focus on commom gear in my opinion. Also, your LVL 50 unique are going to get outleveled anyway.

I’ll add some builds that don’t hit any cap stones. Also good gear for leveling is next.

I’ve never had that problem, even skipping side quests. I’m almost always high-40’s when I hit Heroe’s Pass on TVHM. I would have to go back and check, but I think I don’t even touch the DLCs. I do Torgue once I’ve hit the level 50 scaling at the end of TVHM just to have an easy option for Torgue tokens, but that’s about it as far as I recall.

I thought you could only reset UVHM.

I think he was suggesting it as a feature? Not convinced it’s necessary, as there are always DLCs and HH packs.

My folly, you are correct. I seem to have confused the grind to OP 8 here. Apologies…

At any rate, because you cant reset tvhm, you would need to save some side quests for the great gear rewards.

Thanks, @Gulfwulf :slightly_smiling:

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I dont farm until I hit the cap but I always leave the good sidequests open for times when I want to do RAID bosses in TVHM mode.
Also, unique gear is going to get outleveled fast due to UVHM scaling so the time you waste dashboarding is kinda pointless in the end. And you can walk through UVHM with dropped only gear too, especially with Axton skillset.

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I was just confused. On the way up to level 72 and OP levels, yes you should reset. Of course w/o a reset feature on TVHM, you are left with no options except to save specific quests for later.

Hey @piemanlee, can I post some specs for Axton and why I choose the skills and etc?
So you can se what you/the guys think about it and maybe post them in the thread.

Do you use Google docs?

Guide updated thank you @l_gabrielcruz for the help

You’re welcome, pie! Im going to start the gear section soon.
But I would like to know what the others active members think about what I wrote.
@Afro_Samurai, @DemoniteBL, @Johnrr6 @triad_thunder @Gut0nez what do you guys think about this skillc section?

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