[Guide] Borderlands 2 Basics for New Players

No, you can do it at that point: just did so on three separate characters! It may have been blocked in the past, but it’s not now. (OTOH, I don’t know what happens if you go to The Fridge first.)

I just did it in three playthroughs with Zer0 this past month and it still gets listed as blocked and can’t be made active when Sanctuary is MIA. Do you mean you can still make progress on it in the background even though it’s listed as blocked? If that’s the case, that’s good to know. Guess I didn’t have to leave it for later after all. My mistake. Still, you might wanna give a warning in the guide that even though the mission is listed as blocked you can still do it. Knowing that would’ve certainly been helpful to me.

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Just to be clear, did you accept the mission from Lilith before inserting the power core and triggering Bright Lights? If you didn’t accept it, you have to wait until you get back to Sanctuary. If you accept it before turning in “Train To Catch”, you should be ok.

Yes, I accepted it. It gets listed as blocked either way, because you can’t get back to Lilith to turn it in until you find your way back to Sanctuary. I’m 100% positive that it gets listed as blocked even if you accept it, I’m just not sure if you can still do it even though the game says it’s blocked.

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Well, I certainly was able to complete it. Plus, you turn it in to Tiny Tina not Lilith. I don’t know, maybe I’m misremembering something, but I literally just did this this morning! Maybe you have to get it and complete if before fighting Wilhelm?

Yeah, you’re right about turning it in to Tina. I don’t know what’s going on then. I honestly did it three times this past month (the last one was just last week) and even though I had already accepted it before Sanctuary went into the air in all three playthroughs, I still had it listed as blocked every time. I just never attempted to do it anyway.

Maybe just a glitch for one of us? I just had The Fridge not appear on my Fast Travel after getting back to Sanctuary… When I made it back to the Fridge from Three Horns, I deliberately used the FT, but it still didn’t show up as a destination on the list! I had to complete one of the side quests you get from Scooter there before it added itself as a destination.

Mine was back after Kill Shorty, but I wonder if it helped that I triggered the save point inside the building where all the rats are, on your way to finding Shorty?

Hmm, I guess the forum doesn’t update the time of the most recent post when it’s an edit to an existing post. Sorry about the delayed comments on the latter part of the previous guide section.

For Mine All Mine, I believe the explanation is that you can do the quest as long as you haven’t turned in Train To Catch. That’s my usual routine - I turn in TTC after completing the Pretty Good Train Robbery. This seems to be consistent with what both VaultHunter101 and Gut0nez are saying.

I’ve had fast travels I used not appear as viable destinations; just a glitch I think. The one I remember was Arid Nexus Badlands.

Comments on the Guide:

Several missing close tags for [color] blocks, especially in Sanctuary (3). In the updates to the previous section, there’s one in Combat Basics (3) and in You Are Cordially Invited. And Roland in Bright Lights Flying City paragraph 2.

In several places you suggest Tesla grenades. That’s great if the enemy has shields, but for most of the examples here that’s unlikely to be the case (Gluttonous Thresher being the one exception). I like corrosive cloud grenades against loaders/constructors and Wilhelm. If he has his shield up more than a little bit, I’ve done something seriously wrong. :smile: Incendiary cloud grenades work great for Tina’s Tea Party.

Interesting tactical options. I don’t consider myself very aggressive, yet I never considered any of the non-“Murdertime” tactics. And still don’t find them very attractive, to be honest, but that’s OK.

You should clarify “Quest Reward Farming” for PC players. The word “dashboard” is not a verb to us, it’s a part of a car, and is thus very confusing in this context. :grin: The equivalent would be to alt-tab to desktop, then right click the icon in the task bar to close BL2.

Would it be worth mentioning parts optimization and linking the parts spotter guides in this section? The RokSalt might not be the ideal example for that though.

Critical hit points - buzzards also take crits on the engines. For frontal shots I agree that the pilot is best (if it turns or jinks to the side, you might still hit an engine that way) but if you’re firing at one from the side or rear the engines still provide a viable crit spot if the distance, vector, and gun make the shot worth taking at all.

I did not know about stalkers having a tail crit spot (like scaylions, I guess). Pretty sure head shots also crit on them; that’s where I always assumed their crit spot was. Small fast moving heads are hard to hit but I’m almost certain I have gotten crit kills on them with headshots.

Wilhelm - could be my apparent Murdertime bias talking, but those other tactics look like all downside to me. I’d argue that Wilhelm is the place to practice mobile combat in this game. As you say, if I can do it, anyone can!

Item links - you normally include wiki links for unique items, but Fuster Cluck doesn’t have one. Or is that a subtle hint about how useful the item is? Could be in progress as I write this too, I see several things that are different from when I started writing this post…

Crystalisk tactics - any character can melee them well in NVHM and TVHM, not just a melee Zer0. To the extent that I’ve had trouble it’s been with the rakk swarms that trigger when you kill a crystalisk. Getting dive bombed in the face while also trying to take out the other crystalisks who aggro’ed can be messy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bright Lights Flying City constructor - I stay on the same side of the gate, and just run back roughly under where the crane moves the containers overhead. There’s a buttress going the entire height of the wall there that will block missile salvos from the Constructor, and a bunch of boxes offering good partial cover from loader/turret fire when you pop out to blast away at the constructor’s eye.

Why the :blhappy: for Moxxi’s Endowment? That’s counterproductive for a new player, since they’ll have the opposite problem of constantly overleveling everything. Or is the icon for unlocking the ability to farm Gettle & Mobley for the Lyuda and Veruc? Though even there gear-farming is questionable at best in NVHM, especially on a first playthrough.

For what it’s worth, I make a point of doing all of the side quests that reward a skin on a character’s NVHM playthrough, just for the sake of having them. And of course almost everything that rewards eridium. Not a fan of Caustic Caverns so I only went there on my first character.

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All good points.

I think you may be right about Train to Catch being the key thing. I’m contemplating moving the Mine all Mine to the preceding section, just to make sure players have the eridium from it when they do get to Sanctuary - a little extra backpack or ammo space always helps on that trek.

I’ll probably add a section of comments after the list to explain some of the choices for mission reward. At this point, I simply don’t have time to write up every single side quest, so I want to concentrate a bit on ones that either have good rewards or synergise nicely with other quests.

Incidentally, I used the Octo from the Slap Happy quest to take down all the Crystalisks in Caustic Caverns - very effective for that. I’ll have to check how it scales in higher modes, but it should also work well in TVHM at least.

I’m pretty sure that was one of the text tips you see during loading screens? Scaylions also have a crit there. I’ll have to double-check the next time I’m playing Zer0…

You could be right about that, as I had turned in A Train to Catch before taking Mine All Mine in all three playthroughs.

That would be another difference between consoles and PCs - I have very occasionally seen a loading screen, so I know what you’re talking about, but if they appear at all they’re gone too fast to read whatever is on them. And this is with BL2 installed on a conventional hard drive, not an SSD, even.

Speaking for myself anyway, any advice of the form “follow the tip on the loading screens” is completely useless since I don’t know what any of those tips are.

Fortunately with scaylions Hammerlock tells you “watch their tails!” when you first encounter them, which was very helpful advice.

I know what you mean. It’ll often happen that one I don’t remember seeing before will appear just as the loading ends. Ah well, there’s always the internet! I wonder if someone has transcribed and collected all the loading screen tips, or pulled the text from the PC version of the game?

I do the same, minus Slap-Happy, but as a note for players who want the Deadly Bloom, it would be better to hold Hidden Journals at 3/4 and only go into the Hyperion base once This Is Only A Test is active.

Minor typo, “Casa de Mordecai”. :slightly_smiling:

Wow, I did not know that! That’s very good to know. And would have made Maya’s NVHM and TVHM runs much easier - it’s incredibly hard for her to injure but not kill loaders thanks to the crazy-high dps of Cloud Kill!

I disagree with this advice in the context of a New Player guide. Who farms loot midgets in NVHM? Heck, unless one does Animal Rights, why would one even return to WEP in NVHM? I’ve gotten the full four LMs in the room every single time, and I have always completed Doctor’s Orders. So I think the number picked up only applies to re-visits anyway. There’s also the issue that certain vault hunters fare very badly against LMs and want to avoid them like the plague. Axton says hello. :stuck_out_tongue: They’re very unlikely to drop anything in NVHM/TVHM, somewhat less than one item per entire playthrough in my experience (3 items, 2.5 NVHM playthroughs, 2 TVHM playthroughs).

I’d say complete Doctor’s Orders like any other quest in NVHM and TVHM, and never pick up ECHOs for it in UVHM. I’m assuming LLMs have a much higher item drop rate than regular LMs.

Looks like you have the Creamer linked to the Pandemic’s wiki page.

Re: loading screens, I just looked around in the game files but couldn’t find anything obvious.

They way I do it is follow the “Overlooked” set of missions, but pick up the other stuff as I go. So, when I have to cross Blake’s Bridge to get on of the medicine shipments, I’ll drop down and grab a journal. On my way back up, I’ll hit a few stalker goo piles. The net result is that I’m picking up that final journal at the same quest point as you mention.

Well, you’ve just given one reason! If the player is trying to catch Jimmy Jenkins, this gives also gives better odds. Finally, I think it’s good to make players aware of this as early as possible so they know about it before starting TVHM. I’ll revisit the topic in part 5; meanwhile, I’ve edited the text a bit.

Fixed - thanks! I knew I’d managed to accidentally leave out a link: it was for the Creamer…

Vault Hunting 101: Borderlands 2 Basics for New Players

Part 5 of your spoiler-free guide to characters, gear, loot, quests, and skills for your first play-through, covering Thousand Cuts to Control Core Angel.

Continuing the Normal Vault Hunter Mode (NVHM) play-through from parts 1-4 of this guide. As before, cyan headings denote missions, while other colours denote main sections, gear and weapons, or skills entries. If you find any errors, parts that are unclear, or just have a question, highlight the relevant bit and hit the “quote reply” button to post a message; I’ll try and respond to everything in a timely manner.

Special thanks to the following for comments and corrections: @Piemanlee, @Worblehat, @kuhchung


Sanctuary (4)

Welcome back, Vault Hunter! Before we resume with the main story, I just want to clear up a couple of things regarding the last few side quests we unlocked:

  • Animal Rights
    • Gives the unique sniper rifle the Trespasser, which has the red text bonus of bypassing an enemy’s shield. This is easy to do while also completing Doctor’s Orders for the erdidium (it’s not worth farming the latter in NVHM due to the fixed level of any gear dropped.) Note that if you push through to the Observation Area you will run into the repeatable derp-boss, Son of Mothrakk, the useless flake who’ll more often than not throw the legendary Skullmasher sniper rifle either out of bounds or through the floor…
  • Rakkaholics Anonymous
    • A very straight-forward side quest that nets the unique pistol Miss Moxxi’s Rubi if you turn the mission in to her instead of Mordecai.

Finally, starting the main story quest also unlocks Scooter’s side quest Poetic License (lvl.20), which yields a assault rifle or sniper rifle; this is easily done during the main story in Thousand Cuts:

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Once and Future Slab

Deliver Note: Head on out to The Highlands (through the Highlands - Hyperion Bridge Fast Travel if you’ve unlocked it; otherwise go via Highlands Overlook) and head to the map transition located on the west side of the map. You’ll get some dialogue from Roland when you arrive, then you’ll have to fight your way through Slab Town and a whole bunch of bandits and buzzards to get to the Slab King’s HQ, the Buzzard Factory. Watch out for the MANY barrels, oil tanks, and cliffs just waiting to speed you to the nearest New-U station!

Your main objective is to cross Broke Face Bridge to get to the main building. Along the way you’ll see a side-quest marker (!) and encounter Face McShooty. You might as well give him what he wants… There’s lots to explore on this map, but don’t worry too much about the south side - you’ll end up going through there soon enough. Once you’re ready, run up the staircase and drop down inside the Buzzard Factory for trial by slab. If you’re feeling adventurous (or over-levelled!), you can make this more interesting by popping the helmets off two or more goliaths and letting them clear the room. The last couple of goliaths may get stuck on the upper deck; if so, fall back to the south-east corner of the factory and either snipe them or toss a homing grenade at them.

Follow Brick: You’ll need to shoot your way out against a bunch of Hyperion robots and mortar rounds. Follow the Slab King and stay out of the big red targetting circles (unless you like getting blown up.) There will be three beacons to destroy before you’re back near the Fast Travel. Note that the buzzards and slabs WILL target you, so do try and stay as close to the Slab King as possible. Head back to Sanctuary for a touching (touched?) reconciliation scene. Hand in the mission to Roland to advance the story to the next mission, The Man Who Would Be Jack (lvl.23).

You will also have unlocked the following additional side quests:

  • Lilith:
    • Home Movies (blue rarity relic)
  • Slab King:
    • Rocko’s Modern Strife (eridium, ultimately)
  • Moxxi:
    • Hell Hath No Fury (lvl.24) (unique grenade mod the Kiss of Death)
  • Marker:
    • The Bane (lvl.24) (unique gun The Bane)

I would suggest taking The Bane not so much for the mission reward, but for the fact that one of the targets along the way is the repeatable mini-boss McNally, who has a chance to drop the legendary assault rifle, the Hammer Buster. (Plus, it’ll also take you to Lynchwood, a map filled with opportunities!) Note that, if you haven’t accepted them yet, the side quests in The Dust (Positive Self Image and Too Close For Missiles) and the mission at the ! in The Fridge will also level up again.

The Kiss of Death grenade mod is a homing transfusion grenade. It is (IMO) better than the Fuster Cluck, although it does tend to come with a long fuse time and it’s homing AI can be a little erratic. You might want to take this side quest simply because you’re going to Opportunity anyway, and if you’re going for all the map challenges you’ll have to go to the side quest location regardless.

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When you’re ready, travel to the Highlands - Hyperion Bridge Fast Travel. Grab a vehicle from the nearby Catch-A-Ride if you want one, and head down to the map transition to Opportunity. You will arrive in the north end of the city near several vending machines and the bounty board. There are two side quests immediately available:

  • Statuesque on the bounty board(a blue head)
  • Written By The Victor at the ! marker in Living Legend Plaza (cash and XP)

Whether you’re following the main story mission or aiming to complete Hell Hath No Fury, it doesn’t really matter which way you go. This map is a pretty intense mobbing area either way! Note that whichever way you go, there are certain locations that will always trigger the arrival of a constructor, one of which is in Living Legend Plaza between you and the main mission area marker. If you run away and come back later, they’ll simply respawn; if you take them down, they’ll respawn eventually (after about 20 minutes?) but you should have time to complete any mission or side quest in that area.

The good news is that there are multiple levels and routes you can take through and around each area so, if you need to back off, you can usually find a way to withdraw and flank your targets. Keep an eye out for fresh red dots on your minimap, though - you’ll trigger new spawns in each zone of the map the first time you enter them.

For the main story, you’ll eventually find yourself in Opportunity Square, which is a large multi-level plaza under a glass pyramid towards the centre of the map, open at each end. Your initial target is downstairs, and will have a fairly high capacity shield that you will need to take down before you can work on his health. The bad news is that he will (a) run away and (b) summon lots of support; try to deal as much initial damage as possible (especially damage-over-time). Note that there will usually be at least one loader nearby initially. My advice would be to ignore such secondary targets unless you need a second wind. Once you’ve taken out your target and retrieved the item you need, you’ll need to visit a total of five different propaganda information kiosks around the city. Take your time, clear each area, then activate the kiosk and stay close to it (if you stray to far, you’ll have to re-activate it to advance the mission.)

The first one is in Opportunity Square. The others are located: to the south in the Residential Quarter; to the west in the Waterfront District; to the north-west in the Hyperion Office Complex (caution: constructor spawn location); and to the north back in Living Legend Plaza. You’ll likely notice that there are more badass enemy variants during this part of the mission, and that you’ll get fresh spawns at each location. Lots of fun! Once you have all the recordings you need, you’ll need to drop down under Opportunity Square from the Waterfront District end. Now it’s time to either find your way out, or complete Moxxi’s side quest.

Hell Hath No Fury: Head south to The Pits to locate your target. Once he’s dealt with, you’ll get a mission update from Moxxi that keeps you exploring this area all the way to the southern-most point of the map. Grab what you need (caution: constructor spawn location), then follow the map counter-clockwise to the next location. Once you’re done, make a run for it around the edge back up to the Fast Travel and back to Sanctuary.

Once back in Sanctuary, turn in the main mission to Roland in order to advance to Where Angels Fear to Tread. You’ll need to talk to Claptrap to get things rolling. Before you leave Sanctuary however, you might want to talk to The Slab King and pick up Rocko’s Modern Strife if you haven’t already done so - it’ll make this next part a bit easier because the Slabs won’t immediately start shooting you once you return to Thousand Cuts. You’ll also find a new side quest available at the Overlook Bounty Board, Hyperion Contract #873 (lvl.24), along with a bunch more in Lynchwood.

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Thousand Cuts

Do any buying, selling, and upgrading you need after talking to Claptrap. You’ll also want to clear some space in your backpack if you’ve been holding on to things. For this next mission, you’ll want plenty of corrosive fire power at your disposal, and it’s going to be a while before you get back once you start. If you’re starting other characters, this is a good time to pass items down through Claptrap’s stash (either that, or put the good stuff you’ve out-levelled in the bank for later.) When you’re completely ready, hit the Fast Travel to Thousand Cuts.

When you arrive, turn to face the entrance to Slab Town, then head around the rock out-cropping to your left. You’ll find Rocko just up some stairs on a platform waiting for you. Turning in Rocko’s Modern Strife unlocks Defend Slab Tower. Accepting this mission but not advancing it means you can explore the entire map without the slabs and buzzards attacking you. This makes for easier challenge completion, and gives you a chance to raid the red gear chests a couple of times if you feel the need to do so. (Note that you can still get jumped by loot midgets, so be careful when opening any loot containers!) I recommend keeping this quest open in NVHM at least until you’ve completed the current main story mission. Once the gear you can find is no longer high enough level, you may as well complete it for the extra eridium.

Once you’re ready, head from Slab Town down and across the bridge to the left to Bloody Knuckle Point, and make your way across No Man’s Land to your rendezvous with Claptrap. Talk to him, wait for him to lower the barrier, then start fighting your way through the Competitor Deterrence Field. There will be lots of shielded and armoured troops and robots, including quite a few surveryors and fast-moving JET Loaders to deal with, although you will have air support. You’ll also have a turret appear in a bunker to the left of the road just past the barrier, and a constructor will spawn up ahead once youget far enough along the road. There’s a side path some stairs along the left side and, once they’ve emptied out (!), various containers along the road for cover; watch out for the drops on both sides, but especially the right! I recommend that you keep moving, switching from one side of the road to the over as you work your way up. Once you’ve taken down the first constructor, a gate will open to the second section of the ascent.

As you work your way up, you’ll need to avoid mortar fire (just as you did escaping from Slab Town earlier) and avoid a couple more robots. As you crest the hill, you’ll notice a bunch of containers off to the left side of the road, between the road and the cliff. There’s a New-U save point; make sure you trigger it before tackling the turrets on the second gate! There are several spots on both sides of the road where you can take cover while reloading. Once both turrets are down, you’ll have a swarm of defenders emerge and spread out. Use the cover to flank them as much as possible, but keep an eye out for surveryors and the edge of the cliff. Make sure you reload and grab ammo before proceeding into the Control Core Supply Depot. A bunch of loaders, soldiers and surveyors will spawn in on the ground and the first level of the complex. A badass constructor will also spawn in on the second level. This will, of course, keep constructing more troops, so your primary goal is to take this out first.

At this point, you have a couple of choices. You can either retreat back to the gate and take the enemies out from long range by sniping, or you can run across diagonally to the right, up the stairs, and straight to the wall at the back of the first level: there’s a slight overhang here with a row of pillars and some crates that you can use to dodge missiles while taking out the first wave of troops. Work your way along from pillar to pillar between missile barrages, then head up the stair case and find shelter at the top. You can now duck around the side and hit the badass constructor from the side; watch out for the turret on its leg, though. If you go down, snipe from the gate to take it out before heading back up.

You’ll have several waves to chew through before the third gate opens and a few more defenders emerge. Take them out, loot, and move up. Note the red chest on the roof of the building to the left of this staircase - I just noticed it for the first time ever while creating the guide! There’s a second red chest on the Control Core Loading Dock just up and to your right once you pass through the third gate. Continuing looting your way along the path and across the final brige to the transition to the secondary map, The Bunker.

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The Bunker

You’ll find yourself on a steep, rocky path, just below a one-way Fast Travel (yes, you will have to fight all the way back from the beginning if you fast travel out :frowning: ) and a few vending machines further up. The Slab King will have some short dialogue, and there’ll be a lot of activity in the air around you. Hit the vending machines if you need to, then start working your way up the ramp and stairs to the outer circle of The Bunker. Once you hit the outer ring, go up to the left: the turrets you need to take out are located around the ring and on the main (south) platform. Note that these have a red critical spot a bit like a constructor’s eye, except on the back. You’ll have lots of robots spawning in the whole time as well and, just to make things really interesting, you’ll occasionally need to leap up on to some boxes or hit the stairs to avoid laser beams… You will occasionally get a call-out telling you where more supplies are being dropped.

Once you take out all the turrets, there’s a cut-scene and the fun really starts. You have three basic choices from this point on:

  • Stay on the main (“south”) plaform near either of the stairs down to the outer rim - there are pillars here you can use for shelter
  • Go back down below the outer rim, where there’s more cover but not as many opportunities to hit the big badass flying thing
  • Run up the stairs from the south platform to the upper, covered level. There’s a chest up here, with a waterfall at the far end.

Whichever option you take, the fight will go in phases:

  • Your target flying around at distance while you fend off robots and avoid laser counter-measures
  • Mortar attacks, in which you’ll see a red dome thing land; it’ll beep for a bit then blow up
  • Heat-seeking missiles
  • Turret attacks while the target hovers on one side of the platform (good time to fire away!)
  • Sneak attacks from behind and above the waterfall.

You’ll need to keep on your toes, and keep one eye on your minimap: loaders can jump or fly in and land behind you at any time. The target does have critical hit locations that you should be able to figure out by now, and can easily hit with a good sniper or other scoped weapon. Homing grenades will also work but tend to latch on to the robots on the rim and platform. Once you get the target’s health down to ~10% or less, it will take up station above the staircases at the far end of the platform. Be careful here, as a direct hit from the cannon can put you down: the cannon has a pattern to its shots and reload, so hit it while it reloads, then take cover to do the same.

Once the target has been dispatched, there will be a massive lootsplosion, and you can start mopping up. Take your time and look for goodies: your target (a repeatable boss) does have an extensive list of possible drops, although it can be stingy at times. There’s no hurry at this point, so feel free to go all the way back to the vending machines before completing your scavenger hunt! Make sure you work your way around the entire map, as there’s a red chest to be found. Once you’re ready, head back to the map marker and prepare for another big reveal…

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Control Core Angel

This is one of only two maps in the base game that you can never return to once you’ve completed the story mission, and it’s an interesting one. There’s also some interesting stuff about this map if you’re interested in how games are developed. Check out the Inside the Box article on it once you’ve completed the story - it’s actually pretty clever the way the whole thing works. Anyway, you’ll find yourself in a small antechamber, which will give you one final opportunity to get your gear sorted (along with any skill points you have to assign) before getting into the thick of things. Click on the glowing switch to trigger another cut-scene, then head on in to Control Core Angel proper.

Besides the obvious loaders of various sorts, you’ll face some additional hazards through three “rounds”, punctuated by specific things you’ll be asked to do. Don’t worry, though - you’ll get some unexpected help along the way. The new hazards include:

  • Bullet-reflecting shield
    • The orange shield around the central core reflects bullets, so don’t try to shoot enemies through it!
  • Core Defence Turrets
    • There are three of these located around the central core, and their beams cut through shields very quickly. They respawn each phase of the fight
  • Shock Pillars
    • These spawn in sequence around the central core and shoot shock beams at nearby targets. Once “killed”, they make convenient cover from the turrets and other hazards.
  • Angelic Guards
    • These highly armoured loaders have protective plates over their joints, and shoot a powerful laser from their eye, but are still susceptible to corrosive damage and shots to their eye.
  • Steam jets:
    • These environmental hazards start appearing in the third round. If you keep your eyes open, you’ll see a cloud of steam emerge from the floor vent before the jet shoots up, so you can avoid them.

Once you’re through the fight, take your time clearing up and pay close attention to the dialogue. Turn the misison in to Roland to trigger the final cut-scene, and brace yourself…

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Sanctuary (5)

You’ll find yourself back in Sanctuary, in Marcus Munitions Storeroom - the only other part of the main game maps you can never return to. Take your time, as there are plenty of chests here for you to loot. Once you’re done, head back into Sanctuary proper, and head to the Crimson Raiders HQ to talk to Mordecai and complete the mission and start Toil and Trouble. While you’re at it, pick up Bearer of Bad News - yes, you’re finally going to get into that strong room in the Crimson Raiders HQ, but gee… This particular mission sequence still gets to me after many play-throughs, so I’m going to let you finish up this particular side-quest and catch your breath for a bit before we resume.

Oh, for those who mysteriously have not played the original Borderlands (seriously, how could you not do that already?!), much of the dialogue during this quest references encounters in that game.

Continued in Part 6: from Sawtooth Cauldron to Heroes Pass

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Finally managed to confirm this. You have to have accepted Mine All Mine before turning in Train to Catch (by inserting the power core). If it’s accepted, it’s NOT blocked during either Rising Action or Bright Lights Flying City. If you didn’t accept it, however, you obviously can’t do so until you’ve completed Bright Lights since you need to talk to Lilith in person.

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One more idea. How about at the bottom of the OP you link the post where you added the new section, just like how you did for section 2 at the bottom of section 1.

I was debating whether or not I should do that. If you think it’s a good idea, I’ll add them in on all the parts.