[Guide/Build] Kodiak - The Comprehensive Iron Bear Guide

And still Amara’s action skills sucks damage wise, even with all the bonuses from Do Harm and Jab Cross. The same for FL4K.
For IB I would like to see 100%, but 50 should be good too. Getting Raging Bear com with splash and damage will be problematic.

I’ve only been playing M8 to enjoy the story of DLC3 thus far, but Iron Bear has been utterly taking names. The Bear is back, baby, and hopefully for more than two weeks.

Will have to get around to playing with the constant-nova anoint on him at some point.


You can literally one shot any boss without immune phases with the Railgun/Mindsweeper combo.

Any skill tree changes? Where are you putting your 3 new points?

Yup been using Mindsweeper on IB and entire groups of enemies are just dying from the Grenade procs, it’s insane.

quick question, I think it was answered somewhere but I can t find it: does the anoint asa reduced damage applies to IB?

even vanquisher pods with target softening wrecks bosses… Ruiner is dead in <10s if you hit the crit spots…

Updated the main post. Revised the Weapon sections (in Gear) to concentrate on anointments, added some nuggets of information, and tidied up the builds.

Also I just want to say that Iron Bear has become strong enough to actually kill things with Bear Fists in Mayhem 10 and that is both glorious and silly.


Armor section needs to talk about how to get 1M armor not 200,000 lol. Also, why no TCP in your builds?

I did the original guide at level 50, hence the 200,000. I don’t feel particularly pressed to update that when it basically amounts to “Take Iron Bear’s base health, and multiply it by 4.4 for maximum health at whatever level you’re playing at.” As for TCP, it is a personal preference. I’ve blown myself up more times due to the doubled splash radius than I would like to admit.


Aaron, first off thanks for this!
Couple of questions for you…
I’m working on Billy for a few Raging Bear COMs, can you recommend an ideal roll for this to keep IB rolling as long as possible?
Also for the T.H.I.C.C Shield, where can I find this? I’ve yet to come across one and I’ve played through all content twice (except for the new DLC).
Finally, doesn’t IB benefit from TCP as well? Besides personal preference would it be worth keeping or needed rid of to go down the Red tree?


THICC shield: It doesn’t have a dedicated drop, but you can farm it from pink vending machines. I’d argue that the Mendel’s Multivitamin (quest reward from a sidequest on Athenas) is better because it technically has +50% health capacity and brimming.

RB COM: Look for something with a combination of Deadlines and SSB with no Stoke the Embers. For rolls, I’d keep anything with at least two of the following: action skill damage, action skill cooldown reduction, splash damage, splash damage radius, increased max health, bonus weapon-type damage (pistol, shotgun, etc).

TCP: The splash damage and radius bonuses will apply to IB’s splash hardpoints (Exploding Bullets, Sabot, Molten Roar, blue tree hardpoints), the ‘while action skill is active’ nova anoint, and shields that have a blight effect (Red Suit, Ember’s Blaze).


Thanks! Yeah, did something dumb and got rid of Mendel’s shield because it was annointed for Amara… oops. Since it’s a mission reward it’s not easy to farm and I don’t want to go through another playthrough. Figured THICC was a good alternative that I could farm for, but haven’t seen one yet.
Appreciate the help with RB COM, I’d assume similar advice for would hold true for BT COM too?

I understand how TCP works for IB, my question was more about why it wasn’t included the builds. Did see that @Aaron0000 didn’t include it due to personal preference but wanted to know if was worth losing to get Retribution skills? Just trying to figure out what to give up in my current Blue/Green meta to get the rail guns with more time in IB and still be viable on foot as I do enjoy the splash! :grinning:

If you want to farm a health-friendly shield and you have DLC 2, I’d suggest going for an Old God, since it can roll up to 4 parts – instead of the three parts on the THICC shield.

For the BT Com, the advice on rolls is the same, but you want to get as many points into Stainless Steel Bear as possible while avoiding points in Explosive Punctuation (its ROI in terms of cooldown reduction is much lower than Grizzled).

TCP has always been a polarizing skill on the forum. Rails are top tier hardpoints right now; you don’t need them, but you’re missing out if you don’t have them.

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Can someone explain what is that IB slide when fighting Anathema? I did similar move (like the one in video on central platform) couple times with different Vault Hunters but this was first time when it was that powerful.

Have you by any chance pressed “jump” mid air? Maybe using Iron bears hovering mechanic bugs the game.

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Looks like the momentum physics bugging out when the orientation of IB changed before landing.

I like the slide. Feels weighty.

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Don’t remember, maybe. It was two weeks ago.

Added info about the new “Flare” class mod to the Class Mod section.


What does it do?

I was going to say that you should note the change they made to DiB, but it looks like you didn’t mention the ‘left arm’ problem in the first place, so no biggie.