[Guide/Build] Kodiak - The Comprehensive Iron Bear Guide

Gives IB up to 100% extra damage, which decreases with decreasing fuel. The more fuel you have, so more damage you get.

Very interesting…

Does the bonus damage apply to IB only? AB? Moze when outside of IB?

Given how level 65 is (purportedly) the last level cap update for a while, I’ll be updating the damage and health values of the original post within the next few days to level 65 Mayhem 10 values. Also probably going to put the Plus Ultra shield as the new best (defensive) Iron Bear shield.


Updated the main post with the following:

  • Base damage values for all Iron Bear weapons at level 65, Mayhem 10.
  • Added values for the stomp, self-destruction, and Dakka Bear.
  • Updated the maximum armor Iron Bear can reach at level 65, Mayhem 10.
  • Added the Plus Ultra as the recommended shield for maximizing armor.

Is the 500% elemental nova anoint the only one that works with iron bear (aside from asa nova)?

Action Skill Active does (I think), but I’ll have to see if anointment novas get buffed by Mayhem or not. If so, it will be added in.

The shield nova anoints do benefit from mayhem scaling. Haven’t tested ASA novas though.

UPDATE: The ASA novas anoint does scale, but only about 600%.

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At least from what bit I tested with, the ASA Novas still don’t do enough damage to seriously consider using. Doesn’t help that they only happen every couple of seconds.

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They’re okay on trash mobs and fleshy targets, but yeah, I wouldn’t count on it DPS. More of a nice to have if you don’t have better alternatives.

Did a bit of testing, and it turns out an optimal Flare class mod with near-full fuel actually edges past an optimal Green Monster in terms of damage. Also not limited to splash weapons for crazy damage.

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Time to run the dual Cryo minigun build of our dreams

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I’m assuming that is with a +5 SSB Flare?

Level 65 +5 SSB, Action Skill Damage, Area-of-Effect Damage. Green Monster was the same but SSB is replaced with Scorching RPM’s.

I figured that was the case. I was thinking about revising my ‘Maxed-Out Bear’ to switch over the Flare, since I was already getting out with half fuel and sitting in the turret with a 300/90 Unforgiven anyways.