[Guide/Build] Kodiak - The Comprehensive Iron Bear Guide

I guess so.

On paper maybe; in practice it didn’t do anything while piloting IB - although as i was already dealing 29 million damage without it; it’d be a bit overkill if it worked

  • it did work on unaugmented rocket pods

Iron Bear Weapon anoints should work for all augments of their respective type, but I can verify it later if need be.

I have a suspicion. See if you only get the bonus to the left arm.

Welp, can definitely confirm cub deals damage on Mayhem 11 now. Was toying around with a Red/Purple Flare build with Hammerdowns and Cub was still doing oodles of damage even near the end of the Flare’s duration. Also retested the On Grenade throw anoint and whether or not the augments get boosted by the Iron Bear weapon anoints. OGT doesn’t affect Cub, anoints affect augments.

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Really? OGT doesn’t work? I’m gonna test this again also. I’m pretty sure it works for me.

Can you clarify what you mean by anoints affect augments?

Is there a reason to use efficiency engine for this build of yours? I had thought that efficiency engine only affects moze damage. My apologizes if I misunderstood your sentence

Anoints work with things like Hammerdown Protocol instead of just basic Vanquisher Pods, and so on. Someone was asking this earlier.

Wasn’t so much a build as me just experimenting with Iron Cub now working in Mayhem. The end of duration thing was more specifically referring to how Flare was nearly finished and Iron Cub was still doing oodles of damage. Reworded the previous post of mine to be less confusing.


Oh okay thank you very much, so you were just using efficiency engine as like just a filler or was there a specific reason for using that augment during your test?

Mostly filler, but I wanted to see if the loss of power from not having bonus points in Skag Den was worth it or not. Although everything was dying so fast from a Power Coil and Moze’s fire skills anyway so I couldn’t tell a significant difference. Might experiment on Psychoreaver or Spongeboss at some point.

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Tested it a bit, alongside yesterday’s hotfix for mayhem scaling the Iron Bear damage from Scorching RPM’s, Stainless Steel Bear, and Action Skill Damage on class mods applies to Iron Cub properly. Curiously, Stoke the Embers and Desperate Measures still doesn’t work with Cub.

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I heard reports that AS damage was being applied to IC on consoles but not on PC. On which platform are you in?

PC. Tested Action Skill Damage just earlier today, seems to work properly.

I know this isn’t the best for dmg but does Bear Trooper Class Mod increase Iron Cub’s duration as well?

I see a lot of people using the Flare/Flame class mods so just wondering.

It does, but with no extra damage. And there is plenty of uptime skills available in the tree as it is.

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Bear Trooper isn’t terrible to use with Cub if you’re looking for long Cub duration without heavy investment into the purple tree, but if you’re looking for maximum Cub uptime the Eternal Flame is your best bet. Power-wise the Flare is the best.


Tested out some artifact effects and updated the grenade section a bit (looking for more grenade suggestions). Otto Idol, Victory Rush, Pearl of Knowledge can be triggered by Cub for Moze. Other than that, Grave’s splash bonus works for Cub.

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Epicenter works well with Bear and is very good at triggering purple-tree skills. (@kabflash has a video of this on his channel).

A cloning hunter seeker could be worth a look, build depending.

Decided to play around with relics a bit, found out Unleash the Dragon, Static Touch, and Knife Drain (for Moze, not IB) work while in Iron Bear. White Elephant also still works. I don’t see any great potential in any of this, but it exists.

In more interesting topics, I decided to test and see how high the damage numbers can go nowadays. +5 SSB Flare, Action Skill Damage/Splash passives where possible, Deathless for Desperate Measures, Iron Bear Weapon anoints, with this skill set-up (ignoring Cloud of Lead, Experimental Munitions, and Skag Den for consistency) against the level 65 target dummy’s head (multiply damage by 31 for M10 values).

  • Minigun/General Winter - 356k
  • Superheated (max heat) - 565k
  • Exploding Bullets - 2M
  • Salamander/Fuel-Economy - 436k
  • Chemical Warfare - 124k
  • Molten Roar (single mortar) - 1M
  • Grenade Launcher - 3M
  • Shaped Charge - 3M
  • Musical Chairs (singularity grenade) - 2M
  • Speedload - 2M
  • Vanquishers/Active Tracking (single rocket) - 2M
  • Target Softening (single rocket) - 579k
  • Hammerdown Protocol (no crit) - 6M
  • Railgun/Capacitive Armature - 4M
  • Hell on Rails - 15M
  • Corrosive Sabot - 1M initial shot, 6M explosion
  • Bear Fist (no crit) - 1M
  • Wild Swing (no crit) - 1M punch, 667k (corrosive first punch), 1M (radioactive second punch)
  • Close the Distance (no crit) - 892k
  • Shockhammer (no crit) - 823k punch, 321k shock