[Guide/Build] Kodiak - The Comprehensive Iron Bear Guide

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Replaced the in-depth piloting build with links to the “Raging Flare Moze” and “Banjo Bear” builds in the Moze Endgame Google doc since they’re what the in-depth build was aiming for but better.


Thanks Aaron for all your work on this!

Is there a detailed breakdown of exactly what full can of whoop ass does when you’re using iron cub.

Instantly charge Moze’s the shield on deployment to full cap?

Instantly start the recharge of your shield on deployment regardless of delay?

Are there any other benefits like a continued additional recharge rate while IC is active or a time limit like 10 seconds.

I understand about the value to Allied shields. Was thinking more in the line of just Moze as a foot soldier while iron Cub is deployed.

Thanks for any help.

It simply starts recharging Moze’s shield if you have the skill and activate Cub. Presumably has increased recharge rate too, but I was batch-testing to see what skills worked or not at the time and didn’t go too in-depth.


Thanks, last quick question for you. I thought I read somewhere that Raging Bear was not effective with iron cub. So if I want to use iron cub with maximum up time, am I looking at either Eternal Flame or Bear Trooper?