[Guide/Build] Kodiak - The Comprehensive Iron Bear Guide

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Replaced the in-depth piloting build with links to the “Raging Flare Moze” and “Banjo Bear” builds in the Moze Endgame Google doc since they’re what the in-depth build was aiming for but better.


Thanks Aaron for all your work on this!

Is there a detailed breakdown of exactly what full can of whoop ass does when you’re using iron cub.

Instantly charge Moze’s the shield on deployment to full cap?

Instantly start the recharge of your shield on deployment regardless of delay?

Are there any other benefits like a continued additional recharge rate while IC is active or a time limit like 10 seconds.

I understand about the value to Allied shields. Was thinking more in the line of just Moze as a foot soldier while iron Cub is deployed.

Thanks for any help.

It simply starts recharging Moze’s shield if you have the skill and activate Cub. Presumably has increased recharge rate too, but I was batch-testing to see what skills worked or not at the time and didn’t go too in-depth.


Thanks, last quick question for you. I thought I read somewhere that Raging Bear was not effective with iron cub. So if I want to use iron cub with maximum up time, am I looking at either Eternal Flame or Bear Trooper?



Which of those two builds would you say is the better “general purpose” piloting build?

Raging Flare will give more Iron Bear damage in exchange for lowered infantry power when you finally have to leave the mech, while Banjo Bear has less power but almost 100% bear-up-time. Either one will get the job done, but I generally prefer Banjo Bear for a piloting build since few things in the game warrant the damage of Flare Bear (Banjo Bear can get through True Guardian Takedown, just perhaps slower than Flare Bear.)


Aaron…new question.

You say in the guide that IC and the new anoint of +200+ Damage while ASA work together.

But does this mean only on the gun itself?

Or does that additional +200% also translate to increased hard point damage on Iron Cub…like Rail Guns while IC is deployed?

IC does not get more damage from your annoint, since IC counts as a own entity, just like flaks pets. There are exceptions to this rule, like aoe damage on coms and artifacts, but most bonuses don´t apply to IC.


In my current build, I use railguns, I think I’m losing too many points in the blue tree, so I will try something with the purple tree, does anybody know if the shock railguns from IB apply status effect?

this is my current skill tree: Skill Calculator • Moze • BL3 | Lootlemon

and this is what I have in mind: Skill Calculator • Moze • BL3 | Lootlemon

If you guys think the purple tree is better than the green tree in terms of damage for IB, I built this: Skill Calculator • Moze • BL3 | Lootlemon

So we’re getting seven more levels today and the Iron Bear anointments got buffed for some unfathomable reason;

Bear already trivialized the game though…?

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The level cap won’t even matter for Iron Bear. Just pick up any gun with 150% railgun annointment and win

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Level cap increase actually does matter. Iron Bear scales at 1.13 compared to the rest of the game’s 1.09, meaning it actually gets stronger compared to the game the more levels there are. So even without factoring in the anointment buffs Iron Bear would be stronger.


Iron God

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Updated the main post with new armor values and other changes brought about by the Revengeance of the Cartels update. Fun fact, Iron Bear’s armor has gotten so massive with the right set-up that it goes beyond what the hud displays, it only goes up to seven digits (for me at least).

Also removed the basic builds since they’re redundant in the face of optimized builds, and that with 70 skill points they were starting to converge anyway.


Has anyone mentioned Guardian Angel swapping in the turret yet?

Hey @Aaron0000, about Superior Firepower… does it boost ALL cryo damage? Like, from a Cryo Hex to a Cryo Harold?
Also, is it the same for Explosive Fury?