[Guide/Build] Kodiak - The Comprehensive Iron Bear Guide

Just seems like a quicker shield would be better with topped off proccing more. The loop bonus isn’t really that great from my experience with it.

Edit: also it only works while the shield is completely broken, not while it’s anywhere between 1 and 99%

Confirmed that Ember’s Blaze’s incendiary aura works while in Iron Bear. Considerably better than the Red Suit for Moze anyway since it has decent capacity, and Stoke the Embers may or may not boost the incendiary damage.

I tested out the All-in for a while. Capacity is somewhat low but the deal breaker for me is the delay and recharge rates, which are terrible. Takes forever to proc topped off and you remain vulnerable for quite a while. The + 50% CDR is nice, but I still prefer a shield with better rates.

So far the best I think has been the big boom blaster. Quite low capacity, but it compensates with a Low delay and good recharge rate, plus the effects like booster for 60% shield, bullet absorption or reflect and such.

I also want to try band of sitorak with shield of redistribution and deathless to compensate the low capacity while taking advantage of the ridiculous rates… but i’ll need some thinking to adjust the build. (my preferred build rn has only 6 points in shield of retribution).

Interesting idea about the band of sitorak. I will have to test out the one I have squirreled away. Should be able to get a decent amount of shield hp out of it with a low life class mod.

So, I see IB cooldown is still bugged. Respecced a couple of times to get my build right and ended up with an 11 second and then 8 second cooldown. Used to be like 25 seconds with full fuel usage, so I’d hop out at like 1/2 way to avoid running around like a chicken.

I won’t complain because it means I can stay in IB all the time and not have to worry, but it’ll be weird when they fix it.

You might be surprised how little you can get out of it haha. Its capacity is usually under 2k, so percent boosts are useless, and TRL can boost it a bit, but it’d take a lot to get it over like 8k.

You don’t want the band of sitorak to be much larger than it is, that defeats the purpose of the shield entirely. It’s ok to boost it up a little because the recharge rate is so fast, but you want it to get full as quickly as possible. It plays more like a rough rider. It procs Topped Off really quickly because when it breaks it almost instantly is filled back up, it gives you a HP boost, and a damage boost while broken which is useful for face tanking a badass.

You have to rely on your health pool a lot more though, which can be a problem with dots.

It generally doesn’t get a high enough capacity to make it worthwhile, and bloodletter would ruin the rate/delay enough. BBB is way better for a deathless build.

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I can back up that Big Boom Blaster opinion, I’ve got a double capacity, shock resistant Big Boom Blaster with the 75% increased health/shields anointment that works wonders. A hard toss up for me between using a Transformer with a shock splash weapon or the BBB.

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Added a note to the Rocketeer Class Mod about today’s buff to the “While Auto Bear is Active, deal bonus incendiary damage.” anointment. Should be quite tasty on Auto Bear builds.

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GREAT thread…Thanks Aaron…remember you doing a ton of stuff for shadowevil…the man behind the scenes organizer IIRC.

Anyway. Quick question. Whats the latest verdict on Grizzled versus Explosive Punctuation??

With these guidelines.

1.Can probably only spare 4-5 points between the two.

  1. I mainly use Blast Master Com

  2. I normally fight as Infantry on Moze with massive splash builds but would like a decent “kill stuff” ability on IB for the fun of it and something other than hopping in and out all the time.

Having said that…it’s “probably” more important to get IB back quicker then additional fuel and armor…etc.

I think the verdict was unless you have a massive investment in Grizzled (like, 8 or more points or so), Explosive Punctuation is better. Although Topped Off easily beats the two of them while it is active. Don’t quote me on this though, I’m not too sure myself. Might check the Skill Rating thread for that.