[Guide] Color Codes for Build Builders

Good guide, saved me from doing it.

I do recommend link this site in the OP so people can do whatever color they want if they dont agree with your picks.

Awesome work, people.

Totally going to nag gbx about some custom icons. The symbols used in-game would be sweet. Pretty sure they’ve been requested before, but it wouldn’t hurt.


For NE what about these
:gun: or :no_entry_sign:

I can’t find anything better for corrosive

Oooh oooh what if discourse could automatically color certain words…


Now THAT would be great

Should be possible: it automatically CENSORS certain words

I used the emotes on the top gear for lasers and smgs, what do you think?

I also did top and HM for lasers, also looking for formatting feedback there

Agreed, there’s nothing worse than having ot highlight a piece of text because it can’t be read.



. Its Unicode.

Biohazard looks great too indeed

He wasn’t referring to a color, Chuck.
☣ will print :biohazard:

With color, :biohazard:.

I like it, but It’s a little tiny (that’s what she said). Maybe if we had in-line size options…

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#we do, unless this isn’t what you are talking about
Just type # before your text

But if you do that ###mid-line, it doesn’t work.

And if you try the old [size] tags, it [size=24]forces[/size] a line-break.

@Sljm There BB size works here you know…


Yes, but not in the middle of a line.

You know… “in-line”?

For example, if I were to try:

“Viral Marketer :biohazard:” With colors and a size=24 augmentation on the hazard symbol, I get this:

Viral Marketer [size=24]:biohazard:[/size]

Yea my bad, didnt see your above comment.

Test test test test

Nope font size doesnt work.

It’s unfortunate. The best solution I can think of right now is making an image of that symbol in green and using markdown image code to put it in. At least until we (potentially) get some nifty gearbox-made emoticons for the elements. That would be super neat.

I tried that, and images force a line break too

Oh really?

How’d you do that ?

yes, how? i’ll add a link on my colors page to here, and probably the symbols as well.