[Guide] Color Codes for Build Builders

I agree. The tables especially appeal to me, as the sort of person who tends to present a lot of data all at once.

This isn’t a question about color, but I didn’t want to start a new topic, and I figure someone tracking this thread will know the answer.

A few days ago, someone posted with spoiler text that was all blurred out, which looks nifty. Anyone know how to do that?


With out the space.

To add to this, the spoiler tags here are a bit finicky.
The entire word “spoiler” needs to be lowercase. If the first letter is capitalized, it wont work.
The tags also only apply to one paragraph each. So if you write 2 paragraphs of spoilers, it will need a spoiler tag applied to each seperate paragraph.

Options for Error Code:


In terms of hex, darkseagreen is the closest to the color I’ve eyedropped from screenshots, but I think springgreen is preeeeetty.


Much needed bump.

Someone asked me about bulleting in my B2 thread (), and I had to reply that I honestly stumbled onto some of these things. Prior to finding your thread, I’d found this: http://www.w3schools.com/tags/ref_colornames.asp

Gotta say TYVM for the info.

What about the Slag symbol?

Almost like this is the tps forums…

I formatted the Salvador TG for these forums, exotek made the slag symbol for that, one of the later posts in that thread has the link for it.

I don’t see that, could you give me this link?

Just wow. Literally go to the TG Sal Thread in the BL2 forums, it’s right there on the VERY LAST thread.


Credit Exotek if you use it.

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Made some adjustments since the markdown supported by this site has been changed. Let me know if there’s anything incorrect.

I also added Slag even though this is a TPS thread. I didn’t use exotek’s icon for the same reason I took out my Corrosive one: direct linking is a pain in the ass (my host disallowed it without telling me). So I tried to find some okay emoji instead. If you want to keep using exotek’s icon be my guest. Sadly, my Corrosive one won’t work anymore.


Holy hell Sljm where you been? And necroing a 2 year old post? ballsy.

The headings code is the same, but you need to put a space between the hashmarks and the first character. It’s because #hashtags have become a thing. Plus, you can reference any section or category using a hashtag to make an in-line link. So for example #borderlands-the-handsome-collection

Thanks! I’ve gone traipsing through the threads a couple of times in the past trying to find the colour code in the past; it is nice to have them all in once place.

For the icons, if the image is saved into the gbx discourse DB, then shouldn’t we all be able to use the same one using the image link thing? I think copy and pasting


should give image

Also, welcome back! Saw you in the other thread a couple of days ago - nice to have you around.

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Here’s a code for BL2’s effervescent weapons (format stolen from the BL wiki):


Because obviously typing that whole thing every single time would get really tiresome


Um…yeah…that’s not really going to get used in the real world as pretty as it is. Besides, it requires every word to be 6 or 12 characters long.

Something simpler perhaps?

Or this?

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Not necessarily, you can pattern it so it’s sort of equal. It does have to be at least 6 characters long but every effervescent item’s name is longer than that.

that works too

Well, I’ve used it in my 999999K Grenade Krieg build. :laughing:
Although I used this website for it : https://www.stuffbydavid.com/textcolorizer
Great for BBCode coloring !


That’s pretty cool. Bookmarked in the unlikely event I make a new build/thread.


Haven’t seen this:


Double ~ before and after

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