[Guide] Critical hit bonus sources (BL2 version)

Disclaimer: There is almost no new info in this thread: most things in here comes from @Lootturtle and @Sljm’s work on BL2 (original work now lost to the old forum archive)
Additional credit to @Kringled, @Derch, @DSs, @Exotek and myself.

Before we start, a word about the 3 different types of crit modifiers:
Type A is the most common, it’s generally what you get when you have a crit bonus.
Type B or “Jakobs type” only comes from a handful of guns, 95% of them Jakobs. Generally considered more valuable (and is often referred to as a “multiplicative” bonus.)
Type C is not a “bonus” as it’s impact is negative. Assault rifles and some E-Tech guns have it.

the Critical hit equation is as follow:

Crit Damage = Damage * 2 * (1 + .Type A) * (1 + .Type B) / (1 + .Type C)


(Note: generally, when a gun has more than one type of bonus, the card value will be incorrect.)

Basic guns:

Jakobs snipers : 160%
E-Tech Snipers : 100% and 100%
Other snipers : 100%
Hyperion lasers : 50%
Jakobs Shotguns : 15%
Jakobs pistols : 25%
Jakobs Assault rifles : 15%
E-Tech Assault rifles : 70%
Other Assault rifles : 20%

Unique guns:

Fremington’s Edge : 100%, 175% when scoped
Morningstar : 100%+ (uses a hidden stack mechanic)
Cobra : 110%
Chère-amie : 120%
Lyuda : 125%
Longbow : 150%
Hawk Eye : 580%

Bad Touch : 70%
Good Touch : 70%
Bitch : 75%
Crit : 150%
Heartbreaker : 50%
Interfacer : 60%
Fibber with 3rd barrel : 700%
Lady Fist : 800%
Hail : 20% and 200%

Striker : 15% and 50%
Stomper : 15% and 50%
Bekah : 15%and 50%
Judge : 25% and 30%
Rex : 25% and 30%
Unforgiven : 25% and 75%
Damned Cowboy : 32.5%

Rubi : 7.5%
Veritas : 10%
Gwen’s Head : 37.5%
Grog Nozzle : 200%

Gun modifiers:

Snipers critical hit accessory : 20%
Shotguns critical hit accessory : 50%
Pistols with Hyperion Barrel : 7.5%

(Warning : Gemstone guns were never thoroughly tested)
Gemstone Jakobs Shotguns : 6.5%
Gemstone Jakobs pistols : 6%
Gemstone Jakobs Assault Rifles : 6.5%
Other Gemstone Assault Rifles : 9%
All other Gemstone guns : 7.5%


Axton’s Ranger : 1% per rank
Krieg’s Pain is Power : 5% per rank, 15% while on fire
Maya’s Mind’s eye : 5% per rank
Salvador’s Gunzerking : (both gun’s bonus count)
Salvador’s Quick draw : 2% per rank
Salvador’s Lay waste : 5% per rank
Zero’s Headshot : 4% per rank
Zero’s Killer : 10% per rank
Zero’s Velocity : 1.5% per rank
Zero’s Kill confirmed : 1.6% per stack per rank
Zero’s Critical ascension : 6% per stack


(Max stats at OP8)
TTaoDK class mods with the evil prefix: 54%
Zero’s Legendary Hunter COM: 38%
Zero’s Sniper COM: 48%
Zero’s Legendary Sniper COM: 51%
Zero’s Killer COM: 54% (team bonus)
Zero’s Legendary Killer COM: 57% (team bonus)


Then why not thoroughly test them? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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They actually were, but the results were weird and didn’t match any plausible scenarios… it’s almost as if they had their own multiplier… Sljm and Derch tested them for a long time and both just said “f*ck it” after a while.


Huh. So testing everything about them was a pain in the ass? From the crit bonus to the bullet reflection?

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pretty much
If you want to test them out, be my guest :smile:

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Yeah, I’m not the math guy :p. And now what I wrote above feels kinda dickish…

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Do gemstone assault rifles actually have a positive crit bonus or am I just misunderstanding?

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My forehead was bruised for a week after those ■■■■■■■■■■■■■


Does the type A / type B distinction extend to other (non-crit) damage buffs like relics, for example?

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Not really, sljm made a damage formula guide you can check out, I on my phone or I would look it up and link it for you.

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This one? “sljm” made it easy to google - thanks!

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No that’s one I made, but yeah the formula is I there

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All relics, class mods and skills will be type A.
The only sources of Type B are in gun form.

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Gemstone ARs have a bit of type A bonus, but they are still not on par with your average gun since the Type C modifier is 20%.

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So they have both Type A and Type C?

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Yes unless you are talking jakobs are and don’t ask what they have

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I listed the gemstones as “modifiers” so the bonus should be added on top of whatever weapon you have already.

A Jakobs shotgun with a crit accessory and a gemstone skin would have 15%B, 50%A and the gemstone bonus.

A normal gemstone AR would have the 20% type C as well as the 9% type A for being gemstone.

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Just ran across this guide. No wonder I’ve always had issues with E-tech snipers derp Unless they also have a good AoE/DoT/elemental damage and effect chance, you’re not really getting much benefit from critical hits compared to other snipers.

Edit: Anyone know how the Volcano stacks up on these numbers?


E-tech snipers and ARs are totally nerfed because of that. I think the increased base damage was already balanced enough by the double ammo consumption (especially on the snipers where some also have a mag size of 6…for 3 shots between reloads) that they did not need to alter them further. Without that negative crit modifier, I can see myself using them.

The Volcano has normal crits for a sniper (100% type A)

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If only Jakobs snipers had 100% Type A and 30% Type B instead of 160% Type A…

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