[Guide] Critical hit bonus sources

##This guide is outdated, you can find @DemoniteBL’s new guide [here] (Revisited Critical Hit Modifier Guide) for more information.

Disclaimer: There is almost no new info in this thread: most things in here comes from Loot turtle and Sljm’s work on BL2 (which can be found here and here respectively)
Additional credit to Kringled, Derch, Dark Souls, Exotek and myself

This thread is a “port” from a similar work we made for BL2 that lists all critical hit bonus sources in the game, as well as explains the relationship and workings between all of them.

Before we start, a word about the 3 different types of crit modifiers:
Type A is the most common, it’s generally what you get when you have a crit bonus.
Type B or “Jakobs type” only comes from a handful of guns, 95% of them Jakobs. Generally considered more valuable (and is often referred to as a “multiplicative” bonus.)
Type C is not a “bonus” as it’s impact is negative. Assault rifles have it.

the Critical hit equation is as follow:

Crit Damage = Damage * 2 * (1 + .Type A) * (1 + .Type B) / (1 + .Type C)

(Note: generally, when a gun has more than one type of bonus, the weapon card will be incorrect.)

Basic guns:
Jakobs snipers: 160%
Other snipers: 100%
Hyperion lasers: 50%
Jakobs Shotguns: 15%
Jakobs pistols: 25%
Jakobs Assault rifles: 15%
Other Assault rifles: 20%

Unique guns:
Fremington’s Edge: 100%, 175% when scoped
Fatale: 75%
Hail: 20% and 200%
Striker: 15% and 50%
Wallop: 15% and 60%
Gwen’s other Head: 37.5%

Gun modifiers:
Snipers critical hit accessory: 20%
Shotguns critical hit accessory: 50%
Pistols with Hyperion Barrel: 7.5%
Hyperion lasers with the Hyperion barrel: 50%
Hyperion lasers with Hyperion Stocks: 10%
Punishing Luneshine: 10%
Overload (Red) glitch on Snipers and Hyperion Barrel lasers: 50%
Overload (Red) glitch on other guns: 100%

Claptrap’s Fuzzy logic: 10% per rank
Nisha’s Bona fide grit: 7% per rank
Nisha’s One for each of ya: bonus from a pistol will be doubled
Wilhelm’s targeting scope: 10% per rank
Wilhelm’s escalation: 5% per rank

(variable values)
Athena’s Blademaster COM: X%
Nisha’s Crapshooter COM: X%
Wilhelm’s howitzer COM: X%
Precision strike Oz kit: X%

A word about Cryo and crits:
The Cryo status effect buffs crit damage (as well as melee and explosive damage). When enemies are frozen, they take an extra 200% bonus damage. In that regard, cryo acts a bit like slag did in BL2 UVHM, but only buffs certain types of damages.

here’s a pretty good video by Poka showcasing this effect:

If there are any mistakes in the list, let me know


Great, no colors on these forums, so what kind of critical damage bonuses being provided isn’t clear at all.

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Damn! forgot about it :stuck_out_tongue:

I will fix that


Seeing all other COMs are type A, i guess you can add Claptraps Celestial COM there as well once it gets fixed.

Cryo is still +200% A.


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Fixed, thanks…again.

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Hyperion stock adds 10% A to Hyperion Lasers.

Also, colors? :heart:

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Already mentioned:

I’ll add colors tomorrow :slight_smile:

Also, If someone has the numbers for the XX bonus from COMs and Oz kits it would be very appreciated

In that case, I would put the Hyperion Railgun barrel under the same category as the Hyperion stock.

Done 67890

Finally got around to putting colors in the OP

The Kerboom can’t crit at all. Does it mean it has like 100% Type C?

Also, since all Moxxi guns seem to have some crit modifiers, what about the vibra-pulse? Got any data on that?

No, the Kerboom can’t crit because it doesn’t have a bullet to begin with :stuck_out_tongue:
it’s kinda like a RL really, it’s all splash. it has no crit modifier.

Neither does the Vibra pulse, as far as I know.

Sweet, thanks.

So, do you got any info on the Excalibastard (110% crit on card with a Hyperion stock) and the Mining Laser (60% crit on card with a Hyperion stock)? Both are Hyperion railguns, so the barrel match.

With the Mining Laser, it’s obvious that it’s getting 50+10% type A crit, what about the Excali? Does it get another 50% on top of the 60% with the barrel and the stock? or is there maybe some Type B involved?

The Excalibastard gets all the matching parts bonus. Hyperion body, barrel and stock, so 110%, as normal for these parts.

The mining laser gets the 50% for being Hyperion, +10% for the stock, but the barrel is a unique one, that grants no crit bonus. On the flip side, it shoots 3 beams and it pierces it’s targets, which is a good trade if you ask me.

As far as I know in TPS, outside Jakobs, only Gwen’s other head grants a type B bonus.

Ah right, the hyperion body itself grants 50%crit. I totally overlooked that.

Dat Hyperion Pistol Barrel Doe

Added the glitches to the list of modifiers, Thanks @Exotek for testing these out :blush:

Ty :slight_smile: . Glitch guns are so awesome, there is so much to them, so much combinations to make various guns ridiculously good.


Edited the OP to link to @DemoniteBL’s new guide.

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