[Guide] Critical Hit Calculation

Will special effects do critical damage if they are proced on a crit spot?

a chain lightning

Yeah, but what other “on crit” effects?

From what i could understand, they want to know if a critical hit that results in a Banjo proc will mean the Banjo lightning chain will be a guaranteed crit.

As far as i know the answer to this is no: much like Brainstormer, Banjo does crit but it seems more like it randomly latches to crit spots (or intentionally) than an interaction of the sort happening, regardless of where the shot that caused the proc landed.

Crits that happen on these chains will trigger critical hit reliant skills, like Head Count or Leave No Trace. Megavore gives all the chain’s damage ticks (not DoTs) a chance to crit.

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do action skill damage buffs increase fade away damage?

If you mean Grim Harvest, no. If you mean bonus element on action skill end, yes.


I was talking about grim harvest, should have been more specific. Thanks for the info!

Thank you, OP! (a year and a half late off the blocks)

Anyone knows what kind of bonus Holy Crit modifier is? Just another additive bonus?

@Prismatic - any idea on this one?

Hi sorry for the late reply.

Holy crits bonus is a post add modifier and as you’ve said the penalty is a pure multiplier to all damage.

Be aware the penalty also applies to damage sources that can’t crit even if such a damage source was spawned by a crit. Moze’s short fuse is an example of this.

Outside of abusing Lucky 7 rolls it’s overall bad modifier.